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Outsourcing Low Value Tasks

with an Admin Virtual Assistant

Our admins virtual assistants are already trained to take care of your business tasks, based on your own experience

Seller Central

Make spending time on customer messages, raising seller central cases, pricing alerts, and more a thing of a past


Stop spending time chasing down receipts, refunds on canceled orders, and chasing suppliers for missing items


See you cashflow weekly and have the basic bookkeeping completed for you, giving you the information you need

What do our users say?

Warner Fields

She has been good thus far! She is still adjusting to how we have things structured since we had existing systems for her to use but she's learning quickly.

Andrew Henry

VERY happy with the Virtual Assistant hiring service which FTFBA provided. Couldn't have asked for better service and REALLY happy with the person we were lucky enough to find.

Ash Paul

Caryll has so far demonstrated good work ethics and is very competent individual overall.

James Fox

All is good so far. No issues with work ethic or ability at present with my Admin VA.

Copped and Found

Great service. Made everything simple and easy to follow. Looking forward to working with my new VA from Fast Track. Would highly recommend.

    Why are you wasting time on tasks that can be delegated to someone for so little cost. Delegate today and grow your business


    Your virtual assistant will start employment with your business on their first day of starting with you. There is not need to pay them for the time in training

    The VA will go through a 2-day Online Course Training Program and a 5-day Technical training with the Fast Track team members.

    We hire VA’s even those with no experience because they all will go through in-depth training with the Academy.

    We hire these VAs through many online platforms, referrals and other networks

    In the advent that the worst was to happen and that your virtual assistant was to disappear or not up to the standard required, we offer a no questions asked refund up to 90 days from the start day of your admin virtual assistant

    We support your VA’s 12 weeks from the start of the client. This is part of our academy's after-care program.
    The Admin VA will be trained using Training accounts on how to navigate Amazon Seller Central, Xero (Accounting Software), Seller Tool Kit, Prep Sheet (Google Docs), and Fast Track FBA Ultimate Sourcing Sheet

    Amazon Virtual Admin Assistant

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