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Amazon Leads List for Online Arbitrage in 2023

This article will show you how you can grow your online arbitrage business using the Amazon leads list.

A comprehensive Amazon leads list is important in your online arbitrage business, as it enables you to identify the most promising suppliers. In the world of online arbitrage, having access to a list of profitable suppliers is crucial in finding the best deals to fuel your Amazon journey. An Amazon leads list provides a valuable resource, enabling you to pinpoint the most promising sources of products for your business.

What is an Amazon leads list?

This is a list of potential leads or customers for Amazon sellers. You may compile this list of leads from various sources, such as social media platforms, online websites, and online stores in which you have purchased in the past. The Amazon leads list can be a valuable resource for Amazon sellers to target their marketing efforts and expand their customer base.

What kind of seller are you?

Every Amazon seller is unique, and it’s essential to understand where you are on that journey. For beginners, investing in their business and finding the best supplier for high return on investment (ROI) or high-profit items is important as they may have a limited cast to invest in and may not be selling products quickly.


However, some Amazon sellers prefer a higher sales velocity but a lower ROI because it allows them to invest more cash. They may work with different products and suppliers, searching for the best online arbitrage deals. Know what kind of Amazon seller you are and keep track of what kind of suppliers are working for you in your Amazon business.

Why do you need an Amazon leads list?

As previously mentioned, every Amazon seller is unique. And therefore, each requires different suppliers. Creating your Amazon leads list is a valuable resource in the long run. As you gather information on suppliers while you find good deals, building your list will enable you to source products more efficiently and determine which suppliers are most helpful for your online arbitrage business.

How to create an Amazon leads list?

When sourcing products, keep track of your deals by creating an Excel or Google sheet. This list will enable you to identify which stores or suppliers work best for your Amazon business. A helpful tip is to make at least 100 deals before selecting a supplier. This approach provides a better understanding of the market and where most of your online arbitrage deals come from, benefiting you in the long run.


If you’re searching for a supplier or wholesale supplies that best suit your business, there are a few things to consider.

Big discounts

Discounts can be your best friend when sourcing products. Suppliers who offer voucher codes can also be beneficial, as the general rule is to spend less and earn more profit.


When you come across a new supplier and find good online arbitrage deals, add them to your Amazon leads list. Keeping a record of the products you purchased on a sheet will help you identify where most of your deals are coming from. This information will prove valuable in the future as you seek to improve your sourcing strategy and earn more profits.

Amazing delivery services

When you buy a product, make sure that the product you just bought will be delivered to your house or warehouse as soon as possible. It is always better if the shipping fee is free. Some online websites offer free shipping to those who buy products in a specific amount.

Large quantities of product

In connection with amazing delivery services, it is always good if you can also buy large quantities. Online arbitrage deals are greater if you can buy 10 or even more than that. Limited products might be a problem because they will cost you more.

Clearance Section

An efficient starting point to search for deals before exploring the rest of a website is the go-to section. This section should be your first stop when sourcing products, enabling you to save time by checking it first on every website you visit.


Take note: When you find a new supplier and see that they have good deals, add that to your Amazon leads list. Record the products on a sheet as you record the products you bought.

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Why purchase an Amazon leads list?

This is a timesaving process that will allow you to prioritize more critical tasks in your online arbitrage business. It can help you identify potential leads and sources for future deals while also providing valuable insights into profitable deals recognized by other Amazon sellers.

Fast Track FBA Amazon Leads List

After covering the basics of creating and the importance of having your own Amazon leads list, there will be times wherein you will still struggle in sourcing deals. And if you are struggling to find the best online arbitrage deals and, of course, want a hassle-free way of knowing what kind of suppliers will work best for your business. Fast Track FBA created our own Amazon Leads List that can help you. 


We have two kinds of Amazon Leads List; Top 100 UK and Top 100 US. Both Amazon Leads list has free and paid version. Each list is tailored for each specific marketplace. We have spent countless hours researching and compiling these lists to gather 100 suppliers for each marketplace. To be honest, we use this list in our own online arbitrage business and it has been the key factor in helping us grow our Amazon businesses to both 7 figures. 

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Again, sourcing deals manually is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of patience. With the information given to you in this article, I hope that it can help you find profitable deals and grow your own business. 


We have two in depth articles that talked about two sourcing methods; Keepa sourcing and manual sourcing. You can check them out to learn more on the subject.

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