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Amazon Leads List for Online Arbitrage in 2024

How to Grow Your Online Arbitrage Business Using a Leads List

Creating and maintaining a comprehensive Amazon leads list can set you up for online arbitrage success. By identifying the most promising suppliers and deals, your leads list will be an invaluable part of day-to-day business, directing you toward profitable purchases and dramatically hastening the sourcing process. If you want to learn how to create an Amazon leads list, you're in the right place. In this Fast Track FBA guide, I'll be showing you exactly what your leads list needs, and how you can tailor it to your Amazon FBA journey. Let's dive in… 

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What Is an Amazon Leads List?

Thomas shares an example of an Amazon leads list

First things first, if you've never heard of an Amazon leads list, it's basically a list of reliable suppliers that often sell profitable products for Amazon sellers. You can find leads for your list in various places, like FBA and OA social media groups such as the Fast Track FBA Facebook group, deals websites, and suppliers' websites you've found deals on in the past.  

Once you have a list of leads, you won't need to spend extra time scouring Amazon listings, following links, and deciphering endless Keepa charts. You can simply check up on a supplier's clearance section or new product releases, compare them to their Amazon FBA listing, determine the potential profit, and click purchase. 

What Type of Seller Are You?

The suppliers that make up your Amazon leads list will depend on where you are in your arbitrage journey. For example:


1. If you're just starting out, you probably want to invest in your business, build your inventory, and find suppliers with high ROI items, regardless of how quickly they sell. Bigger profit margins will protect you from losses, while slower sales will give you time to get to grips with the process. As such, your leads list might include brand suppliers that offer affordable items which are commonly resold by FBA sellers. 


2. If you're a more established Amazon seller, you may prefer a higher sales velocity, and make slightly riskier, lower-ROI purchases. This strategy allows you to invest your profits back into your business, and opt for items that aren't as tried and trusted by other resellers. As such, your leads list will probably include a blend of suppliers you've come to trust for deals over the years, and niche, wholesale suppliers. 


Know what kind of Amazon seller you are and, if you stumble on a deal, keep track of the supplier on your leads list.


Top Tip: Just because you've pivoted your strategy as you've become more experienced, doesn't mean you should delete suppliers you relied upon during your first few years in the business from your leads list. If you ever need a slow-selling, high ROI item, you can go back to these sellers and still get results. 

Why Do You Need an Amazon Leads List?

Every Amazon seller is unique and, therefore, each requires different suppliers. Creating your unique Amazon leads list that's tailored to your business will ensure you have a place to find online arbitrage deals that match your profit expectations. A leads list will also help you work with suppliers that fit your niche, and make sure you don't waste time analysing ultimately unprofitable products. Additionally, as I mentioned above, your Amazon leads list will be helpful whether you're a few weeks or a decade into your OA journey. 

How to Create an Amazon Leads List

If you come across a profitable deal while sourcing products, keep track of the product and supplier on a Google Sheet or Excel Spreadsheet.  Keeping a record of the products you purchased will help you identify where most of your deals are coming from. 


Keep in mind that this is not your Amazon leads list, but a list of potential options for your leads list. In my business, I usually wait until I've found at least 100 deals on a supplier's site before I add them to an official leads list. This approach provides a better understanding of the market, where my deals are coming from, and which suppliers are working out for me in the long run. 


But, if you’re searching for suppliers and wholesale suppliers that suit your business to add to your leads list, profitable products aren't the only thing to consider. Take note of sellers who offer: 

Big Discounts

If you've taken the Fast Track FBA free Amazon FBA Training, you know that sourcing through a supplier's clearance section or using voucher codes is a great way to find high-ROI deals and maximise your profit.  After all, spend less = earn more. 


If you find a supplier who regularly slashes product prices or offers voucher codes, add them to your Amazon leads list. Also, make a note of the link to the clearance section of the supplier's site so you can save time in future. 

An example of a clearance section to add to an Amazon leads list, perfect for sourcing discounted products.

Amazing Delivery Services

When you buy a product, keep track of how quickly it's delivered to your home or warehouse, whether there were any discounts on shipping the product, in what condition it arrives, and whether the supplier responds to your customer service queries. While great delivery services aren't quite as important as profit, they can make all the difference if your inventory is running low and you need new products ASAP. 


So, if you come across a supplier with superlative shipping, add them to your leads list, and make a note of which logistics partners they use so you can source from other suppliers who use the same.  

Large Quantities of Product

 Generally, as long as the projected sales volumes are good, buying more product is always going to be a sound move for your business. However, some suppliers will put a cap on the amount you can purchase, and even strike your account if you purchase too many items. This is why suppliers that offer large quantities of product should go straight on your leads list.


Some suppliers even offer discounted shipping costs if you buy a certain amount of product. If this is the case, make sure to take note of it on your leads list so you always get the best ROI possible. 

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Fast Track FBA Arbitrage Leads Service 2.0

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What if You Don't Have Time to Create an Amazon Leads List?

I hear you – creating an Amazon leads list that directs you to deals every single time can take months or even years of dedicated sourcing work. You'll need to find products through traditional sourcing methods, verify suppliers, and find at least a hundred deals before they even make it onto your list. 


So, if you're focused on scaling your business and don't have time to create your leads list, there is another way to take advantage of this resource without expending the effort to compile one yourself. You can purchase an Amazon leads list! As well as offering you one-click access to all the most profitable suppliers, purchasing a leads list means the deals will be verified by a successful Amazon reseller. 

The Fast Track FBA Amazon Leads List

If you want a hassle-free, time-saving, fully-verified leads list, the Fast Track FBA Amazon Leads List is just a click away. The Fast Track FBA team:


  • Vet each deal and supplier on the leads list to make sure they regularly deliver profitable products
  • Have first-hand experience purchasing from these suppliers and still rely on them to grow our 7-figure Amazon business 
  • Include all the necessary Keepa charts for specific products so you can do your sourcing and analysis at the same time
  • Check existing suppliers and add new deals to the lists regularly


There are two Fast Track FBA Amazon Leads Lists available; one for the UK Amazon marketplace, and one for the US Amazon marketplace, so you can dominate no matter where you sell. Both of these lists contain 100 of the top suppliers in both regions to cut your sourcing time and maximize your profits. 

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Get Our Amazon Leads List and Grow Your Business!

Sourcing deals manually is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of patience. But, with an Amazon leads list, you can focus on business-critical tasks while you source profitable products in just a few clicks. 


If you want to learn even more about sourcing, here are two in-depth articles with even more insider information:  How to Use Keepa for Amazon FBA, and 7 Steps to the Best Amazon Sourcing Method.  

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