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Amazon Virtual Assistant – What Can They Do for You?

In this article, let's talk about everything there is to know about Amazon Virtual Assistant.

As Amazon is the largest online retailer today, Amazon offers sellers from all corners of the globe an equal opportunity to achieve success in this competitive marketplace. Modern-day sellers face an array of complex challenges and responsibilities. They must not only manage their inventory effectively but also closely monitor product visibility, promptly address customer queries and concerns, and consistently track their sales performance. With so much to handle, sellers are increasingly turning to Amazon Virtual Assistants as the perfect solution to overcome these obstacles and streamline their operations.


With that said, let's dive deeper into the essential aspects of Amazon Virtual Assistants.

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Introduction- My Journey

Throughout my years of running my Amazon business, I have had the opportunity to interview numerous candidates, hire over 20 Amazon virtual assistants (VAs), and unfortunately, had to let go of 10 of them. However, I have been fortunate to retain a few exceptional VAs who have made a significant impact on my business.


The role of an Amazon virtual assistant can be categorized into two main areas: time-saving tasks and revenue generation. Personally, I have assigned my VAs to handle administrative tasks and scout for online arbitrage deals. Out of all the VAs I've hired, I have kept a dedicated admin staff members who continue to provide invaluable support, freeing up a considerable amount of my time.

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In addition to my admin virtual assistant, I have also established a strong working relationship with my bookkeeper and Amazon account expert. I had the opportunity to meet her in person, which has further solidified our partnership. She has been an integral part of my team for over a year now and has taken it upon herself to build a connection with the other VAs, showcasing a remarkable level of teamwork.


Overall, my experience with VAs has been a mixture of challenges and successes. Carefully selecting and nurturing the right individuals, I have been able to leverage their skills to save time and generate revenue, ultimately contributing to the growth of my Amazon business.

What is an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

An Amazon Virtual Assistant is a skilled freelance professional who provides remote support in managing various aspects of your Amazon business. By partnering with a VA, you can offload certain tasks and alleviate the burdens and responsibilities associated with running an online business. This, in turn, enables you to focus on higher-level strategic activities that can propel your business to new levels of success. Additionally, an Amazon VA empowers you to reclaim valuable time, promoting a healthier work-life balance and reducing overwhelm.


Leveraging the expertise and assistance of a VA, you can streamline your business operations, boost productivity, and achieve greater scalability. The support they provide will allow you to optimize your resources and concentrate on core business activities that drive growth.


The true value of an Amazon virtual assistant lies in the significant time savings they offer. Delegating routine tasks to a capable VA, you can free up your schedule and devote your energy to activities that have a direct impact on your business's bottom line.


Now, let's explore a range of tasks that an Amazon virtual assistant can handle for your business.

What can Amazon Virtual Assistant do for you?

What Can Amazon Virtual Assistants Do For You

Product Sourcing and Market Research

Product sourcing is widely recognized as one of the most challenging aspects of running an Amazon business, mainly due to its time-consuming nature. To tackle this challenge effectively, it is essential to have a dedicated VA who possesses the patience and expertise to identify profitable online arbitrage deals for your business.


Furthermore, your VA can play a crucial role in researching future product opportunities. They can analyze the target market competition, identify current trends, and help you gain insights into the top-selling products. This valuable information will enable you to make informed decisions and expand your business strategically.

Administrative Tasks

An Amazon virtual assistant can provide valuable support by taking care of various tasks that are both repetitive and straightforward. Some examples include managing accounts and shipments, handling inventory management, assisting with product listing, and managing FBA orders.


If you are interested in learning more about the administrative tasks that a VA can handle, we recommend reading our informative article titled “How to Train an Admin Virtual Assistant.” It provides valuable insights into effective training and utilizing an admin VA for your Amazon business.


An essential addition to your team would be a purchasing manager who can handle all your procurement needs. This dedicated professional would take on responsibilities such as reviewing online arbitrage deals, conducting a risk analysis, maintaining records, establishing minimum pricing thresholds, providing daily reports, monitoring profit margins, and more. Their expertise in these areas would greatly contribute to the efficient and effective management of your purchasing operations.


While those are 3 crucial tasks I assign to my Amazon virtual assistants, there is a wide range of additional responsibilities you can entrust your Amazon virtual assistants. 



