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Courses on How to Sell on Amazon

In this article, we will explore the courses on how to sell on Amazon and learn about your potential success on the platform

As most of you may know, Amazon.com is an online marketplace wherein you can buy a lot of different products and services globally. Now, many sellers are taking advantage of this marketplace to earn profit since Amazon has grown into one of the largest e-commerce platforms available. And since many are getting successful on this journey, you may want to know a thing or two about Amazon and the courses you can take to further advance your knowledge about this great platform. So, read on!

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Topic Rundown:

What is online arbitrage?

You may find a lot of meanings in the words online arbitrage, but in simpler terms; the process of buying products from different online suppliers or retailers and then reselling those products in a different marketplace such as Amazon.


There are different business models you can choose from, such as:

  • Online Arbitrage

  • Wholesale

  • Retail Arbitrage

  • Dropshipping

  • Handmade products


Remember that in this article, we will focus on the online arbitrage business model.

Courses on How to Sell on Amazon

  1. Online Arbitrage Beginner to Full Time – Amazon FBA Training (FREE)

  2. Freedom Builder Bootcamp

  3. Proven Amazon Course

  4. Amazon Selling Machine

  5. Zon Ninja MasterClass

  6. Online Arbitrage – Buy Products Online to Resell

  7. The Complete Online Arbitrage Masterclass 2.0

  8. Top Amazon Seller

1. Online Arbitrage Beginner to Full Time - Amazon FBA Training (FREE)

📋 Overview

Tailored to beginners who are looking to enter the realm of online arbitrage and transition into becoming full-time sellers. This course places a strong emphasis on foundational aspects, guiding learners through the essential knowledge needed to kick-start their journey.

🔥Course Highlights

✨Beginner-Friendly Approach

✨Interactive Learning

✨Comprehensive Overview

✨Flexible Course Duration

2. Freedom Builder Bootcamp

Freedom Builder Bootcamp

📋 Overview

A comprehensive and in-depth program designed to guide you through every step of establishing a successful Amazon FBA business. Whether you're a beginner looking to start your journey or an experienced seller aiming to take your business to the next level, this course has something for everyone.

🔥Course Highlights

✨Product Research Mastery

✨Private Label and Branding Strategies

✨Beginner-Friendly Introduction

✨Retail and Online Arbitrage Techniques

✨Private Label and Branding Strategies

✨Effective Marketing and Advertising

✨Inventory Management and Scaling

✨International Expansion opportunities

✨Exclusive Insights from Experts

3. Proven Amazon Course

Proven Amazon Course

📋 Overview

Designed to empower aspiring sellers with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as online entrepreneurs on Amazon. With its user-friendly approach and affordable pricing, this course offers a solid foundation for individuals stepping into the world of Amazon arbitrage.

🔥Course Highlights

✨Accessible Pricing

✨Comprehensive Learning

✨Diverse Strategies

✨Money-Back Guarantee

✨Active Private Community

4. Amazing Selling Machine

Marketplace Superheroes

📋 Overview

This program is designed by Matt Clarke and Jason Katzenback for people who are interested in Amazon FBA Private Label selling to guide you through every step of establishing a successful Amazon FBA business. Students can also gain access to a report on the top 1,000 hidden opportunities on Amazon and their list of 1,000 most searched keywords on Amazon.

🔥Course Highlights

✨Interactive Learning Experience

✨Founder's Private Resource Vault

✨Comprehensive Private Label Education

✨Access to Community and Networking

✨Targeted Keyword Insights

5. Zon Ninja MasterClass

Zon Ninja MasterClass

📋 Overview

Kevin David's exceptional Amazon FBA Private Label course is renowned for its proven effectiveness in the industry. Kevin crafted this program, especially for aspiring Amazon sellers seeking success in the world of e-commerce.


One noteworthy aspect of this course is its international perspective, empowering students to expand their Amazon business globally. While the price point might be a consideration for some, offering at $1,997, the multitude of satisfied alumni speaks to the insights and knowledge gained through the program.

🔥Course Highlights

✨Comprehensive Curriculum

✨Transformative Investment

✨Practical Application with Video Lessons

✨Invaluable Insights from an Expert

✨Access to Active Community

✨Exclusive Private Label Strategies

6. Online Arbitrage - Buy Products Online to Resell

Online Arbitrage - Buy Products Online to Resell

📋 Overview

A comprehensive and knowledge-enriched program tailored to guide students in establishing a profitable and sustainable reselling business. The course places a strong emphasis on the practice of online arbitrage, equipping learners with the skills required to purchase products and resell them for a profit.

🔥Course Highlights

✨Comprehensive Topics

✨Staying Current with New Product Lines

✨Mastery of Market Timing

✨Strategic Tracking


7. The Complete Online Arbitrage Masterclass 2.0

best online arbitrage course

📋 Overview

Developed by Byran Guerra, this offers a comprehensive and empowering guide to students seeking to establish a profitable reselling business. The course revolves around the core principle of “buy low, sell high”, guiding learnings through the process of sourcing products and reselling them on platforms like Amazon, eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari to generate profit.

