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£3.55 Average Profit Per Deal
65.6% ROI Deal
4 days since all Deals Last Checked
3 hours since last Amazon data refresh


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World’s 1st “Pick Your Own Deals” Service
  • Deals Sourced 7 Days A Week – The best deals come out on weekends, so mark your calendar and head over to our site during this time
  • High Profit Deals – For non-VAT registered sellers, majority of our deals will give you over £3 profit per transaction
  • High ROI Deals – All our deals will give you 30% and above return on investment, guaranteed!
  • Unique Deal Flow – You choose your own deals, and you only pay for what you buy
  • Deals Depend In Your Cashflow – You only need to use your tokens for the best deals. We give you the full control!
  • Full Fee Breakdown – We’re transparent. We show you all the fees you have to pay for each deal and the true profit and ROI figure so you can decide the best deals for you. No hidden charges!
  • Custom Prep and Ship Fees – We have prep and ship fees calculator that is so easy to use, just add your prep and ship fees and we’ll give you your actual profit. This way, you can maximize your investments.
  • Up-To-Date, Valid Deals – For every deal we source, we update its Amazon price every 24 hours and check its supplier’s website weekly.
  • Buy Deals On The Go – Search, review and buy deals instantly with our mobile-friendly website.
  • Hazmat Checking – We automatically remove deals that are hazardous, so you don’t need to worry about counter-checking every deal you intend to buy.
  • Advance Insights – See real-time deal stats. Know how many sellers and possible competitors are on every listing.
  • True Market Information – We show you not only the current price, but also the 90-day average data to keep you well informed.
  • Live Buy Box Information – We give you real-time updates on the very elusive Buy Box.
  • Private Label Brand Removal – We take the initiative to remove private label brands when we see one.
  • Excellent Customer Service & Support – All issues are resolved with a  24 hours and 99% of issues get a full refund, no questions asked
  • Mobile-Friendly – Download Slack and subscribe to our channel for instant notifications of the best deals

World First Token System

Scale Your Amazon Business With The
4 Step Lead Token System

Review the deals and choose the leads that you like


Unlock the supplier URL and the Amazon ASIN in exchange for token


Buy your products ship to a prep center


Sell on Amazon for a profit and make Money

What Our Customers Say

I think your service is great. Really happy with it. I haven't spent may tokens yet as spent all my money on other stock at the moment. haha I'm so happy that I am able to roll my tokens over. This is a huge benefit to me

Josephine Bradshaw

I think your service is brilliant and is an idea I had hoped someone would offer!
I tried a competitor for a few months but found that I just couldn’t turn over the stock quick enough to justify the monthly subscription

Jenny Barham

I rejoined a few weeks ago. Not going to leave as I’ve tested them all yours is the best platform and saves me getting a VA

Owen Stewart Haggith-Khonje

My experience is great, you have always been responsive. I think the coupon model is a good, I like it. I especially value the option to report if for some reason i’m not able to purchase the deal as it shown.
I can’t think of anything right now that I would change, I’m pretty satisfied at my level.
All the best.

Albert Kato

Category tick, profit filter tick, roi filter tick , user friendly tick. What you have done is taken something most of us are worried of doing, or not in a financial position to do so (hire 2/3 vas) and you offer the same thing for the fraction of the cost.

Daniel Gillmore

I am enjoying using FastTrackFBA more and more. I like the variety of deals.

Luca Becciu

Fast Track FBA is a good business model. You only pay for the deals you buy. So if some weeks you are busy then your not having to splash out on membership

Imran Saleem

FastTrack FBA has been great in helping me expand my product range on Amazon. I am now buying from stores that I previously would not have sourced from before. What I really like most is the ability to buy only the products that fit your criteria. No other list provider provides this type of service and the customer support is top-notch also.