Mastering the skill of writing compelling and persuasive copy can have a profound impact on your Amazon store, resulting in notable improvements in conversions and profitability; crafting emotionally engaging and captivating content, you have the power to seize the attention and ignite the interest of your customers.


They can create high-quality product images that play a crucial role in effectively conveying vital visual information to your customers. It is imperative to adhere to Amazon's specific guidelines when it comes to the images used in your listings. Ensuring compliance with these guidelines, you can optimize the visual presentation of your products and enhance their appeal to potential buyers.


It is essential to recognize that not all customers may possess a strong grasp of the English language, particularly when it comes to international shipping. Their fluency in multiple languages allows them to assist in translating your product descriptions, facilitating improved communication and comprehension with your international customer base. This can lead to enhanced customer satisfaction and increased sales opportunities in diverse markets.

Ad Campaigns

An Amazon virtual assistant possesses the skills to proficiently set up ad campaigns through Seller Central. They have the expertise to continuously monitor analytics, assess performance, and make essential adjustments to optimize the ads for better results. Their ability to navigate advertising platforms effectively can significantly contribute to maximizing the impact and success of your advertising campaigns on Amazon.

Amazon Arbitrage Virtual Assistant Bonus Scheme

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Benefits of Hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant

No Retention Worries

An Amazon virtual assistant possesses the skills to proficiently set up ad campaigns through Seller Central. They have the expertise to monitor analytics, assess performance, and make essential adjustments to optimize the ads for better results. Their ability to navigate advertising platforms effectively can significantly contribute to maximizing the impact and success of your advertising campaigns on Amazon.

Increased Profit

With the assistance of an Amazon VA, managing your store becomes easier and more efficient, resulting in enhanced productivity, increased efficiency, and ultimately, higher profitability. Their quick and efficient support enables you to streamline operations, optimize resources, and achieve greater success in your Amazon business.

Lower Investment

One of the advantages of working with virtual assistants is that you are not required to provide physical office space, equipment, furniture, or dedicated workspaces like you would for full-time employees. Virtual assistants operate remotely, utilizing their own resources and workspaces to complete their tasks. This eliminates the need for you to invest in additional infrastructure, resulting in cost savings and increased flexibility for your business.

Reduced Hassle

The task of managing an Amazon store becomes significantly more manageable when a virtual assistant assumes responsibility for the tedious aspects of it. By entrusting these time-consuming and bothersome tasks to a competent VA, you can free up your time and energy to focus on more strategic and growth-oriented activities for your store.

Lower Expenses

Amazon virtual assistants are typically compensated based on a gig basis, meaning you only pay for the specific tasks they complete. Unlike traditional employees, you are not required to provide salaries, benefits, insurance, or other such expenses. This pay-for-work model offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness, allowing you to allocate resources specifically to the work done by virtual assistants.

Extra Time

Entrusting time-consuming and repetitive tasks to virtual assistants, you gain the freedom to concentrate on essential activities that have the potential to propel your business forward and foster growth. Delegating these tasks allows you to allocate your time and energy more effectively, maximizing your productivity and focusing on strategic initiatives that can positively impact your business's success.

Hire the right Amazon Virtual Assistant

Clearly Define Expectations

Start by identifying the underlying reasons for delegating tasks to an Amazon VA. Determine whether the task is low-value, time-consuming, disliked, or lacking the necessary skills within your team. Asking these questions will help determine which tasks are suitable for assignment to a VA.

Define Scope of Work

Avoid misunderstandings by clearly defining the full scope of duties for the virtual assistant. For example, if hiring an Amazon virtual assistant for data entry, explicitly communicate whether you expect them to handle product details in listings and write, keyword-optimized product descriptions. Providing clear instructions helps prevent expectations and deliverables from mismatching, ultimately avoiding resource and revenue wastage.

Establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

To ensure a smooth working relationship, you need to establish clear evaluation criteria for the Amazon virtual assistant. Specify the number of hours they will work, set goals for them to achieve on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, define their responsibilities, agree upon rates and payment terms, establish communication rules and check-in procedures, and establish a format and process for progress reports.

