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4 Best Amazon FBA Course UK 2023

In this article, let's go through the Best Amazon FBA Course UK

The fundamentals of selling on Amazon FBA remain consistent across marketplaces. Some Amazon sellers prefer learning from their own country's perspective. In addition, there are some variations that are needed to learn, like Value Added Tax (VAT), which is exclusive to the UK marketplace.

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4 Best Amazon FBA Courses UK

1. FBA Mentor

FBA Mentor

The creator is Ben Alistor – a 7-figure Amazon seller. What's good about this course is not only is it a course you can take but it is also a mentorship. You also get lifetime access to the course and a 1-2-1 personal mentorship.


The training course focuses on the private label business model.

What you'll get:

⭐️Unlimited lifetime access to the course

⭐️1-2-1 personal mentorship tailored to your needs

⭐️Unlimited priority email support

⭐️1 Zoom or Skype call (30 minutes)

⭐️Account Set-Up Support

⭐️Product Research Guidance

⭐️Advertising & PPC Set Up

⭐️PPC Report Analysis

⭐️Financial Analysis

⭐️Customer Email Templates

⭐️Account / Product Suspension Support

⭐️Access To Telegram Channel

⭐️Mentorship Included For One Month Only

Price: $1,199 for the Course and Mentorship

$299 for Money Mindset Course

$149 for a Coaching Call with Ben


Community: Yes, but only if you purchase the course.


Refund: 7 days. refund available


👍Ben's course goes beyond traditional Amazon training by providing a mentorship experience. His expertise as a 7-figure Amazon seller offers invaluable guidance and personalized support to learners.


👍The course covers the private label business model extensively, offering lifetime access to 130 tutorials that are regularly updated. Additionally, the financial analysis help and product research cheat sheet enhance the learning experience.


👍Ben's commitment to transparency and honesty instills confidence in learners, knowing that he is an active seller and not solely dependent on course income.


👍Purchasers of the mentorship package enjoy additional perks, including private Zoom calls with Ben and direct email access, enhancing the value of the course.


👍The course offers various pricing tiers, catering to different budgets and coaching needs, allowing learners to choose what suits them best.


👎Those who opt for the course-only option miss out on access to the group, which might be disappointing for some who seek a sense of community.


👎While the base course price is reasonable, learners who want mentorship or photography packages will incur extra expenses, potentially making the course less affordable for some individuals.


👎The mentorship package has a set duration (1 or 6 months), which might not be suitable for learners who require ongoing support beyond the designated period.


👎Having access to the Facebook group without requiring the mentorship package would have been beneficial for those seeking interaction and networking opportunities.

2. FBA Elite

FBA Elite

Darren, an ongoing 6-figure Amazon seller offers this course with his 3 years of experience on Amazon selling.

What you'll get:

⭐️120+ Comprehensive FBA Training Videos

⭐️Helium 10 Subscription

⭐️Exclusive Templates, Discounts, and Contacts

⭐️Lifetime Access and Regular Updates

⭐️Real World Knowledge from Hundreds of Sellers

⭐️Private One-on-One Mentorship

Price: $99


Community: Yes.


Refund: 30-day refund


👍Darren's three years of active Amazon selling experience and consistent success as a 6-figure seller make him a reliable and knowledgeable coach.


👍The course is continuously updated, providing learners with the latest information and strategies to succeed on Amazon.


👍Exclusive access to the members-only forum allows learners to engage with Darren and other participants, fostering a supportive learning environment.


👍With 120 videos focusing on new sellers, the course offers a complete guide to FBA, covering essential topics such as setting up an Amazon seller account, product listing optimization, Amazon advertising, and fulfillment.


👍Darren's approach, stating that a course is not necessary for success, shows his honesty and dedication to helping learners make informed decisions.


👍The course includes templates, discounts, and contacts, enhancing the learning experience and providing practical tools for learners.


👍Learners receive valuable insights on navigating customs and importing processes in the UK, which is crucial for international sellers.


👎The course cost of £499 / $650 might be considered high for some learners, limiting accessibility for those on a budget.


👎The one-month expiration of the Helium 10 subscription provided to the course may not offer sufficient time for learners to fully explore its benefits.


👎The course primarily targets new sellers, potentially limiting its appeal to experienced Amazon sellers seeking more advanced strategies.


👎Private one-on-one mentorship comes at an extra monthly fee, which may not be affordable for all learners seeking personalized guidance.

From now on, the last two courses are tailored for individuals who are not based in the USA but aspire to sell on the USA marketplace.

3. Fast Track FBA Getting Started on Amazon USA

Getting Started Selling Amazon USA

Made by Thomas Parkinson, a 7-figure Amazon seller in UK and USA. He offers a course for sellers who want to sell in the USA marketplace even if you're anywhere in the world.

