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Amazonation Ph Alternative

In this Article, We will Look at Amazonation Ph, its Benefits, and an Alternative for Virtual Assistant Aspirants

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey into the dynamic realm of Virtual Assistance? As a VA aspirant, you're on the threshold of a world where your skills and dedication can make a profound impact. Whether you're seeking to carve a niche in e-commerce support, social media management, or executive assistance, opportunities abound in the ever-evolving landscape of Virtual Assistance. Joining this exciting field means becoming an integral part of businesses' success stories, providing crucial support, and unlocking your potential for growth. Your journey starts here – explore, learn, and envision the myriad possibilities that await you in the realm of Virtual Assistance.

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Amazonation Ph


Lish Aquino, renowned as the Amazon Queen of the Philippines, stands as the driving force behind AmazoNation. Serving as a mentor to numerous Filipino Amazon Sellers and virtual assistants globally, her journey began as an Amazon Seller VA. Through dedication and expertise, she has evolved into a highly successful Amazon seller and trainer. Presently, her Amazon business consistently thrives, managing the sale of 45+ products worldwide. This venture has afforded her valuable insights into the intricacies of eCommerce on the Amazon platform. Motivated by this knowledge, Lish Aquino is on a mission to guide more Filipinos in embracing a work-from-home lifestyle as integral members of the AmazoNation FAMily – a community poised to dominate the vast retail empire, fostering a life of success and freedom.

Pros of Joining AmazoNation

  • Proven Track Record: AmazoNation boasts a significant number of success stories, with 16,358 Filipinos moving closer to their dreams of financial and time freedom. This indicates a track record of effectively helping individuals achieve their goals.

  • Diverse Opportunities: Whether aspiring to become an Amazon VA expert or a profitable Amazon business owner, AmazoNation offers diverse opportunities. VA aspirants can choose paths that align with their skills and career aspirations within the Amazon ecosystem.

  • Experienced Leadership: Led by Lish Aquino, the Amazon Queen of the Philippines, AmazoNation benefits from leadership with hands-on experience in the Amazon marketplace. This mentorship can provide valuable insights and guidance to VA aspirants.

  • Accessible Learning: AmazoNation aims to make Amazon courses accessible to all Filipinos, addressing the financial concerns associated with international courses. This accessibility opens up opportunities for a broader audience, including those with budget constraints.

  • Community Support: The strong community of like-minded individuals within AmazoNation ensures that VA aspirants have a supportive network. The sense of belonging and shared experiences can contribute to a collaborative and motivating learning environment.

Cons of Joining AmazoNation

  • Intensive Programs: The programs offered by AmazoNation may be intensive, demanding dedicated time and effort. VA aspirants should be prepared for a focused and rigorous learning experience, which might not suit those seeking a more relaxed pace.

  • High Expectations: Given the emphasis on success stories, there may be high expectations for VA aspirants. While this can be motivating, individuals should evaluate whether they are ready for the level of commitment and performance expected.

  • Structured Learning: The structured nature of the programs may offer limited flexibility for those who prefer a more self-directed or flexible learning approach. VA aspirants should consider their preferred learning style.

  • Outcome Uncertainty: While success stories are highlighted, individual outcomes may vary. VA aspirants should be aware that success is not guaranteed, and personal effort and commitment play a crucial role in achieving desired results.

How to Join Amazonation?

Visit the AmazoNation. Go to the official AmazoNation website to explore the available programs and offerings. Review the enrollment criteria for the specific program you are interested in. Ensure that you meet any prerequisites or requirements. AmazoNation may conduct orientations or webinars to provide more insights into their programs. Attend these sessions to get a better understanding of what the programs entail and to ask any questions you may have.

Want To Ace Your Amazon Virtual Assistant Interview?

Getting prepared for an interview? Applying for a VA is really hard! If you want to know what are the most frequent questions you will encounter when you apply as a VA, then watch this video!

Alternative for AmazoNation Ph? It's The Fast Track FBA

Established in 2019, Thomas, a seasoned two-time 7-figure Amazon seller with several years of experience, recognized the need for enhanced services within the Amazon seller community. Motivated by a desire to elevate the support available to fellow Amazon sellers, he initiated his own venture dedicated to assisting sellers in scaling their businesses, mirroring the success he had achieved.

Pros of Joining Fast Track FBA

  • Proven Amazon Sellers at the Core With a solid track record, boasting five years of firsthand experience as a successful Amazon seller, achieving 7-figure results in both the UK and the USA.

  • Straightforward Scalable Solutions Recognizing the hectic nature of life, our services are designed to be uncomplicated, time-efficient, and geared towards facilitating the growth of your business.

  • Exceptional Customer Care Rest assured, your journey with us is accompanied by a commitment to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring you feel secure and supported throughout our collaboration.

  • Specialized Training: VAs receive access to comprehensive onboarding materials, training courses, and a dedicated support system, enhancing their skills and ensuring they are well-equipped for their role.

Cons of Joining Fast Track FBA

  • Time Commitment: The ‘One-Hour Oversight' system requires a weekly time investment, which might be challenging for busy entrepreneurs.

  • Limited Flexibility: The structured onboarding process and 12-week support may not suit everyone's preferred pace or style of working.

How to Join The Fast Track FBA?

If you're an aspiring virtual assistant looking to join Fast Track FBA, the process is straightforward. Start by booking a free consultation call on their website. During the call, discuss your business goals and expectations. Once aligned, make a one-time payment of $997 during the onboarding process. Attend the onboarding call to understand the next steps and prepare for the partnership. Coordinate with the Fast Track FBA team to confirm your VA's start date, usually two weeks from payment. As you begin working with your VA, benefit from 12 weeks of full support, ensuring a seamless integration and efficient collaboration. Join Fast Track FBA and streamline your journey toward success as a virtual assistant.


The choice between Amazonation PH and Fast Track FBA depends on your specific needs, budget, and the level of support and services you require for your Amazon business. Consider evaluating these aspects in alignment with your business goals before making a decision.


When comparing Amazonation PH and Fast Track FBA, both are prominent options for virtual assistants seeking opportunities in the e-commerce industry. Amazonation PH stands out for its comprehensive training programs and a diverse range of services, providing aspiring VAs with valuable skills. On the other hand, Fast Track FBA, with its proven track record, emphasizes its legendary aftercare support and direct experience as successful Amazon sellers. While Amazonation PH focuses on training, Fast Track FBA combines expertise with support, offering a holistic approach to VA development. Your choice may depend on whether you prioritize extensive training or seek a combination of skill development and ongoing support.

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