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Scale Your Amazon Business With

A Specialist VA. Source Smarter. Save Time. And Sell More.

VA Autopilot Package is your shortcut to streamlined OA Success. Our Amazon-expert VAs help take the hassle out of your arbitrage operation and come pre-prepared with a 2-month supply of winning product leads. All for a one-off payment of $997.

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Our Credentials

Leveraging our direct experience as successful Amazon sellers, Fast Track FBA offers unmatched OA expertise and support

Two 7-figure Amazon Stores Built

750+ Virtual Assistants Trained

400+ Amazon OA Clients Served

Profitable Products While You Sleep With A Specialist VA

Every Amazon seller dreads the grind of finding the right product. Your time is too precious to waste spending endless hours searching for potentially lucrative leads.

With a virtual assistant from our specialized team, you can directly tap into profitable opportunities faster and more efficiently. While you focus on the rest of your business, your VA analyzes and delivers leads that translate into sales.

To save you even more time, our 'One-Hour Oversight' system streamlines VA management. It requires only 60 minutes per week to connect with your VA to keep things running smoothly and profitably.

Our Results

Amazon sellers are using Fast Track FBA VAs to supercharge their businesses – here’s what they’re saying

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How It Works

Book A Call

To get the ball rolling, let’s talk! To book, hit the “Book My FREE Consultation Call” button and choose a time that suits you via Calendly.

Consultation Call

Join an initial call to align your business goals and VA expectations. During the call, we get the details of your biz, outline next steps, and take your one-time payment of $997

Access Profitable Leads

As part of the onboarding process, get immediate access to profitable leads identified by our team. This allows you to start identifying potential deals right away.

Onboarding Call

Join an initial call to align your business goals and VA expectations. During the call, we outline the next steps, ensuring preparedness for the partnership ahead.

VA Start Date Confirmation

Post-onboarding, we coordinate to establish a start date for your VA. This is typically two weeks from the payment date – although the date is flexible if needed.

VA Integration & Support

Once your VA starts work, we provide full support for 12 weeks. We help you escalate revenue, spend, profitability, and operational efficiency with the help of your new VA.

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Included With Your VA Autopilot Package

1. A dedicated VA from the Philippines ($997)

Find profitable leads faster with an expert VA trained to maximize Amazon OA. This VA will work exclusively for you for $3 per hour on a 40-hour-a-week contract.

2. Comprehensive onboarding materials and tools ($297)

Receive a streamlined start-up kit – including all the necessary contracts and documentation – ensuring your VA is well-equipped to optimize your arbitrage efforts from day one.

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3. Access to our "Sourcing Mastery” training course ($597)

Understand your VA’s skillset via full access to all the training materials we use to help them master successful lead generation for Amazon OA sellers.

4. The "Ultimate VA Owner Operator Handbook for 2023" ($749)

Your blueprint to operational success, detailing the best practices for managing and maximizing your VA's potential in 2023. It contains our SOPs, guidance on bonus schemes, payroll, and advice on promotions and management of VAs

5. Dedicated support and aftercare ($997)

Benefit from two weekly group support, plus 12 weeks of one-on-one aftercare support. During this period, you can contact our team directly for retraining, support, and guidance to integrate the VA into your business effectively.

6. Membership of our private Facebook community ($997)

Join a network of OA sellers in a members-only Facebook group. The community has over 400 members, all VA owner-operators, and has been active for four years.

7. 12-Week Unlimited Replacement Policy ($997)

Our 12-week unlimited replacement policy ensures that if your VA doesn’t meet the expected standards, we'll provide an immediate replacement. Plus, we’ll reset the support timer to ensure you’re fully satisfied with your new VA.

8. Lead service bonus ($198)

Kickstart your journey with two months of pre-vetted, lucrative leads (value: $198). This stream of profitable products sets the stage for immediate sales growth.

Total Value ($5,829)

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12 weeks Unlimited Replacements On Every Amazon Virtual Assistant


If you have any worries about your Amazon virtual assistant within the first 12 weeks of starting with you, we will replace your virtual assistant for free, as many times as required

What Our VAs Bring To The Table

Profitable Lead Generation

Your VA specializes in uncovering lucrative OA products. They diligently scan marketplaces, using advanced analytics to identify items that promise high returns. Their expertise means your inventory will be consistently stocked with profitable products, maximizing revenue.

Increased ROI

Your VA's lead sourcing translates into smart investments. By identifying high-margin products, they ensure that every penny you spend on inventory has the potential for significant returns, optimizing your budget and increasing your profit potential.

Market Analysis

With deep insights into market trends, your VA provides a steady stream of promising leads. They'll track consumer demand and pricing shifts, ensuring you capitalize on profitable opportunities as soon as they arise, keeping you one step ahead of competitors.

Time-Saving Research

Your VA handles the heavy lifting of product research, including vetting suppliers and tracking product performance. This saves you countless hours, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

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Amazon OA Sellers Love Fast Track FBA VAs

I am so glad I chose Fast Track FBA when hiring my first VA. The support in what I need to do in regard to a VA as well as the support given to my VA by Fast Track FBA has been so valuable. They have supported my VA with additional training and ideas for me to implement to get the optimal production from my VA.

