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£200,000/m Amazon Wholesale with Virtual Assistants | How To Scale Amazon Wholesale

🚀 Want to discover how to scale Amazon Wholesale to new heights? Dive into this in-depth discussion with Chris Gunkel, better known as ‘Gravy', a powerhouse Amazon Wholesale seller in the UK. From leveraging virtual assistants to maximizing profitability, Gravy unveils the secrets behind his scaling Amazon Wholesale success. Perfect for both newbies and seasoned sellers aiming to take their business to the next level.


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Gravy, also known as Chris Gunkel, is a prominent wholesale Amazon Seller in the UK. He manages a turnover of around 175-200K monthly, approximating to about 2.5 million pounds yearly.

The Journey to Wholesale

Gravy started during COVID, transitioning from highway and ra to wholesale after realizing the scalability and lessening restrictions from suppliers.

Importance of Virtual Assistants (VAs)

To streamline administrative tasks and focus on sourcing, Gravy incorporated VAs. This changed the dynamics of his business, making operations smoother and more efficient.

Challenges and Lessons

While scaling rapidly, Gravy encountered several challenges. From managing inventory to making purchasing decisions, he learned the intricacies of relying on VAs and the importance of setting clear directions and expectations.

Baseline Bookkeeping

With a strong affinity for numbers and data analysis, Gravy ventured into the bookkeeping business, specifically catering to sellers in the highway space.


Gravy emphasizes the complexities of the Amazon business and the continual learning it demands. He hopes to provide further insights in future discussions.

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