Stevie Currie

Although I already signed up with another deal list, I was attracted to FasttrackFBA sourcing list because I can pick and choose what deal suits me most in terms of ROI%, sales velocity, competition, or product category. I have been impressed with the quality of the deals provided by FasttrackFBA: compared to the other list, FasttrackFBA deals have healthier profit margins, are from a wider variety of retailers, and cover a wider range of categories. This is largely because Thomas Parkinson writes his own sourcing software. I am even more impressed with the excellent customer service they offer: instant, no-question-ask, automatic token refund when you are not happy with a deal. Thomas is humble, genuine and has a great deal of experience selling on Amazon. He cares about his customers and only has their best interest at heart.

Giang Nguyen

I am a new Amazon seller and sourcing products has never been easier with Fast Track FBA. It's the best product sourcing software for Amazon arbitrage sellers.

Adam Ali Seller

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  • 90 Day Average BuyBox Price shown
  • 6 Point Product Checking system
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  • Carryover up to 3 months worth of Tokens, so no rush to buy
  • Tokens limited to 3 times the monthly subscription amount
  • Amazon Pricing data update daily
  • All live deals have the supplier information checked every 7 days
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How often do you do sourcing?

We source 7 days a week. We have team working round the clock seven days a week unlike any other deal service but we do exclude Christmas and New Year’s day

Are we tied to a contract?

No, you pay per month and you can cancel anytime. If you do cancel you can keep your tokens for up to 3 months in your account and review all the live deals. We are the only service that allows you to continue buying deals after you’ve cancelled your subscription because have already brought the tokens.

How are you different from sourcing sheet?

We are completely different. Other deal services are sharing your deals with unknown number people and they don’t tell you that. We are very open and honest about everything. We show you all the information and that allows you to make the buying decisions, all the profit and loss data that you will need to make an effective buying decision and you can then choose the right deal for you that works for your business.

We are the only lead service in the world where you get to choose your own deals. No one else does this.

Are your deals saturated?

Definitely not! We’re really open with our deals and how many people who have already brought them. In fact, we are the only deal service to show this.  We show you very clearly how many people we will sell a deal too and how many people have already bought that deal. Currently more than 90% of our deals are only sold to a maximum of 10 people

Do I need to use sourcing software?

No, you can use our service to buy your deals and grow your Amazon business.

Can I choose a category like Toys & Games to source from?

Yes definitely. You can search and filter by certain categories, reviewing all the deal information before you buy an deal

I have other questions, how can I contact you?

Yes not a problem! You can reach us at support@fasttrackfba.com and we will be glad to assist you.

How do you source deals?

We use custom software and we also use manual sourcing methods.  We do not use software that anyone else uses Ie. Tactical Arbitrage, Source Mogul and FBA wizard. We do not use this software because we understand our customers are using this software and we don’t want to be given the same deals that you’re already finding, so we do things very differently.

What if I’m gated to sell the item?

Don’t worry,  we will refund your token if you are gated, simply log an issue

I’m a VAT registered seller, can I see the profit with VAT?

Yes, our software allows you to see that. We can recalculate the figures for non Vat registered seller, Vat registered sellers and even Flat rate sellers.

I have Prep and Shipping Costs, how can I account for them?

You can add in your own custom shipping fees and prep fees into our software and it will recalculate the profit and loss just for you.

If I really like the deal, can I buy all the deal slots?

Yes, you can “buy out” the deal. This is where you can buy all the remaining deal slots available in our software. That means we will no longer sell that same deal to anyone else.

Can I sell these products in Europe?

Yes, definitely! We’re not only showing you the sales graph of the UK we also show you the 90 day sales graph for European market places Ie. Germany, Italy, France,Spain. That allows you to see the sales history and get idea and indication on how it’s selling on these countries so that it allows you to get and form decision before buying beforehand.

How long do I have to wait before I get the refund?

99% of the time we give instantaneous refund, 1% we look to review the details. Our service is world-class in customer service.

Can I filter for certain criteria on deals?

Yes, on our Advance and Professional packages you are able to filter for various things such as  No Amazon on the listing, Remove deals that you have already seen, show popular items and Deals with cashback available.

Do your prices include VAT?

We are not VAT registered and so do not charge VAT on your subscription

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