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Are Your VA’s Deals Price Crashing?

In this article, we will explore effective measures to prevent price crashing in your VA deals

Are your bargains suffering from plummeting prices because of your recent virtual assistant?


Here's a solution:


Drawing upon the experience gained from overseeing the successful onboarding and management of over 750 Virtual Assistants, who have helped to provide comprehensive support through the Fast Track FBA VA Academy.


A good deal of VAs and Amazon sellers often begin with storefront observation, a method that might not yield the best result for product sourcing, as these items could already be oversupplied, and the associated 1-2 weeks' delay can further hinder progress. The prominence of suppliers matters significantly, with widely used ones such as Nike store and Argos leading to heightened competition because of the increased number of buyers from the same items, causing caution when dealing with such sources.


To counteract this, it's advised to minimize storefront observation and instead focus on qualifying leads to attract less competition, considering that even popular sources invite intensified rivalry. Leveraging discounts can offer a strategic advantage by ensuring a supply of products less prone to price crashes.

Strategy 1: Address Out-Of-Stock Listings

A key strategy to enhance revenue growth involves a shift in focus towards ensuring the availability of existing ASINs in your inventory, rather than constantly introducing new ones. By dedicating efforts to maintaining a consistent stock of established products, the potential benefits are substantial. In fact, this approach can not only prevent lost sales because of items being out of stock, but also has the power to amplify revenue.

Strategy 2: Engage in Weekly Team Calls

Stray from singularly fixating on storefront stalking, as this approach might trigger price volatility. Instead, consider aiming for a manageable range of 2 to 5 daily deals initially, with a firm emphasis on their quality.


Maintaining regular communication through weekly team calls can offer invaluable guidance and insights. Rather than solely relying on the practice of storefront stalking. This involves strategically targeting a modest yet effective range of daily deals, ideally ranging from 2 to 5 quantities. The factor here is the commitment to ensuring that each deal selected meets quality standards.

Want To Scale Your Business?

Imagine the potential of generating a consistent monthly income of $10,000 without overwhelming stress. By implementing the strategies outlined above, including diversified sourcing methods, strategic deal selection, and maintaining open communication between team calls, you can position yourself for substantial growth and profitability.

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