🔥Course Highlights

✨Effective Money-Making Strategies

✨Access to Essential Tools

✨Identifying Affordable Products

✨Mastery of Retail Arbitrage

✨Insights from Case Studies

✨Effective Money-Making Strategies

8. Top Amazon Seller


📋 Overview

Created by Thomas Parkinson, a seasoned Amazon seller with two 7-figure successes under his belt. This course is meticulously designed to accommodate your busy schedule, enabling you to establish a thriving Amazon business while juggling work and personal commitments.

🔥Course Highlights

✨Flexibility for Busy Lifestyles

✨Comprehensive Guidance

✨Step-by-Step Approach

✨Professional Support

✨Essential Accounting Skills

✨Price and Value


Get the Ultimate Amazon Ungating Guide

This Ultimate Amazon Ungating Guide is based on my own experience selling through Amazon Arbitrage. I discuss what ungating is and why it happens, and list down how I ungate profitable categories and brands to  help you in your business.

Are they worth it?

Certainly, Amazon FBA courses are proven valuable. However, recognize that success isn't guaranteed solely by enrolling in a course. Mere completion of course requirements doesn't ensure success either. An important statistic reveals that a significant 83% of individuals face challenges in their Amazon FBA journey.


Investing in a well-structured and current course can undoubtedly enrich your knowledge and bolster your prospects in the competitive Amazon FBA landscape. It's important to understand that while a course can provide you with tools and insights, your dedication and commitment to applying the gained knowledge will be pivotal in achieving positive outcomes.

Is selling on Amazon still profitable in 2023?

Yes, it is still profitable to sell on Amazon in 2023. Although there will be challenges in making a profit and let's go through them.


  1. Software costs

  2. Cost of goods

  3. Competition

  4. Taxes

Software costs

The cost of software constitutes a key determinant influencing profit margins, yet it's essential to recognize that such an expense holds the potential for long-term benefits.


Why, you might ask? Consider the example of repricer software, which serves as a prime illustration. While this software incurs monetary outlay, its overarching purpose is to safeguard and efficiently manage your pricing dynamics. Despite the initial cost, this software is a strategic asset that aids in the formulation of a competitive pricing strategy, thereby facilitating the maximization of profits.

Cost of goods

The calculation of the landing cost entails aggregating the comprehensive expenditure associated with an item, encompassing its intrinsic cost, packaging expenses for its shipment, and the transportation charges to convey it to an Amazon fulfillment center.


Consider the scenario where multiple sellers offer the same product within a single listing. In this context, these sellers engage in a competitive race primarily centered on pricing, with the objective of securing the buy box.


Price tanking occurs when rival sellers, often third-party sellers on Amazon, engage in a cycle of repeatedly reducing their prices. This aims to present the lowest possible price to potential customers. Engaging in price tanking erodes your profit margin, and in the worst cases, it can lead to financial losses.


Concerns over tax obligations often weigh heavily on businesses, with a keen eye on how these financial responsibilities impact their overall financial health.


Alterations in tax regulations wield considerable influence over businesses. For instance, envision an instance where income tax experiences an upward change. This change would directly curtail consumers' disposable income, which represents their earnings post-taxation. Consequently, individuals would find themselves with reduced financial resources to allocate toward purchasing goods and services. This ripple effect cascades into diminished demand and subsequently lowered sales revenue for businesses.

After going through the challenges in which you can earn an extra profit on Amazon.

  1. Credit cards

  2. Voucher codes

  3. Cashback websites

Credit cards

Within my Amazon business, we employ a variety of credit card options, including the Amex Platinum Card, Amex Gold Card, and Capital on Tap.


The advantage of credit cards lies in their capacity to enable purchases using borrowed funds. What I find appealing is how they facilitate an expansion of stock acquisitions. How does this work? Credit cards provide access to external funds, allowing you to make purchases and defer repayment until a later date.

Voucher codes

Identifying profitable products is helpful, yet gaining them at a significantly reduced cost holds even greater appeal. Securing discounts on your online transactions translated to an improved return on investment (ROI), ultimately leading to increased earnings – after all, the primary goal is to maximize profits.

Cashback websites

In simple terms, cashback means receiving a percentage of your purchase back as a refund, typically several months after the transaction.


One way to access cashback is through dedicated websites. These platforms, such as Quidco and TopCashback, establish partnerships directly with suppliers and manufacturers. When you make a purchase from a supplier using a unique link provided by the cashback website, the platform tracks the transaction and refunds a portion of your spending.


For those interested in diving deeper into the utilization of cashback, you can refer to our prior article on “How to Obtain Cashback on Amazon for Your Online Arbitrage Business.” This resource provides additional insights into leveraging cashback strategies effectively.

Top Tips

Although there is a vast ocean of articles and videos available online, particularly on platforms like YouTube, a common query arises: “Why opt for a paid course?” The answer lies in the sheer volume of content, which seems to be ever-expanding, a continuous influx from various sources.


The key here is to invest in your education. Leveraging the wisdom and experience of those who have already achieved success in online arbitrage provides a structured learning path that supports your Amazon business endeavors. Instead of reinventing the wheel, like I always say, directing financial resources toward your education proves to be a strategic investment.

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