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FASS Sheet 2.0: Tweaks by Paul Sheriffs

My team and I are so happy that our FASS Sheet has become very useful to Amazon sellers as well as to our long-time members. It is a joy to hear comments or feedback from peers on the work that I do and that I love. So, I'm very grateful to a good friend, Paul Sheriffs for using our FASS Sheet and even extending his knowledge to introducing a few updates to it.

For new readers on this site, you can read and learn more about the FASS Sheet I made a couple of months ago by clicking here. You can also download it for FREE.

Now, Paul personalized my FASS Sheet and tweaked it to include a few updates that may be useful to other Amazon sellers who are now thinking about scaling up their businesses and would need a more comprehensive forecasting sales and stock template.

On top of all the benefits of the FASS Sheet, Paul included some visualisation, automation, and additional (automatically calculated) metrics, plus the ability to change how optimistic or conservative you want to be with your projections.

Because of the automation updates, you and your virtual assistants can easily use and play around FASS Sheet 2.0, making your calculations or projections more concise and real-to-life.

Download the sheet today and let us know how it has helped you scale up your Amazon Business.