Amazon FBA Tools 2023: Get Started with Amazon Online Arbitrage

We will talk about the Amazon FBA tools and everything to start with your Amazon Arbitrage

Are you looking for Amazon FBA tools that can cost you less to start your Amazon business? In this article, I will share my tool guide to get started with Amazon online arbitrage, including repricing for 3 months with no expenses!

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Before anything else, the first thing that you have to get is an Amazon seller account.


Basically, Amazon will give you two options, but I suggest you choose the professional selling plan which is around $40/month plus additional selling fees.

How much money do you need to start Amazon FBA - seller account

You might be thinking about what a professional selling account gets. There’s something called the Buy Box was 80-90% of sales come from.


Now, if you go for the individual selling plan, you are not eligible to win the buy box and that is stated Amazon itself as it says, “Your offers are eligible for the Featured Offer if you have a professional selling account.” So if you want to make money, then go for the professional one!

How can I be eligible

Now you have your seller account, and now the top tools to get started. What I will say is that I arranged the tools depending on when you need them. So, take note of the order.

Amazon FBA Tools 2023 - Find Deals for the Cheapest Price

SellerAmp or SAS

One example of Amazon FBA tools you need is a calculator tool called SellerAmp or SAS.


SAS is a tool that helps you understand eligibility, competition, profitability, and more. It tells you if a deal meets your sourcing criteria and supports you in analyzing deals. Now, you can try their free trial for 14 days, then when the period ends, they will charge your card after.

Keep sourcing and look for products until you have shipped your first products and checked into Amazon and are on sale.


Now my advice for the first week after getting your product on sale, manually reprice them. 


Why? Well, simply, if you have a few products you can do this manually, and also it will teach about how the buy box works and how other people's repricers work.

My advice would be to adjust your prices, then check back on them once per hour and see what the competition has done. It takes 15 and 30 minutes for the competition to update their prices, so 1 hour is enough time to see the change. 


Now, this is not ideal long term, but it helps you to learn.

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Amazon FBA Tools 2023: Get Started with Amazon Online Arbitrage


Now, after a few weeks of your products going on sale, you need are going to be making some sales on Amazon. So another example of Amazon FBA tools you'll need is SellerBoard.

SellerBoard is a profit analytics service for amazon sellers, which is going to be useful to track profit and loss. In addition, this tool is not only limited to tracking profit and loss but also helps you get more reviews, manage inventory, etc.


You can use this for FREE for 2 months with my affiliate link.


Now set that up, and you can see the profit per product sold with that tool.

Repricer tools

Aside from SellerBoard, the other tool you might want to get is a repricer for month 1.

What repricers are for? Simply, it allows a seller to lower or raise their inventory prices instantly and automatically, in accordance with a predetermined pricing strategy, IE repricer rules. Remember, you have been doing this manually for the first week, so now is the time to automate it. 


Now, there are a lot of repricers you can use like Bqool, which offers a 15-day free trial to see how it works

After trying Bqool you can test out Repricer – this also has a 14-day free trial. Then once the trial period ends for you then try Aura, and that’s another 14-day free trial. Then test another repricer with a 14-day free trial which is called Informed. After that, also try Seller dynamics for another free trial which lasts for 14 days. The Seller engine has a 14-day free trial as well.

So for month 1, you’ll be having SellerBoard which offers 2 months of the free trial, and trials of other repricing software to cover the other 2 months.


When you reach 3 months, you want to move from SellerBoard to SellerToolKit. I use STK, and it's great. It also has a 14-day free trial. You will need to pay for the repricer and stock reclaim software, but it's worth it.

Top Tips

Utilize free trials

If you are testing out different tools and learning how to utilize them, might as well test out their free trials so that you know if the tool is for you and help you in managing your business before purchasing it.

Watch tutorials

If you are having a problem figuring out the tool yourself, then make use of the tutorials available on YouTube or tutorials provided by the tool itself. By watching tutorials, you’ll have a starting point of the basic knowledge of the tool itself.

Practice the tool

To take full advantage of the unique features of the tools, practice the tool and explore the ins and outs of it. By doing this, you can use the tool more efficiently and use it to its full extent.

Time to get the Amazon FBA tools!

What I will say now is that after understanding the Amazon FBA tools, you might as well learn the tools you need for your Amazon FBA titled Starting on Amazon FBA: Sourcing Tools for Amazon FBA.


If you want to learn more about selling on Amazon with the playlist, I created called Amazon arbitrage for Beginners.

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