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Get 3 Months Profitable Leads
With Our Top Seller Weekly
Coaching Program

Grow your Amazon business with profitable products and weekly guidance from expert sellers.


What’s in the Package?


Top Amazon Seller Program ($291)

Our Top Seller course is designed to help you grow a profitable Amazon business from scratch. With just 2 hours a day of training for 5 weeks, you can build a sustainable business while making time for other commitments. You’ll learn how to find profitable products, how to measure profits accurately, and how to maintain business growth and scale your company as you find success.

3 Months Online Arbitrage Leads ($297)

Both new and experienced sellers have difficulties finding profitable leads. It’s common to spend ages sourcing deals only for them to crash in the final stages. Our online arbitrage leads package gives you three months of valuable USA or UK-based leads to help you find deals that are actually profitable, giving you the revenue boost you deserve.


Three Weekly Coaching Calls ($291)

Twice a week, you’ll get one-on-one time with the Fast Track FBA team, and once a week group session with Tom. Our staff are expert sellers and have scaled multiple Amazon businesses to six and seven-figure in recent years. When you purchase this package, you’ll get access to professional guidance every week to help you grow and manage your Amazon business.

Normal Price: $879

Yours Today for $249


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Are You Struggling With…

At Fast Track FBA, we give you direct answers to solve your problems. With live weekly coaching, you’ll get access to specialist support from top sellers so you can field your questions and get the right advice to help you grow your business. We can help you review deals live on the call, to stop your deals from crashing. You’ll also receive three months of profitable leads for sure-fire deals that can propel your business onwards and upwards.

What You Can Expect


Become a skilled seller with our Top Seller Program and learn how to find profitable deals.


Get three months of online arbitrage leads for the USA or UK markets and find suppliers that you can trust.


You’ll have all the support you need to grow your Amazon business to new heights, provided by Tom and the Fast Track FBA team.

What To Expect With Our Leads Service

Who Are We

Seven-Figure Seller

We have years of experience selling on Amazon and scaling multiple businesses to six and seven-figure.

Exceptional Coaches

Our customer service is attentive and professional, and you’ll receive premium-grade training from proven industry experts.

Results Driven

Like you, we’re motivated by results. We know that you don’t have time for hassle, so our services are designed to get you tangible results quickly.

Normal Price: $879

Yours Today for $249


Join The Top Amazon Seller Program Today

Building An Amazon Business Is Hard, But Not With Our Program

At Fast Track FBA, we know you want to build a business and achieve the life you deserve, whether that is spending more time with family, going on the holiday of your dreams, or even just having extra money in your pocket. In order to be that way, you know you need to find, buy, and sell profitable products with your Amazon business.

The problem is, it's not as easy as the YouTube videos make it look. You’re left feeling like you’re missing something, or maybe that you’re just unlucky. We believe this is just plain wrong.

We have interviewed and met with top sellers to compile expert advice from the best. We have even built and scaled multiple Amazon businesses to over seven-figure profits across the US and UK markets. We’re committed to giving you the right advice to help you grow.
We understand how frustrating it is to spend hours at the computer only to find a few deals that later just fall through. That’s why we’ve put together this package to show you what you need to do day-by-day to find success with the actions that actually work.

Here’s how it works:

  • Access our profitable and ungated deals.
  • Follow the daily, weekly, and monthly steps in the Top Seller Program.
  • Ask questions and gain answers in any of 3 weekly live coaching calls.
Stop wasting your time trying to “figure it out” only to find your deals constantly tanking, and start understanding how to source, analyze, and buy correctly. Allow yourself to scale quickly and successfully with the Fast Track FBA way.

What You Need To Do

va purchase

Buy The Plan

Purchasing the package is the first step on a journey to scaling your business.

Access Ungated Deals

Connect your seller central account to our leads service to find profitable deals that you ungated in.

Start Scaling

Access the course content and join the weekly coaching calls and get advice from experts.

Normal Price: $879

Yours Today for $249


Join The Top Amazon Seller Program Today

Our Credentials

We’ve seen and done it all, so you don’t have to. Let us offer our tried and tested insights to help you become a top seller.

We have scaled multiple Amazon business to six and seven figures. Our 850+ virtual assistants are lead-sourcing specialists and e-commerce wizards. Over 200+ five-star reviews can’t be wrong.

When we first started selling on Amazon, we didn’t know where to start. Back then, helpful courses and training videos didn’t exist, so we had to experience all the ups and downs to get where we are today. Fast Track FBA was built out of struggle, but you don’t have to do it this way. We’ve been through it all, so you don’t have to.

By purchasing this program, you’ll get expert guidance from the right people. Our team can answer your questions directly and give you premium advice on proven strategies and insights into how to create a thriving Amazon business.

15-Day Money-Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked

We truly believe in the power of our services, which is why we offer a full refund up to 15 days after you purchase our offer.

Is This Right For Me?...

