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6 Online Arbitrage Tools for 2024

In this Article, We'll Explore the Top Online Arbitrage Tools for 2024 to Help You Stay Ahead of the Competition and Boost Your E-Commerce Profits

Online arbitrage remains a popular strategy for savvy entrepreneurs looking to make a profit. With the right tools at your disposal, you can identify profitable opportunities, source products, and maximize your returns. As we step into 2024, the e-commerce landscape continues to grow, and so does the need for advanced tools to succeed in the online arbitrage game.

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What is an Online Arbitrage Tool?

An online arbitrage tool is a software application or service used by e-commerce sellers and entrepreneurs to identify and take advantage of price differences and profit opportunities between various online marketplaces or retail websites. Online arbitrage, in this context, refers to the practice of buying products from one online source at a lower price and then reselling them on another platform at a higher price, thus making a profit from the price differential.


These tools are designed to streamline the process of online arbitrage by automating and simplifying several key aspects of the strategy.

Features and Functionalities of Online Arbitrage Tools

Price Comparison

Online arbitrage tools allow users to compare the prices of products across multiple online marketplaces or retail websites. This helps sellers identify products that are available at a lower cost on one platform and can be sold at a higher price on another.

Data Analysis

These tools often provide historical and real-time data on product prices, sales ranks, and sales history. This data helps sellers make informed decisions when sourcing products for resale.

Product Research

They assist users in finding profitable opportunities by applying filters and search criteria, such as best-selling products, low-competition items, and high-profit margin items.


Some tools offer automated repricing capabilities, enabling sellers to adjust their product prices in real-time to remain competitive and maximize sales and profits.

Inventory Management

Certain tools integrate with inventory management systems to help sellers keep track of their stock levels, avoid overselling, and maintain accurate product listings.

Profit Calculators

Online arbitrage tools often include calculators that estimate potential profit margins, accounting for various fees and expenses associated with different online selling platforms.

Alert Systems

Some tools provide alert systems that notify users of price changes or profitable opportunities, allowing for quick decision-making.

Sourcing Guidance

They may offer recommendations for sourcing products from specific online marketplaces, helping sellers understand which platforms are best suited for different types of products.

Seller Assistant App


Seller Assistant App is a comprehensive software tool designed to assist Amazon sellers in conducting product research and optimizing their e-commerce strategies. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities aimed at simplifying the online arbitrage, wholesale, and dropshipping processes. With over 45,000 users worldwide, this application has garnered significant popularity in the Amazon seller community.

Key features of the Seller Assistant App include:

  1. Valuable Product Information: The app provides essential product details such as ASIN, BSR (Best Sellers Rank), category, product dimensions, size tiers, UPC, EAN, and model, along with current, minimum, and average prices, as well as price dynamics.

  2. FBM & FBA Profit Calculator: Sellers can calculate ROI (Return on Investment) and profit margin, determine the break-even point, set targeted ROI prices, and establish minimum prices for Amazon repricing.

  3. Offers and Competition: The app displays a list of offers, both fulfilled by merchant (FBM) and fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and offers insights into competitors' prices and ratings, including the lowest FBM and FBA prices.

  4. Custom Notes and Data: Users can add their own notes, record the cost of goods, and include source links. This data can be accessed on Amazon product pages, search pages, and Seller Central inventory pages.

  5. IP-Alert: The app features an advanced Intellectual Property Claims Alert System and automatically collects account health information on a daily basis.



Keepa is a Chrome extension that specializes in tracking price and sales data on Amazon. This handy tool offers detailed charts that provide insights into price fluctuations, Buy Box competition, and sales rank trends. With Keepa, users can estimate a product's sales velocity and also access information about review counts and product ratings. Keepa's comprehensive charts are accessible for the majority of products in Amazon's extensive catalog.

Key features

  1. Product Finder: Easily search and discover products that match your specific criteria by delving into our extensive product database.
  2. Product Viewer: Import and export extensive product lists to effortlessly access price information and product details at a glance.
  3. Product Best Sellers: Stay updated with the best-selling products on Amazon within various categories, with our lists getting refreshed every six hours.
  4. Top Seller List: Gain insights into the top-selling merchants on Amazon and click on any seller to access detailed seller metrics and explore their storefront. The default sorting is based on the number of ratings a merchant has.
  5. Category Tree: Browse Amazon's comprehensive category tree, complete with deep links that lead you to corresponding best sellers lists for each category.


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BuyBotPro is a software tool designed specifically for online arbitrage sellers on Amazon. It helps sellers understand the profitability of different products and whether a product has any hazardous materials-related issues that may impact its saleability.

