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15 Top FBA Tasks to Outsource to Virtual Assistant for Amazon Seller

In this article, we will explore how their expertise can help streamline and optimize various aspects of your business.

As an accomplished Amazon seller, you've likely experienced firsthand the challenges of juggling various tasks and responsibilities. While being hands-on is commendable, it's crucial to recognize the value of delegating non-core and time-consuming tasks to others. If you find that your growth is hindered by being spread too thin, it may be time to consider hiring an Amazon virtual assistant (VA). Embracing the role of a leader involves entrusting certain tasks to capable assistants, freeing up your time to focus on income-generating activities.

If you're eager to transition from doing everything yourself to leveraging the support of a virtual assistant, we're here to guide you through the key Amazon FBA tasks that can be effectively delegated to an eCommerce VA. In the following sections, we'll explore the benefits of working with a VA and provide insights on the tasks you can confidently pass on. With the right virtual assistant by your side, you can enhance your productivity, streamline your operations, and unlock the potential for accelerated growth in your Amazon business.

1. Finding new profitable deals

Discover the key to uncovering a treasure trove of profitable deals without the need to spend countless hours searching. With the assistance of our dedicated virtual assistants, your online arbitrage business will thrive even as you sleep. Our team diligently scours various online arbitrage websites, identifying a minimum of 10 high-quality deals each day. Imagine the potential for growth and increased profits as you tap into this invaluable resource. Let our virtual assistants do the legwork for you, ensuring that you never miss out on the most lucrative opportunities the market has to offer.

2. Checking on replenishable deals

Maintaining a steady flow of profitable deals is crucial for the growth and profitability of your Amazon business. To ensure you never miss out on replenishable opportunities, our virtual assistants diligently monitor your replenishable list. When the ASINs are running low, our team takes swift action to locate and purchase these easy deals, allowing your profits to soar. With our dedicated support, you can rest assured that every replenishable item is thoroughly tracked and acquired, maximizing your potential for long-term success. Let our virtual assistants handle the heavy lifting while you focus on scaling your business and increasing your profits.

3. Finding new suppliers for our replenishable

Securing a consistent supply of replenishable products is crucial for sustained profitability in your Amazon business. We understand that suppliers may occasionally run out of stock or alter their prices, which can impact your bottom line. That's why our team is dedicated to finding new suppliers for your replenishable items. By investing time and effort into supplier research, we uncover alternative sources where those products are often available at the right price. This proactive approach ensures that your inventory remains well-stocked and your profit margins optimized. Trust our expertise in supplier sourcing to keep your business thriving and poised for long-term success.

4. Contacting wholesalers to buy more

Unlocking new opportunities for faster-selling products is crucial for expanding your Amazon business. One effective strategy is enlisting the support of a virtual assistant to contact manufacturers directly. By reaching out to manufacturers and inquiring about their distributors, you gain valuable insights into potential wholesale sources. This approach has proven to be highly successful, allowing sellers to establish direct relationships with distributors and secure a steady supply of in-demand products. With the assistance of a skilled virtual assistant, you can navigate the communication process seamlessly and negotiate favorable terms with wholesalers. Embrace this proactive approach to sourcing and watch your inventory flourish with popular products, driving increased sales and boosting your overall profitability.

5. Find new suppliers

In the ever-evolving landscape of online arbitrage, it is essential to seek out new suppliers to maintain a competitive edge. While working with established suppliers is beneficial, relying solely on them can lead to increased competition and reduced profit margins. By dedicating time to finding new suppliers, you ensure a steady stream of fresh deals and keep your profits soaring. Our team understands the importance of supplier diversification and diligently explores untapped markets to uncover hidden gems. Embracing this proactive approach allows you to expand your network, access exclusive deals, and maximize your profitability. Stay one step ahead of the competition by regularly exploring new supplier opportunities and unlocking a world of untapped potential.

6. Find new voucher codes and suppliers

Uncover hidden savings and expand your supplier network by utilizing the expertise of a virtual assistant. Task your assistant with scouring email newsletters and exploring supplier websites to identify sales and promotional offers. Additionally, they can search for new voucher codes that provide discounts on your purchases, allowing you to optimize your expenses and maximize your profits. This proactive approach to finding new deals and suppliers not only helps you save money but also opens up opportunities for sourcing high-quality products at competitive prices. Embrace the power of a virtual assistant to stay ahead of the game, discover lucrative discounts, and forge valuable relationships with suppliers, propelling your Amazon business toward greater success.

7. Competitor Analysis

Acquire a competitive edge by conducting thorough competitor analysis and leveraging the expertise of a virtual assistant. Task your assistant with performing storefront stalking on your top competitors' lists to uncover the suppliers they are sourcing their products from. By analyzing your competitors' buying patterns and suppliers, you can identify lucrative deals and tap into new sourcing opportunities. This strategic approach allows you to stay ahead of the competition and uncover hidden gems that can contribute to your business's growth and profitability. Embrace the power of competitor analysis with the assistance of a virtual assistant to make informed sourcing decisions and elevate your success as an Amazon seller.

