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Buying in the EU? You can’t beat this conversion rate!!

We buy a lot of our stock from Europe and sell it into the UK. It's not something everyone does, but like everything, if you know where to look there are some great deals to be had.
We operate as UK Based Limited company, so don't get to use the personal accounts with great rates but we do have Santander Business Cash Back Credit Card which they told us does not charge a currency conversion fees.I have talked about the Santander Business Cash Back Credit Card many times before, mainly because I love its 1% cash back on everything, paid monthly on to your credit balance. This time I wanted to check if the claimed 0% exchange rate fee they talk about was true.

??Fact check complete – YES!! Actually better then YES IT'S TRUE – 0% Exchange Rate on purchases

I recently spent 475.88 Euros on my Santander Credit Card and saw that they charged me £422.54. When I Google the exchange rate it was £421.91. That is a 63p difference or 0.001% Fee!!!??
Now I have learnt that little changes really add up over time and things like exchanges rates can have a big impact. For example, when I reviewed last years accounts I learnt that moving from World First to TransfereWise would save me over £2,000 in exchange rate differences alone.
I thought I would also check Transferwise as I love them and they exchanged 475.88 Euros to £418.31!! That's £4.23 more than my credit card.??

??BUT WAIT My Santander Business Cash Back Credit Credit gives me 1% cashback! So I just made £4.23 in cashback as well. This means my effective rate was better than that advertise on Google. Now that is impressive.

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