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In this Article, We will Discuss the CLS Academy, its Advantages, Features, and its Alternative

Virtual Assistant (VA) Academies have emerged as transformative hubs of education and skill development. These academies stand at the forefront of a revolution, preparing individuals to navigate the complexities of the virtual realm with proficiency and finesse.


At the intersection of technology and human capability, Virtual Assistant Academies redefines the traditional notions of education. These academies recognize the unique skill set required to excel in the virtual space, where efficiency, adaptability, and technological acumen are paramount. As the digital era continues to reshape industries and redefine the nature of work, VA Academies stand as beacons of knowledge, guiding individuals toward mastery in the art of virtual assistance.

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All About CLS Academy


Charlie, the creator behind CLS Academy, has guided many Amazon FBA sellers through training, and building a prominent paid Discord community for sellers in the UK. The inception of CLS Academy was driven by a vision to revolutionize the training landscape for Virtual Assistants in the Philippines. Today, CLS Academy has evolved into a premier resource for both Amazon FBA Sellers and exceptionally skilled VAs, playing a pivotal role in shaping success stories daily. The overarching aim is to persistently provide unmatched value to our clients, all while contributing to the evolution of remote recruitment practices.


  1. Expert-Led Training: CLS Academy offers training led by seasoned instructors with experience as successful Amazon sellers. Aspiring VAs benefit from learning industry-specific skills from professionals who have excelled in the field.

  2. Tailored Training and Job Placement: The academy takes a personalized approach, tailoring training and job placement based on the unique skills and career goals of each individual. This ensures a customized learning experience and job placement that aligns with the VA's strengths.

  3. Supportive Learning Environment: The testimonials highlight a supportive learning environment, indicating that the academy values hands-on management and addresses concerns promptly. This supportive atmosphere contributes to a positive and conducive learning experience.

  4. Focus on Long-Term Success: CLS Academy emphasizes setting up VAs for long-term success, not just immediate job placement. Continuous support and learning opportunities are provided to help VAs stay ahead in the dynamic and ever-changing Amazon marketplace.

  5. Building a Solid Foundation in Product Research: Testimonials mention the development of a rock-solid foundation in product research. This indicates that the academy equips VAs with essential skills, such as using tools like Keepa Product Finder and manual sourcing, crucial for success in Amazon product research.


  1. One-Sided Testimonials: The testimonials provided are positive, but they only showcase a particular perspective. Aspiring VAs may want a more comprehensive view, including any challenges or areas for improvement, to make a well-rounded decision.

  2. Limited Information on Continuous Support: While continuous support is mentioned, there's limited information on the nature and extent of ongoing support provided to VAs. Clarity on the types of support and learning opportunities available post-training could be beneficial.



Aspiring VAs should carefully consider these factors when evaluating CLS Academy, seeking additional information where needed and ensuring that the training aligns with their specific career aspirations and learning preferences. Another Alternative in the market is the Fasttrack FBA.

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Fast Track FBA


In 2019, their narrative began with Thomas, a seasoned Amazon seller boasting two 7-figure achievements. Recognizing a distinct need for elevated services within the Amazon seller community, Thomas, driven by a commitment to enhancing support for his peers, established his own business. They dedicated this venture to aiding Amazon sellers on their growth journey, drawing inspiration from Thomas's personal experiences in scaling on the platform. At the heart of his identity lies a collective team of accomplished Amazon sellers who, together, have reached 7 figures in both the UK and the USA over the past five years. This accumulated wealth of experience positions us uniquely, allowing us to grasp the intricacies of navigating the Amazon marketplace and empathize with the distinctive challenges faced by sellers.


Their dedication revolves around delivering straightforward, scalable solutions tailored to the demanding schedules of our clients. They acknowledge the time constraints you face and strive to simplify processes, ensuring that our services not only support but actively contribute to the expansion of your business. What distinguishes them is their commitment to legendary customer service.


  1. Expert Training and Support: Aspiring VAs receive comprehensive training through the “Sourcing Mastery” course and benefit from the experience of successful Amazon sellers. This provides a solid foundation for honing skills in lead generation and operational management.

  2. Diverse Skill Enhancement: VAs can gain exposure to various aspects of Amazon OA, including product sourcing, market analysis, and efficient operational procedures. This diversity contributes to a well-rounded skill set valuable for future opportunities.

  3. Guaranteed Income and Work Hours: With a dedicated contract for $3 per hour on a 40-hour-a-week basis, VAs can enjoy a stable income while having a clear understanding of their work hours, providing financial security.

  4. Access to Supportive Community: Joining the private Facebook community connects VAs with a network of peers and experienced professionals. This community offers a platform for collaboration, shared insights, and ongoing support.

  5. Professional Development Opportunities: The inclusion of the “Ultimate VA Owner Operator Handbook for 2023” offers VAs guidance on best practices, standard operating procedures, and tips for career advancement within the Amazon OA landscape.


Fixed Contract Terms: The fixed contract terms, such as the hourly rate and 40-hour workweek, may limit flexibility for VAs who prefer more varied work arrangements or part-time opportunities.


In conclusion, the VA Academy stands as a beacon for aspiring Virtual Assistants, offering not just training but a pathway to expertise and success in the dynamic world of remote work. With our commitment to personalized learning, expert-led training, and continuous support, we aim to empower you not only for immediate job placement but for a sustained and thriving career. Join us at the VA Academy, where your journey to becoming a highly skilled and sought-after Virtual Assistant begins. Elevate your skills, embrace opportunities, and embark on a fulfilling career with us. Your success story awaits at the VA Academy.

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