Conduct a Trial Run

Consider conducting a trial test for applicants to assess their competence, attention to detail, and alignment with your requirements. This allows you to gauge their capabilities and identify any potential issues before committing to a long-term arrangement. Remember, it is important to provide adequate training and time for Amazon virtual assistants to familiarize themselves with your unique selling propositions and align their skills with your business objectives.

Strategies for Identifying Star Amazon Virtual Assistants

KPI for Sourcing Amazon Virtual Assistants

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the simple answer to monitoring and setting targets for our Amazon businesses, just like any other business. However, it is crucial to carefully consider the targets you set and evaluate if they truly add value to your business. While certain targets may seem promising initially and appear to contribute to business growth, they can actually lead to financial losses.


For instance, when working with a deal sourcing Amazon Virtual Assistant, setting minimum deal criteria such as a minimum profit of £3, a minimum Return on Investment (ROI) of 30%, and a minimum listing sales of 10 per month can be effective.


However, solely focusing on finding a specific number of deals per day may not necessarily contribute to business growth if the deals do not align with profitability and market demand. It is essential to ensure that the deals meet the required criteria and have the potential for success.

What can you do?

An alternative approach could be to instruct the virtual assistant to find enough deals per day that correspond to a predetermined spending limit. This strategy ensures effective utilization of the allocated budget, but it requires careful review and evaluation of the recommended purchases by the virtual assistant to ensure alignment with business goals.


Another option is to direct the virtual assistant to find enough deals that generate a specific amount of profit, covering the daily or weekly costs and allowing for a healthy profit margin. However, monitoring the volume and quality of deals becomes crucial to maintain profitability.

What else?

Setting targets based on covering five times the salary cost of the virtual assistant can provide an interesting perspective, as it establishes a clear benchmark for added value. However, it requires careful consideration of market conditions and the virtual assistant's ability to adapt and source effectively during different periods.


In summary, while KPIs are essential for measuring performance and achieving business objectives, it is vital to align them with profitability, market demand, and long-term growth. Regular evaluation and adjustment of targets and strategies will ensure that the virtual assistant's efforts contribute to the overall success of the business.


Our Amazon businesses are the same as any other business, we set targets and monitor performance. Easy right? What you need to do is take time to think about what targets you set and if that target adds value to your business. Some targets, whilst, seem great in principle and you think will help grow your business actually can cause you to lose money.

How to pay your Amazon Virtual Assistant?

When it comes to payment options for virtual assistants, you have two choices: pay-per-deal or salary. The decision depends on your specific needs and preferences.


For short-term requirements, such as a burst of deals over 1 or 2 months, a pay-per-deal model can be suitable. With this approach, the virtual assistant is motivated to deliver quick results, focusing on achieving the desired outcomes promptly. It is important to note that the pay-per-deal arrangement is most suitable for short-term engagements, as the virtual assistant's time is spent learning and training, which should ideally benefit your business.


However, if you anticipate a longer-term collaboration, opting for a salary arrangement may be preferable. This not only helps manage payroll costs but also allows you to invest in training and development, nurturing their skills while retaining their expertise within your business. Virtual assistants on a salary tend to yield better results over time, fostering a more sustainable and productive relationship.


Ultimately, the choice between pay-per-deal and salary depends on the duration and nature of your engagement, weighing the immediate results versus long-term investment and growth potential for your business.

Is hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant worth it?

Deciding when to hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant is subjective, but considering two factors can help guide your decision-making process.

1. Assess your available free time

If you find yourself lacking the time needed to effectively manage your Amazon business due to other commitments, it may be the right moment to hire a virtual assistant. By delegating administrative tasks, you can focus on more strategic activities that drive growth and expansion. If time is limited, investing in an Amazon Virtual Assistant can be a wise decision.

2. Evaluate your financial resources

Consider your available budget to determine if you have the necessary funds to hire a virtual assistant. If you have the financial means and recognize the value of outsourcing certain tasks, it is a strong indicator that hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant is a viable option. By leveraging their expertise, you can optimize your business operations and potentially generate higher returns on investment.

If you are unsure about the process of interviewing a virtual assistant, you can seek guidance through resources such as instructional videos or training materials. Additionally, services like Fast Track FBA offer assistance in hiring virtual assistants, employing the same successful hiring, training, and support methods that have helped build multiple successful seven-figure Amazon businesses.


