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When is the right time to hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant in 2023?

Let's discuss all things related to an Amazon Virtual Assistant.

When is the right time to hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant? Growing an Amazon business can take up a considerable chunk of your time, giving you little to no time for fun times. 


Well, in this article, we will talk about how you can gain that work-life balance by talking about the different tasks that you can delegate to your VA for your business. Also, share with you the strategy that worked for us while scaling our business with the help of our VAs. 

Topic Rundown:

What is an Amazon Virtual Assistant and what can they do?

First things first, what is an Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA), and what are the tasks they can do?

Quite simply, an Amazon VA works remotely in your business. With their help, you can take some burden off your shoulders so that you can free your own time for bigger things that can scale your business more and of course, more time for yourself.

Let’s have a look at some of the tasks that a VA can do for your Amazon business.

Administrative tasks

First are Administrative tasks. An Amazon Virtual Assistant can assist you in tasks that are easy to do and repetitive, such as account and shipment management, inventory management, product listing, or managing FBA orders.

If you want to know more about the Administrative tasks that a VA can do for you, we recommend you to check out our previous video about it called How to Train and Maximize your Admin VA.

Product Sourcing and Market Research

The next task that a VA can do for you is Product Sourcing and Market Research. For one, Product Sourcing is the most time-consuming and challenging part of running an Amazon business. You need someone who can dedicate their time to looking for online arbitrage deals and buying at wholesale prices that will be profitable for your business.

Next, your Amazon Virtual Assistant can help you research the products you wish to sell, as well as look into the target market competition. They can also help you determine the trends in the market, which can help you learn about the top-selling products from your competitors. This will also help you gain a better understanding of how to expand your business.


Finally, Purchasing. Basically, this is a manager that will do the purchasing for you. Their responsibilities also include reviewing online arbitrage deals, analyzing the risks, keeping a record of the deals, setting minimum prices, sending daily reports, monitoring profits, and more. 

Now that you’ve learned the things having an Amazon Virtual Assistant can help you with. Lucky for you that Fast Track FBA is offering a VA on our website. We train them first, of course, before deploying them to you. Giving you the best experience possible. If you are interested or want to know more about our Admin VA and Sourcing VA, please check us out.

How to choose which tasks to outsource?

Deciding whether or not you should outsource a task is a challenging thing to do, especially when you are used to doing everything yourself. However, being a one-man team will only limit your business from growing.

Here are some useful questions to ask yourself next time you want to do that task by yourself:


  • Is this task taking up most of my time?

Time matters in any business. If a task consumes most of your day or is slowing you down, then it is time to delegate the work to someone else so you can spend your time on more important tasks. 


  • Is this task most monotonous or repetitive?

Tasks like product sourcing can be really dull and frustrating at times. So do yourself a favor and get someone to do the task for you. Just focus your time on more interesting tasks.


  • Is someone better than me at doing this task?

There are some tasks that need high levels of expertise that you may or may not possess. Hiring an expert will almost always be worth the investment, no matter whether their specialty is. They’ll typically get you results you never would have on your own, earning back what you put into their services and more.


If you answered YES to all of these questions, then it is about time to get yourself, someone, to help you with your tasks.

Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant Job Description

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When is the right time to hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

There is no perfect time to hire a VA but there are two things you should consider when answering this question. 


  1. How much free time do you have?
  2. How much free cash do you have?

If you want money to spend but don’t have the time to spend it because you’re so caught up doing administrative work. Then of course, yes. You should definitely hire someone. Why? You already got the resources to invest further in your business but you don’t have the time to invest it.

The other way around; if you got the time but not a lot of money, it’s not probably the right time for you to hire an Amazon virtual assistant. Why? Because you can do it yourself you don’t have the resources to spend on hiring someone on your team.

Basically saying, if you’re struggling for time and you have a lot of money or you have money to spare, then thinking about outsourcing is going to be one of the key things you should look at. 

Steps that worked for our business

Working with our Amazon VAs definitely helps us in our business. Here is a simple strategy that we used:

Define the requirements

You have to plan 6 to 12 months where you are going to be. Keep in mind that it takes at least 3 months to get a VA up to standards. Think about what tasks you want to be carried out by your Amazon VA. 

Deine the Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

For example, you have to define the frequency with that you want each task to be carried out. Is it per day? Or per week? 

Find the right person

You have two options when hiring an Amazon VA. One is to use an Amazon Virtual Assistant Agency or service. The second is to search for a direct hire. If your choose to hire an agency, like the Fast Track VA Academy, you can eliminate the interview process entirely. Here is an interview video that we did titled, Virtual Assistant Services | Amazon Arbitrage VA | Feedback – Chris West, where he talks us through his experience with his new Amazon Virtual Assistant, scaling his business, and using an Amazon VA hiring service for his Amazon Business by using the Fast Track FBA Academy. 

Start the process

Once you’ve found the right VA for you, it’s time to onboard them. Give them the appropriate training, communicate with them frequently, and get ready to grow your business.

When are you going to hire your Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Growing your Amazon business is no easy task. The last thing you want is to get stuck doing all the work, which doesn’t really allow you to generate more profit. That is why hiring an Amazon VA is one of the best ways to really expand your Amazon business. If you want to know how we interview and hire a VA, you can check out another one of our videos titled How to Hire a Virtual Assistant. Let us talk you through the process of hiring an Amazon VA, a step-by-step guide until offer acceptance. What are you waiting for? You’ll know when it’s time and we’ll be waiting for you.

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