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Amazon Online Arbitrage for Beginners in 2023

In this article, we’ll be going over the ins and outs that any beginner needs know to about online arbitrage on Amazon.

Online arbitrage has become a popular market for individuals seeking to earn profits, but the lack of experience and knowledge can be a hindrance. The guide will cover all the crucial steps that a beginner must take in order to succeed in the online arbitrage market. By reading this article, individuals will gain a thorough understanding of the online arbitrage market and have the confidence to take their first steps towards success.

What is online arbitrage?

Online arbitrage can be summarized by saying that it is buying products for a cheaper price than their counterparts in other markets, then reselling said products for a profit in those said markets. Amazon is a perfect marketplace for all your online arbitrage needs because, remember, dear beginners, not every e-commerce platform allows you to resell. Amazon is one of the few that allows it.

Now, what terminologies do a complete beginner need to know about online arbitrage? First and most important of all, before you can sell and make a profit, you’ll have to find the products that you can sell. The process of searching through multiple marketplaces to find the products which have a sufficient disparity between the prices to make a profit is called Sourcing. A term you’ll be very much familiar with once you’ve delved deep enough into the online arbitrage market.

Once you’ve found an item you want to sell, that’s what you’ll call an arbitrage lead. Remember though, the terms arbitrage lead and arbitrage deal are one and the same. These are terms that you’ll encounter very frequently, so make sure to remember them.

Why should you start an online arbitrage business with Amazon?

If you’re still on the fence about whether you should start an online arbitrage business, let me ease your mind. This business model is superb if you’re just a beginner at online selling. If you don’t have a large budget to start your business, then diving into online arbitrage is one of the best ways to make some money.


Individuals who are already knowledgeable about searching for good deals online while looking for products that they need, then they already have one skill needed in sourcing for your online arbitrage business. Yes, it’s that easy for beginners to start reselling on Amazon. 


One of the key factors that you should consider in starting an online arbitrage business is that there is a very little or very minimal upfront cost. While also keeping the monetary risks as low as possible, this business model is one of the best for beginners. Keep in mind, you don’t have to physically visit every store walking down the aisles looking for things to sell. No, you can do all of this while making a profit while sitting comfortably on the premises of your own home.

What to look for in suppliers?

Before I tell you about what to look for in suppliers, you should first understand the concept of what a supplier is.


A supplier is a brand or a retail store with which you have created a relationship in which they are a source of a specific product of yours. Having a consistent supplier of a product that sells well is one of the prime things you need to keep your eyes open for.

Now that you understand what a supplier is, here’s a list of what to look for in suppliers:

Wide variety of products

In online arbitrage, it is always best to cast wide, not deep. In simpler terms, it means you should try to diversify the products you sell and not dump all your resources and time into one specific product or product line.

Clean and easily understandable User Interface

If you’re trying to find a good deal for the products you wish to sell, the struggle should be in trying to find said products, not in trying to understand a brazenly put-together UI (User Interface).

The quick and easy delivery process

Quite obviously, though you’ll be buying the items online, the product itself still needs to be delivered to you, checked by you, then re-delivered to Amazon’s fulfillment center. Amazon’s delivery process is one of the best in the industry.

Large stock of products

Once your business upscales (a term that will be discussed further in the article) quite a bit, then you’d want a source that allows you to buy a large quantity of a product that sells well to keep in stock.

Profitable sales and discounts

It is always best to look for prices that will give you a larger margin of returns to products you wish to resell. To buy more products for less is always the call for good sourcing in any proper online arbitrage business.

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Categories you can resell on Amazon

If you’re ready to jump into online arbitrage as a complete beginner, it’s best to jump into a specific niche or category of products that you already know to have a large customer base.


If you need help picking the right category for your online arbitrage business, we’ve created this list just for you:


We found appliances in nearly every household, ranging from televisions to refrigerators to microwaves. Though it would also mean that you’d be putting up a sizeable amount of money to buy the products, the advantages of reselling heavily outweigh that.


Books - categories you can sell on amazon - amazon online arbitrage for beginners

Books are a quick and easy niche to get into. There is always a market for books in any country. It is also easier to find books that sell for less than their actual prices, which you can take advantage of in this business model.

Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

Though it is quite obvious why this specific category would have a consistent and considerable amount of customers. It is also one of the best categories to start with due to not having to invest a lot of upfront money to buy the products you wish to sell.

Beauty and Personal Care

Due to the spike in people having to wear masks, mask-related facial insecurities have arisen. This creates a significant amount of people who want products that fix these blemishes and imperfections created by the masks.

Home and Kitchen

Home equipment and utilities are one of the best categories to go into because it is very easy to find a source that sells such items for very cheap while allowing yourself to mark up the price to a considerable amount by flipping the product.

How to upscale your Amazon business?

Any beginner who has a decent enough grasp of the inner working of online arbitrage and has a stable business in place will eventually ask themselves, what next? That’s where upscaling your online arbitrage business comes into place.


Before I explain what you need to do to upscale, I have to explain first what upscaling means for a business. In simple terms, it means to improve upon or build upon your business. To create and build a framework or infrastructure for your business, allowing it to grow exponentially as a result.

Now, what is the next step in your online arbitrage business? At this point, you would have amassed a considerable amount of capital from your business. This allows you to hire individuals to do the menial tasks of the process for you. You can hire virtual assistants to do the sourcing for you, the management of the times, and other tasks that don’t need the owner’s direct supervision. By doing so, it allows you, the owner, to focus on building upon your business, focusing on larger improvements upon your business, and creating time for you.

Start your online arbitrage business now as a beginner with Amazon!

As discussed in the article, you can see why online arbitrage is one of the best business models for beginners in the market. If done correctly, you can amass a considerable amount of money in a quick and easy manner.


Why wait for the chance to slip through your fingers? Join other Amazon sellers in indulging in one of the many ways you can start earning money from home with Amazon.


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