One of the standout features of BuyBotPro is its integration with the UK Amazon marketplace. It includes a VAT calculator that can help sellers accurately calculate the cost of a product, including any applicable taxes, which is particularly useful for sellers operating in the UK.


In addition to its VAT calculator, BuyBotPro also offers a range of other useful features for online arbitrage sellers, including suggested purchase quantities, real-time price and availability information, and alerts when prices change or products become unavailable. It is available as both a Chrome extension and an iPhone app, making it convenient for sellers to use on the go.

Overall, BuyBotPro is a valuable tool for online arbitrage sellers, particularly those operating in the UK. Its VAT calculator and other features can help sellers understand the profitability of different products and identify any hazardous materials-related issues that may impact their saleability.

Seller Assistant Deals


This online arbitrage marketplace serves as a platform where buyers and sellers engage in profitable trade deals. Within this marketplace, sellers have the opportunity to acquire deals from experienced researchers and, in turn, present these well-researched deals to other merchants.

At the Seller Assistant Deals marketplace, sellers can conveniently and securely purchase high-velocity, high-return-on-investment deals. To instill confidence in buyers, the marketplace offers a refund guarantee, assuring that every deal purchased aligns with the buyer's seller account. Moreover, all deals available on the Seller Assistant Deals marketplace undergo verification, eliminating the need for any upfront payments.

Key features

  1. Monetize Product Research Skills

  2. New Opportunity for VAs

  3. Effortless Lead Upload

  4. Expand Your Business

  5. Reach a New Audience

  6. Sales and Refunds Handling

  7. Automatic Lead Updates

  8. Centralized Lead Access

  9. Customer-Centric Approach

  10. Profitable Leads Only



RevSeller, a Chrome extension, is crafted to assist online sellers in comprehending the various product variations displayed on an Amazon page. A standout feature of RevSeller is its on-page estimator, providing users with a quick and effortless way to gauge the potential profitability of diverse product variations. This proves particularly beneficial for sellers contemplating the sourcing and selling of multiple variations of a product.


Beyond the on-page estimator, RevSeller encompasses additional practical features for online sellers. These include real-time updates on price and availability, alerts for price fluctuations or product unavailability, and the capability to monitor prices across multiple marketplaces.


An evident advantage of RevSeller lies in its cost-effectiveness. Priced at approximately $100 per year, it stands as a more budget-friendly option compared to many other software tools available. This affordability makes it an attractive choice for sellers initiating their journey into online arbitrage.

Key features

  1. Unlimited Retailer Searches: Conduct quick and effortless searches across hundreds of leading USA and UK retailers to uncover profitable arbitrage opportunities.
  2. Unlimited Wholesale Searches: Upload your own list of products from wholesalers, and let SourceMogul scour for lucrative deals on your behalf.
  3. Unlimited Category Searches: Search by Amazon category to discover profitable deals spanning a wide array of retailer websites.
  4. Instant Filters: Utilize a comprehensive range of filters that instantly adjust your search results, granting you full control over parameters such as matching accuracy, profit/ROI, sales rank, and more.
  5. Product Information: Access detailed product information, including historical sales rank and pricing data, competitive seller insights, product dimensions, FBA fee calculations, and more.

IP Checker


Safeguard your sourcing endeavors and proactively address intellectual property concerns with the Fast Track FBA Intellectual Property Checker—an invaluable tool that is now accessible at no cost. This indispensable resource empowers you to execute thorough checks, providing a robust defense against intellectual property complaints and instilling confidence in your product sourcing decisions.


The Fast Track FBA Intellectual Property Checker proves to be an essential ally in fortifying your Amazon business against potential pitfalls. By leveraging this comprehensive tool, you can navigate your sourcing journey with assurance, avoiding infringement issues and ensuring the integrity of your product offerings.


This user-friendly tool assists you in adhering to safe sourcing practices, significantly reducing the risk of receiving intellectual property-related complaints. By conducting meticulous checks, it enables you to make informed decisions and steer clear of potential legal complications that could otherwise pose a threat to the sustainability of your Amazon business.

My Thoughts?

Online arbitrage tools are indispensable assets for e-commerce entrepreneurs and sellers. They simplify the product sourcing process, save time, provide valuable insights, and empower sellers to make informed decisions that can lead to higher profits and a competitive edge in the ever-evolving e-commerce marketplace. As the e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, having the right tools in your arsenal is a must to stay ahead and thrive.


While some online arbitrage tools may come with subscription fees, the potential return on investment (ROI) is often substantial. Increased sales and profitability, as well as the time saved, can significantly outweigh the costs, making these tools a cost-effective choice for serious e-commerce sellers.

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