…I Am A New Seller

This package is perfect for you because you'll receive a step-by-step program that guides you from new seller to over $10,000 per month. You'll learn proven steps that have worked for us and many other top sellers. Plus, you'll get instant access to our profitable leads that will saves you time and speeds up your success journey.

… I Am An Experienced Seller

You'll also learn best practices for daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and gain access to weekly deals that will help you make more purchases and sales. Our team will provide insights to speed up your journey from an experienced seller to an industry expert. Having your specific questions answered directly will fast-track your growth.

…I Sell On The USA Marketplace

We've have sold on the UK marketplace for over five years, hitting over £3 million in sales at our peak with both OA and wholesale models. We've helped thousands, of other Amazon sellers scale their businesses. We know what works. We can share profitable UK leads with you to help scale your business faster over the next three months.

… I Work With Online Arbitrage

We have successfully built and scaled two seven-figure Amazon businesses using the online arbitrage method, so we understand what works and what doesn't. We’ll help you stay up to date with the market and the best solutions. We’ll guide you in implementing tactics, tips, and tricks that will help you grow.

… I Am A Wholesaler

We are selling about $1,000,000 a year in wholesale at the moment. We've learned how to identify suppliers, establish relationships, analyze price lists, and place orders effectively, so we can give you the answers you need to help you approach deals and recognize risks. Our Leads service can help you spend that extra cash, while opening the top wholesale suppliers.

…I Sell On The UK Marketplace

We've been selling on the USA marketplace, with our efforts divided evenly between online arbitrage and wholesale. We've sold over $4 million and have helped thousands of other Amazon sellers scale their businesses. We can share profitable leads with you that will help scale your business quicker over the next three months.

Normal Price: $879

Yours Today for $249


Join The Top Amazon Seller Program Today

Frequently Asked Questions

We have 3 weekly group calls with the Fast Track FBA Team and Tom.

Weekly Wednesday Call 1 With The Team
LA: 14:00
NYC: 17:00
UK: 22:00
PH: 05:00

Weekly Wednesday Call 2 With The Team
LA: 19:00
NYC: 22:00
UK: 03:00
PH: 10:00

Weekly Thursdays Call with Tom
LA: 11:00
NYC: 14:00
UK: 19:00
PH: 02:00

Simply click on the buttons at the top or bottom of this page to purchase this package. Securely enter your credit or debit card details and you’ll get instant access to our online arbitrage leads and weekly coaching program.

This program is for anyone who wants to begin or scale their journey to becoming an expert Amazon seller. If you want to grow a reselling business quickly while working from home, you should buy this program and take advantage of the current offer while it lasts.

Yes, you don’t have to be a business expert to become a successful Amazon seller. All it takes is the right guidance and training, and you can quickly scale a reselling business from scratch to $10,000 per month in turnover.

The coaching program itself takes five weeks to complete, but you’ll get live calls to support you and profitable leads for three months.

No, this program is designed to help even the newest of Amazon sellers build and grow their online business to a profitable and sustainable revenue in just a few months.
If you try and learn by yourself, it can be extremely hard to become a successful Amazon seller. YouTube, Instagram Reels, and TikTok can offer helpful videos, but you can only receive proper guidance when you talk to an industry expert like us.

Yes this is a one time payment to fast track your business over the next 3 months with the 3 months access to the program, weekly coaching and profitable leads.

Because we trust so much in the power of our services, we offer a full refund up to 15 days from the date of your purchase. You’ll get your money back if you don’t feel like our services are meeting your needs but, trust us, they will.
Building an Amazon business can be a very lucrative endeavor. Many sellers make around $10,000 in sales every month, and with the right training, it’s easy to get to this point.

Our Customers Are Full Of Praise For Our Services

I am so glad I chose Fast Track FBA when hiring my first VA. The support in what I need to do in regard to a VA as well as the support given to my VA by Fast Track FBA has been so valuable. They have supported my VA with additional training and ideas for me to implement to get the optimal production from my VA.

Tami Atwell

Very friendly and professional service. They answered all of my questions and helped clarify the entire process - from the training of the VA to implementing them into my business. Would definitely recommend!

Jared Kmiecik

The whole process from the first contact to the turnover of the VA was over and beyond my expectations. The team was so professional and knowledgeable. My new VA is an amazing person who understands the success of our company is also the success of all the employees.

Darel Naadio

Thorough and knowledgeable every step of the way! I had no idea how to work with a VA let alone hire one. Not only did I get a great VA, but I received tons of training on how to work with one. They provided an excellent blueprint for my business. I highly recommend!

Jenn Maher

I have been building my Amazon FBA business for almost a year now, and the most challenging aspect is sourcing products. My inventory and revenue has skyrocketed since using FastTrackFBA, as their VAs are great at sourcing profitable products

Andrew Reville

Scale Your Business With Our
3 Month Intensive Program

Total Package Value $879

  • Top Seller Program with 3 Months Access ($291)
  • 3 Months Profitable Online Arbitrage Leads ($297)
  • Weekly Coaching Calls for 3 months ($291)

All For Just $249