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How to use Credit Card Points for your Amazon Business in 2023

Using a credit card can provide an affordable and flexible short-term funding solution for your Amazon Business. Aside from this, using a credit card can give you special rewards like flying on a first-class flight and checking into a five-star hotel.

In this article, I will share with you the things you need to consider if you want to use a credit card for your Amazon Business, so, stay tuned.

If you want the video format of this article you can check out this video right here.

Topic Rundown:

  1. Pros and Cons of using a Credit Card in your Amazon business
  2. How to use Credit Cards for your Amazon business
  3. What Credit Cards do I use in my Amazon business?
  4. Top Tips
  5. Personal advice on Choosing a Credit Card

Pros and Cons of using a Credit Card in your Amazon business

Let’s start with the pros:

1. Leverage: Having a credit card can give you more funds to buy more online arbitrage deals, meaning more stock for your Amazon business. With the right credit card management, you can circulate this leverage to buy more stock and earn more significant profits. In my Amazon business, I always use credit cards to leverage more supplies in my Amazon store. In 2021, I made £2.2Million in sales and a big part of that purchases came from credit cards.

2. Purchase protection: Purchase protection is a common credit card benefit that allows holders to file claims or have protection from the company in reimbursing for any illegal or damaging purchases. Back in 2019, I was shocked to see that £3,000 appeared on my credit card which wasn't mine, luckily enough my credit card provider reimbursed me the amount which allowed me to continue purchasing my stock to keep growing my Amazon business through protection.

3. Cashback: Technically, cashback is earning a proportion of the price you paid for every item back. If you have more than one credit card, you can earn a lot of cashback. For example with me, I regularly make over £1000 a month by strategically stacking credit cards together with cashback sites. I'll post a video here of what's known as my ultimate cashback guide that hopefully will help you if you want to do the same as me.

4. Rewards: When using a credit card for purchasing online arbitrage deals, you are also earning points. Basically, the more you purchase using credit cards, the more points you will have. These credit card points can be converted into rewards. In my case, I’ve already traveled on first-class flights for just £642 and the sweet part is I also checked in a five-star hotel using credit card points! As I use my credit cards on purchasing a large volume of products online, the more I am gaining points. If you want to know more about how I use my credit card points to purchase a first-class flight, what I will do is leave a video here of my video of my first class worth £642.

Using credit cards in your Amazon business has only one big disadvantage. If you don't effectively manage your credit card, interest and debt from your credit card can pile up one day. You're going to wake up with a big bill that's going to need to be paid. Now if you don't manage this right, this can lead you to lose your Amazon business and all the funds that you've generated. As a result, you have nothing left so managing your credit card is super key to obviously managing the debt. You've got to do it well so you can smash it. Remember that if you do it wrong, you can lose your entire Amazon business.

How to use Credit Cards for your Amazon business

Earlier on I shared that the cons of having a credit card in your Amazon business are that obviously, you could potentially lose your business so you've got to manage that debt effectively how do we do that in my Amazon business? Basically through what's known as using our cash flow management sheet.

This is the sheet that I use and trust, we use this all the time in my Amazon business. We broke down the sheet into a four-section steps.

Step 1: Take a snapshot of all the money.

Step 2: You talk about your future costs.

Step 3: We calculate the maximum spend we can have to ensure that we cover those costs from the available money.

Step 4: Finally, we decide and define what we can actually spend and take action to pay off our debts.

In my business, what we do in this sheet is something I create and use every single week without fail. This helped me get to that 2 million pounds. Honestly, check it out, I think you’re going to love it. The cash flow sheet has helped me in 2021 and if you want to download it there is a small charge to get it. I do charge for it because it took a lot of time to develop it. It has been game-changing and I think it’s worth it.

What Credit Cards do I use in my Amazon business?

In my Amazon business, I use three different credit cards:

1. Capital on tap. This credit card has a 1% cash back weight on there so I'm earning cash out of all the purchases and I have a huge limit now. I just like that and they keep increasing the limit the more we spend which I'm really grateful for now.