Tami Atwell

Very friendly and professional service. They answered all of my questions and helped clarify the entire process - from the training of the VA to implementing them into my business. Would definitely recommend!

Jared Kmiecik

The whole process from the first contact to the turnover of the VA was over and beyond my expectations. The team was so professional and knowledgeable. My new VA is an amazing person who understands the success of our company is also the success of all the employees.

Darel Naadio

Thorough and knowledgeable every step of the way! I had no idea how to work with a VA let alone hire one. Not only did I get a great VA, but I received tons of training on how to work with one. They provided an excellent blueprint for my business. I highly recommend!

Jenn Maher

I have been building my Amazon FBA business for almost a year now, and the most challenging aspect is sourcing products. My inventory and revenue has skyrocketed since using FastTrackFBA, as their VAs are great at sourcing profitable products

Andrew Reville

Save Even More Time With Our “One-Hour Oversight” System

This six-step, scalable approach ensures you maintain control over your VA’s activities with minimal time investment. It allows you to maximize your productivity and reduce the time you spend training, briefing, and interacting with your VA.


Start with just one hour per day guiding your VA, and watch as your time commitment shrinks. To three hours weekly in the second month, and then to a mere hour weekly by the third.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You are experienced in selling on Amazon and have a clear understanding of the business.
  • You can dedicate at least one hour daily, especially in the first month, to aid in the VA's development.
  • You're ready to commit to integrating a VA into your team for the long term.
  • You possess available capital of approximately 5,000 pounds or dollars to invest in inventory from the deals sourced by the VA.
Our VAs are the cream of the crop, handpicked from over 1,000 weekly applicants through a rigorous four-stage vetting process. It evaluates their alignment with our core values, motivation, technical skills, and overall suitability. Only about 2% of candidates make the cut. They then undergo intensive training to perfect their deal identification skills. This rigorous selection process ensures our VAs are exceptional, ready to help you scale your Amazon OA business.
The ongoing cost for your virtual assistant is the VA's salary, typically around $450 per month. This is paid in two installments: half on the first working day of the month and the remaining half on the 16th working day of the month.
We advise paying your virtual assistant through Wise. We provide comprehensive training and support to help you set up and use this service, which is straightforward and cost-effective.
A $997, one-time payment
The results will align with your specified profit and deal criteria. If you focus on fast-selling items with smaller margins, you can expect a higher volume of deals. Conversely, targeting fewer, high-profit items typically results in fewer deals. We provide advice and consultation on setting your deal criteria to help you optimize your VA's performance and achieve the desired outcomes.
We recommend using communication platforms like Slack, Discord, or WhatsApp, with video or voice calls conducted via Zoom or Google Chat
We have trained hundreds of VAs in both UK and US marketplaces and equipped them with our top 100 supplier list to ensure they start finding profitable products immediately.
Our virtual assistants are sourced through a diverse network rather than common job sites, which tend to yield lower-quality candidates. Over the past four years, we've cultivated a strong presence within communities and groups across the Philippines, which now provide us with between 1,000 to 3,000 applications weekly. From this pool, we meticulously select individuals to fill the roles, ensuring we maintain a network renowned for its quality within the industry.
We suggest you should already know the ropes of selling on Amazon and understand your business well. But we get that you're busy. If you can spot a good deal and explain why it’s a winner, that’s enough. Your input helps the VA get even better at finding profitable products for you.
No. Virtual assistants based in the Philippines are not subject to tax obligations in the EU or USA because they are not located within these jurisdictions. We class them as contractors, so they need to pay their own taxes.
Yes, we create the contracts for you and get the VA to sign them.
We recommend tracking your virtual assistant's time and offer complete guidance on using our preferred software, which costs $1 per month. We'll assist you with the setup process and advise you on what to monitor.
It's necessary to equip your virtual assistant with software tools like SellerAmp and Keepa to ensure they can perform their tasks efficiently. These tools typically allow additional users at no extra cost
Should you be dissatisfied with your virtual assistant, or if they depart within the initial 12-week period, inform us. We will replace them at no extra cost and restart the 12-week replacement period for your convenience.
A one time payment of $997 and then you pay the VA directly about $450 per month

Profit More, Stress Less With The
VA Autopilot Package

Total Package Value $5,829

1. A dedicated VA from the Philippines ($997)
2. Comprehensive onboarding materials and tools ($297)
3. Access to our “Sourcing Mastery” training course ($597)
4. The “Ultimate VA Owner Operator Handbook for 2023” ($749)
5. Dedicated support and aftercare ($997)
6. Membership of our private Facebook community ($997)
7. 12-Week Unlimited Replacement Policy ($997)
8. 2 Month Leads Bonus (UK or USA) ($198)

All For Just $997

Book Your FREE Consultation Call To Get Started

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