Remember, the decision to hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant should align with your specific needs, available time, and financial capacity. By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision that will benefit your Amazon business in the long run.

Top Tips

Promote Freedom and Autonomy

In our approach, we emphasize giving our Amazon virtual assistants the freedom to explore new strategies and think innovatively, rather than limiting them to sourcing from the same conventional places. To facilitate this, we have implemented a few unique practices.


One such practice is providing a prompt feedback loop to our virtual assistants, enabling them to understand what works well and what doesn't. We prioritize delivering positive feedback as quickly as possible to encourage them to continue implementing successful approaches while minimizing less effective ones.


While we update their performance daily, we reserve discussions about the results for a weekly meeting held on Mondays. This allows for a balanced assessment of their performance throughout the week, considering both good and challenging days. By sharing feedback on Mondays, we create a structured approach to review their performance while giving them the opportunity to reflect and make necessary adjustments.

Perform Profit Calculations

We employ the use of minimum profit and minimum Return on Investment (ROI) values in our calculations, and we task our staff with determining the expected number of sales in a month. Based on this information, they calculate the Total Deal Profit Figure for a month's supply.


To achieve this, our Amazon virtual assistant determines the number of sales a listing has and identifies the number of sellers sharing the Buy Box. Using these figures, they calculate the projected number of sales we can expect to make in a month. This data is then multiplied by the expected units to be sold, resulting in a “deal profit figure” for that particular deal.


For example, let's consider a deal that generates a profit of $3 per item sold. This deal sells 30 units per month with two FBA sellers already present. By adding our presence to the listing as a third FBA seller, we would anticipate making 10 sales per month at $3 each. Consequently, the total Deal Profit Value for this deal would amount to $30 ($3 per sale multiplied by 10 sales per month).

Effective Communication with your Amazon virtual assistant

A significant aspect of our approach is that we only consider the total number of deals purchased, rather than the number of deals submitted. This ensures that only the deals we actually buy are counted, disregarding any poor submissions. Conversely, if a virtual assistant submits a single exceptional deal that generates substantial profit, we consider it a success and include it in our evaluation. This approach allows for flexibility and acknowledges the potential impact of individual standout deals.


Additionally, we utilize Slack as a communication tool, where our team members record a brief 5-minute rundown of their day, addressing three key questions:

  1. What did you do?

  2. What worked well?

  3. What is your plan for tomorrow?


These questions serve multiple purposes. They provide visibility into the team's activities, allowing us to identify successful strategies and share best practices. Moreover, they encourage our virtual assistants to have a plan when sourcing, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful and strategic decision-making rather than starting each day with a blank slate.

Monitor Performance and Results

Monitor Performance and Results

Our Amazon virtual assistant maintains a Google sheet to record all the deals submitted, and we provide feedback based on whether we decide to purchase the deal or not. This allows us to adjust the Total Deal Profit Value and address any errors or modifications in their submissions.


Furthermore, we actively encourage virtual assistants who have already met their weekly targets to explore new methods and perspectives. By exposing them to deals outside our typical sourcing strategies, we aim to foster innovative thinking and expand their sourcing capabilities.


As a result of this approach, we have observed a diverse range of deals being discovered through various methods. For instance, one exceptional deal with a substantial profit margin of $120 per unit was uncovered because the virtual assistant had already achieved their weekly quota and explored alternative sourcing methods. We have witnessed virtual assistants leveraging resources such as YouTube videos for insights, conducting Keepa Sourcing, exploring Amazon's same marketplace Buy and Holds, and even utilizing voucher code sourcing, among other techniques.

Are you ready to hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

It is important to acknowledge that the process has not been without challenges. While we have provided our staff with a level of freedom and encouragement to explore new methods, we have encountered instances where some Amazon virtual assistants chose to misuse their time by engaging in activities such as watching TV, walking the dog, or taking on additional employment. We thoroughly investigated these cases and subsequently made the difficult decision to terminate their employment. Although such actions are regrettable, they are part of the challenges inherent in running any business.

Amazon Virtual Assistant

Hire an Amazon virtual assistant today and make more sales whilst freeing up your time
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