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Adapt or Die: Amazon Team 2023

In this article, let's go through how to get an adaptable Amazon team

Amazon is a fast changing platform, and it is ever so different from the Amazon I knew when I started last 2015. This principle extends beyond business, impacting having a team as well. Crafting an adaptive team is indispensable, a key asset in navigating challenges. Discover effective strategies to cultivate adaptability below. 

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1. Success Metrics

In evaluating success within my business, several key metrics come to the forefront. Net profit stands as a definitive indicator of overall financial performance. Actual Gross Profit provides a real-time assessment of revenue after deducting direct costs. The Estimated Gross Profit at Purchase helps gauge the projected profitability of an investment. Lastly, close monitoring spend at purchase ensures prudent resource allocation. These metrics collectively illuminate the path to sustainable growth and strategic decision-making. 

2. Individual Goals

Tailoring our objectives to individual team members, each Virtual Assistant (VA) in my business operates with specific performance metrics. These include tracking their contribution to Actual Gross Profit, where their efforts directly impact revenue and cost management. Additionally, monitoring their role in Estimated Gross Profit at purchase helps align their actions with projected profitability. With an eye on prudent resource utilization, evaluating Spend at purchase showcases their effectiveness in efficient spending. By aligning individual goals with these metrics, we empower each VA to play a pivotal role in our collective success. 

3. Strategic Approach

Crafting a well-defined strategy is of utmost importance. Replying on free sourcing lacks direction; it's a recipe for chaos. For instance, adopting a focused approach like specializing in Nike sneakers and diligently monitoring sales (Note: this market may be highly saturated, so caution is advised) exemplifies a precise and effective strategy, offering clear objectives in a dynamic marketplace. 

4. Tactical Alignment

Executing tactics that align with our goals is essential. For instance, in the realm of sneakers, a proactive approach might involve daily scrutiny of premier suppliers to seize potential price drops. These consistent actions materialize as tactical steps, ensuring our strategy's success. Hourly vigilance, daily supplier checks, weekly trend analysis, monthly inventory reviews, and annual strategic reassessments collectively form a comprehensive framework that drives us closer to our objectives. Our actions seamlessly embody our chosen tactics propelling us toward achievement. 

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5. Constant Evaluation

Emphasizing the significance of measurement, a key practice is regular check-ins, particularly on a weekly basis. The ability to track progress hinges on understanding your present status within the context of established success metrics. By consistently monitoring your trajectory, you ensure that you're on course towards your objectives. Think of it as keeping a watchful eye on your defined goalposts, enabling you to maintain focus and hit your targets dead-on. 

6. Tactic Reevaluation

Flexibility is key – if a strategy isn't yielding results, don't hesitate to make adjustments. For instance, if examining 20 suppliers isn't proving fruitful, it's time to alter your approach. The heart of success lies in continue testing and refining, seeking the most effective methods. Embrace the process of experimentation, as it's through this dynamic cycle you can uncover the strategies that deliver optimal outcomes. 

7. Team Specialization

Adopt a ‘divide and conquer' mindset when diving into your passion, such as sneakers. Fragment your focus by segmenting brands, types, or gender preferences. Empower individuals to become experts in their designated areas, while maintaining alignment with the overarching strategy and tactics. This approach not only leverages specialization for in-depth knowledge but also ensures a cohesive effort towards achieving broader goals. 

8. Diversify Income

Income streams warrants consideration. Assign each team member to concentrate on specific areas, effectively creating distinct income channels. This approach not only fosters expertise but also establishes a safety net through multiple revenue streams. By strategically building these self-sustaining pathways, you fortify your business's financial resilience and enhance overall stability. 


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