Top FBA tasks to outsource to Amazon virtual assistants

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These 15 Top FBA Tasks To Outsource To Amazon Virtual Assistants are based on my own experience of running an Amazon Arbitrage business. I have taken the key tasks that make the biggest impact on my business and put them into this list, to help you in your business.

8. Use Keepa to find new categories

Discover lucrative product categories by utilizing Keepa, a valuable tool that enables you to identify ASINs with high-profit potential. Leverage the Keepa data tab to search for ASINs that meet specific criteria, such as having no Amazon presence, minimal competition, a consistent buy price, and robust monthly sales. By harnessing the power of Keepa, you can uncover hidden opportunities and explore profitable niches that can drive your Amazon business to new heights. Stay ahead of the competition and make informed sourcing decisions by leveraging the comprehensive data analysis provided by Keepa.

9. Increase profits with the repricer

Maximize your profits with the help of a dedicated virtual assistant who continuously monitors sales and implements strategic repricing strategies. By leveraging the expertise of your virtual assistant, you can optimize your pricing strategy to maximize your return on investment (ROI). In our own business, we have witnessed significant boosts in ROI, with increases of up to 30% achieved through proactive repricing. Let your virtual assistant take the reins in monitoring the market, adjusting prices, and ensuring that you remain competitive. With their assistance, you can stay ahead of the competition, secure more sales, and ultimately drive higher profits for your Amazon business.

10. Fetch invoices

Optimize your workflow and save valuable time by delegating invoice management to your virtual assistant. They can efficiently contact suppliers and follow up on invoices, allowing you to focus on more revenue-generating activities. With the support of a virtual assistant, available at an affordable rate of $3 per hour, you can streamline your operations and dedicate more resources to finding profitable products. By leveraging the expertise of your virtual assistant in handling administrative tasks, you can increase your productivity and maximize your earning potential in the competitive world of Amazon selling.

11. Monitor and track missing stock

Ensure the integrity of your inventory and prevent financial losses by enlisting the help of a virtual assistant to monitor and track the missing stock. With their meticulous attention to detail, they can proactively identify and address issues such as missed or incomplete deliveries, as well as suppliers shipping incorrect stock. By delegating this crucial task to a reliable virtual assistant, you can focus on growing your profits and expanding your Amazon business. With their support, you can maintain a high level of accuracy and efficiency in your inventory management, ultimately maximizing your profitability and ensuring customer satisfaction.

12. Chasing up missed cashback

Recover lost cashback and maximize your savings by assigning your virtual assistant the task of diligently checking and resolving any missed cashback. Cashback providers may occasionally overlook certain purchases, leading to potential missed savings. By regularly monitoring your cashback transactions, your virtual assistant can identify any discrepancies and raise cases to ensure that you receive the cashback you deserve. This proactive approach helps you recover lost funds and optimize your savings strategy, allowing you to make the most of your Amazon business and enhance your overall profitability. With your virtual assistant handling this important task, you can focus on other aspects of your business while knowing that your cashback opportunities are being effectively pursued.

13. Weekly cash flow and spend tracker

Effectively manage your cash flow and maintain financial stability with the support of your dedicated virtual assistants. They play a crucial role in maintaining a weekly cash flow sheet that provides you with real-time insights into your available funds. By diligently tracking your expenses and incoming revenue, this sheet enables you to make informed decisions about your spending. It ensures that you have a clear understanding of how much you can allocate for various business activities while still having enough to cover your bills and financial obligations. With your virtual assistants handling the regular updates and calculations, you can confidently navigate your finances and optimize your spending to drive business growth. Let your virtual assistants take the burden off your shoulders and provide you with a comprehensive cash flow and spend tracker that empowers you to make smart financial decisions for the success of your Amazon business.

14. Balance sheet, P&L, and submit tax

Maximize your financial management efficiency by delegating crucial tasks such as creating profit and loss statements and balance sheets to your virtual assistant. Outsourcing these responsibilities allows you to gain a clear understanding of your monthly profits and financial position without the hassle of handling complex accounting tasks yourself. Your virtual assistant can compile accurate and organized financial reports, including profit-and-loss statements and balance sheets, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your business's financial health. This information is vital for making informed decisions, analyzing business performance, and planning for the future. Additionally, your virtual assistant can assist in submitting taxes by organizing necessary financial data and preparing relevant documents, ensuring compliance with tax regulations, and minimizing the stress associated with the tax season. Trust in the expertise and support of your virtual assistant to manage your financial statements and tax obligations, freeing up your time to focus on growing your Amazon business.

15. Operate for 2 hours a week

By delegating tasks to a skilled manager, you can significantly reduce the time you spend working on your Amazon business. With the manager overseeing the team, you can shift your focus to higher-level responsibilities as a true owner and investor. This allows you the freedom to explore other passions, travel the world, or spend quality time with your loved ones. By effectively managing your team, the manager ensures that your business continues to operate smoothly and efficiently, even with minimal involvement from you. This newfound time of freedom empowers you to pursue a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle while still reaping the benefits of a successful Amazon business. Trusting in the expertise of your manager enables you to step into the role of an owner and investor, creating opportunities for personal growth and enjoying the fruits of your entrepreneurial endeavors.

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