2. American Express Gold Charge Card: It's an unlimited one and it's great to use between months but also as well I have to consider that I have to pay it off every single month, not like the other credit cards that I can hold debt, Amex is a charge card which needs me to pay every single month. But again I do get big rewards. Since I’m using it to purchase my stocks in my Amazon business, I am gaining lots of points from those purchases and with that, I used those points to book a first-class flight and stay in a 5-star hotel.

3. Santander business credit card: I use this why because it's again a 1% cashback but the reason why I use this is because it's got a smaller limit of only £6000.

Top tips

1. Always be careful when purchasing online

Given the nature and the volume of online transactions that we are doing in our Amazon businesses, having your credit card information stolen is far more likely than that of a normal everyday user. So what can you do when you suddenly see an unauthorized transaction is made with your credit card? 


Well, I had this problem back in 2019, when someone spent over €3,000 on my Amex card.

I have an Amazon Virtual Assistant who does all my purchasing and she is great and not a single issue, but it is by the very nature of making payments online, to lots of different websites, someone will steal your card details. 

It could be a bad website, a man-in-the-middle attack, a chrome extension stealing details, or simply a bad employee, but someone, in time, will get your card details, and the more you buy the more likely it is to happen.

You can guess how relieved I was when Amex asked me to call them and said: “don’t worry you are covered” even on my Amex Business Gold card.

how to use credit card points

There is great protection under UK law in that, if you pay for something with a credit card you are protected as your transaction is with the credit card company and not the supplier if it is over £100. IE something goes wrong, then you simply call the credit card company and money back.


So top tip, always be careful when purchasing on websites, always use a credit card, and always get in touch with your bank if you see a transaction that you don't recognize!

2. Use a Stripe account

If you have a supplier which is a wholesaler, obviously they don't really accept credit cards. Now what an interesting thing you can do and especially if you're starting out maybe you've got a 0% APR credit card, there is something you can do which might work and I've done this before in my Amazon business.

So, first things first what you want to do is you want to create a Stripe account for your Amazon business, now this is a payment portal that allows your business to make money. Now what you need to do is once you've got that Stripe account linked up to your bank account, you need to do is use your credit card and create an invoice for the balance.  


Let's say for example my credit card has a £5K limit, I'm going to create a Stripe payment for £5K and I'm going to pay it off using my credit card. Now what's interesting is Stripe is going to take about a 3% transaction fee but what I've done now is I've transferred that £5K from Stripe also today from my credit card through Stripe into my bank account. Now once it's in my bank account I can use that money to pay the wholesaler which is great but also as well I'd probably get the 5000 pounds worth of reward points. 


What we're interested in is the 0% APR so we can hold that you know £5K cash amount on the credit card for maybe a year at 0% APR whilst we've put the money into cash into our business and cycling it through the wholesaler and my Amazon business and keep repeating making sure that we get profitability on that product. Quite simply, take a credit card, pay the money into your business bank account using Stripe and that's it easy peasy.

Personal advice on Choosing a Credit Card

Selling on Amazon for five years and already made seven figures in sales and a big part of this is using credit cards. If you’re thinking of getting your credit card for your Amazon business, here are my thoughts.

First, you’ll have a good personal credit rating and generally speaking, they want you to be a national of that country. A lot of people are in Europe but not national in the UK and it’s a problem so maintaining your credit rating number will be a problem.


Two, you’ve got to try and be national to the country and that’s something to consider if you do get rejected for applying for credit cards. Finding out why is going to be important to build and maintain that credit history.

Third, debt is bad but there are also bad debt and good debt. Buying a car with credit is just as dangerous game because the car isn’t growing in value and also paying interest on the credit as well. Always know an investment buying an asset that is going to appreciate in value.

Credit cards are a big help for our Amazon business but again, it is important to use them wisely. One way to manage them wisely is through a cash flow sheet. What I will do is leave a link on how to manage your cash flow in your business using a cash flow sheet.

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