What you'll get:

⭐️How to get started selling on Amazon USA

⭐️How to create your Amazon USA LLC

⭐️How to sell on Amazon USA as a foreign national

⭐️How to manage your business when you are outside the USA.

⭐️How to set up on Amazon USA without visiting the country

⭐️How to build your team of VAs when you want to expand

⭐️How to create a USA bank account online

⭐️What tax structure to choose for your LLC

Price: $99


Community: Yes.


Refund: 30-day refund.


👍The course is specifically designed for Amazon UK sellers or sellers from other countries looking to expand into the US marketplace. It provides precise guidance, eliminating the need to sift through general information.


👍Priced at £99 / $130, the course offers a cost-effective option for learners seeking to enter the US FBA market without breaking the bank.


👍Thomas Parkinson, a 7-figure seller in the UK, leads the training, bringing valuable insights and real-world experience to learners.


👍The live webinar sessions and access to a group with 517 members allow learners to interact with Thomas and connect with a supportive community.


👍The training emphasizes online arbitrage, guiding learners on how to source products for selling in the US.


👍The course teaches learners how to set up a USA LLC, a crucial step for international sellers entering the US market.


👍Thomas includes a list of the top 100 suppliers, offering learners a head start in their product-sourcing journey.


👍With a 30-day refund option, learners have a safety net in case the course doesn't meet their expectations.


👎Thomas's knowledge of selling in the USA began in 2021, and the entire course is based on 2 years of trial and error. While the low price reflects this, it may be a concern for learners seeking more extensive expertise.


👎As the course started in 2021, it may not have as long a track record as some learners might prefer to gauge its effectiveness over a more extended period.


👎The course's exclusive focus on online arbitrage may not cater to sellers interested in other FBA business models.


👎Due to its relatively low price, the course may not cover as extensive or in-depth content as higher-priced alternatives.

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4. Marketplace Superheroes Ignite

Marketplace Superheroes

Coaches are Robert Ricky and Stephen Somers that have worked together for over 20 years in eCommerce experience. This course is one of the most popular courses out there because of its cost-efficient.

What you'll get:

⭐️How to get started selling on Amazon USA

⭐️How to create your Amazon USA LLC

⭐️How to sell on Amazon USA as a foreign national

⭐️How to manage your business when you are outside the USA

⭐️How to set up on Amazon USA without visiting the country

⭐️How to build your team of VAs when you want to expand

⭐️How to create a USA bank account online

⭐️What tax structure to choose for your LLC

Price: $99


Community: Yes.


Refund: 30-day refund.


👍Marketplace Superheroes offer substantial value for money, with a product valued at around $13K available for $1,164, making it a cost-effective option for learners.


👍Robert Ricky and Stephen Somers boast over 20 years of experience in eCommerce, providing learners with valuable insights and expertise.


👍With a large community and lifetime access to the Facebook group, learners can interact with peers and receive ongoing support.


👍Weekly Wednesday sessions and monthly Origin Calls with one-on-one coaching ensure continuous learning and personalized guidance.


👍The training has a great reputation, indicating its credibility and effectiveness in the industry.


👍The purchase includes an ecosystem research tool, which can aid learners in conducting in-depth research for their business.


👎Finding the correct training on their website can be confusing, as their main landing page appears more like a funnel to collect information.


👎The upfront enrollment fee of $1497 and the $97/month subscription cost for 12 months might be a significant investment for some learners.


👎The training is based in the UK but focuses on the US marketplace, which might not be ideal for learners specifically targeting other regions.


👎The 12-month subscription commitment might deter learners who prefer more flexible or shorter-term courses.


👎Some learners might find the course information on their website insufficient or unclear, making it challenging to assess the course's content before enrollment.

Other Amazon FBA Courses

There are other popular Amazon FBA courses available out there:


  • The Amazon Boot Camp

  • Zon Ninja MasterClass

  • Amazon Selling Machine

  • Proven Amazon Course

  • Top Amazon Seller

Where else can you get information about Amazon FBA?

There is a lot of information that you can get on YouTube and Google. And most of that knowledge is going to be useful for you as you start your Amazon business.


Note: You can always check Amazon's Terms of Service as they update it constantly and creators may not be updated.

Are Amazon FBA Courses worth it?

Of course, it is. The information you can gather from internet searches provides a general understanding of Amazon FBA. However, courses can offer higher-quality content and more comprehensive information. Additionally, these courses provide access to a supportive community that can assist you throughout your journey. Most importantly, you can directly ask experienced Amazon sellers who have been in the industry for a long time, helping you avoid common mistakes.

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