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Introducing… the FastTrack FBA Custom Ship & Prep Fees!

Yes, you heard that right! We have a new update on the site! So if you’re a FastTrack FBA member, hang on and I’ll guide you through this quick update.


If you’re not yet a member, well, signing up is free. Get your account today and explore the wonders of our services!

Before this Custom Ship & Prep Fees update, the site looks like this. On the Deals page, you’ll only see the Buy and Sell cost, ROI, and Profit. Simple.

But there’s something missing in the equation. The delivery charges to your warehouse and transfer fees to Amazon are NOT included. These fees are important because you incur them and they need to be factored in when you’re deciding whether to buy an item or not.

So, the update allows you to enter the Warehouse Fee, Transit Fee, and VAT Settings specific to your business. From this data, we’ll show you the new ROI and Profit information wherein the extra fees are already factored in.

Knowing how much ROI and Profit you’ll be getting when the delivery and transit charges are already included in your cost will make you smarter when choosing which deals will work for you and which won’t!

Now that you understand what you can do with this update, let me show you how you can do it.

FIRST: Go to your Account. Click Prep & Ship Costs.

SECOND: Input your specific Warehouse Fee, Transit Fee, and VAT Settings. Click Save.

THIRD: Go to the Deals page. You’ll see the updated ROI and Profit.

FOURTH: Click on a Deal and check out the FBA Fee Breakdown to better survey if the deal is a match for you

FIFTH: You can change your fees any time. You can click on the Update my Fees or go to your Account and select Prep & Ship Costs to reset your details

Easy, right? Now, get on that account and enter your custom details. Give us some feedback on how your sourcing has become smoother with our latest Custom Ship & Prep Fees update!  


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