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FBA Deal Sheet Amazon VS. Amazon Virtual Assistant?

In this article, we will discover the importance of Deal Sheet Amazon VS. Amazon Virtual Assistant.

When it comes to running a successful Amazon business, finding profitable deals is crucial. Two popular approaches to sourcing these deals are utilizing FBA deal sheets and hiring Amazon virtual assistants (VAs). FBA deal sheets provide curated lists of deals that sellers can purchase, while VAs actively search for profitable opportunities. But which strategy is the right fit for your Amazon business?

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Topic Rundown:

Background: Why Create this Article?

Before addressing the question of whether to choose a deal sheet for Amazon or an Amazon virtual assistant (VA), let's first clarify what we mean by these terms.


A deal refers to information that helps you find a product at a low price (buy low) and identifies where you can sell it for a profit. In this case, we'll focus on Amazon. Deal sheet Amazon and VAs both aim to provide you with these deals, but they employ different approaches.

Deal Sheet Amazon

They are typically offered by lead services or deal sheet providers. They often present deals in the form of an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheets, containing around 10 deals per day. Each deal includes URLs for purchasing the product at a low price and ASINs for selling on platforms or marketplaces. Deal sheets may also provide additional information about the opportunity. These deals are sourced by others and resold to users.

Amazon Virtual Assistants

Another option is to utilize Amazon virtual assistants. They are individuals or teams you hire to search for buy low URLs and suppliers, allowing you to resell the products at higher prices on platforms like Amazon. VAs essentially perform the same function as deal sheets, but they are the ones actively seeking out these deals.


In my case, I have an Amazon business with a significant sales volume. Behind both these operations, we employ VAs.


Many Amazon sellers face challenges when sourcing products online, especially when starting out. It can take a considerable amount of time to find suitable deals that meet the desired ROI, profit margin, and sales volume. Additionally, sellers need to find multiple deals daily to meet their target and cover expenses.


Given the time-consuming nature of product sourcing, some Amazon sellers opt to purchase a deal sheet from Amazon, while others choose to hire VAs. Some sellers even use both approaches.

Deal Sheet Amazon VS Amazon Virtual Assistant

When considering the choice between deal sheets and VAs, it's important to assess your specific circumstances as an Amazon seller. There are two main categories to consider: beginners and long-term Amazon sellers.

For Beginners

It is crucial to keep costs low and focus on learning and improving. Hiring a virtual assistant can add a monthly fee to your expenses, potentially around $500 or more, which may strain your profits. Additionally, as a beginner, you need to acquire knowledge about analyzing deals, setting deal criteria, and other aspects of selling on Amazon. With an Amazon virtual assistant, you'll need to invest time in training and supporting them in deal analysis. On the other hand, purchasing deal sheets can be a cost-effective and time-saving option. Deal sheets usually have a lower cost compared to hiring a virtual assistant, with prices starting around $69, and they still provide valuable deals for reselling.

For Longtime Amazon Sellers

For those with more significant cash flow, the focus shifts to scaling the Amazon business. Hiring an Amazon VA can be beneficial in saving time and leveraging a team to search for deals, manage suppliers, and analyze opportunities. With available capital of around $10,000 or more, hiring a virtual assistant can be a viable option to help grow your business. Virtual assistants can handle deal sourcing, administration, purchasing, and even managerial roles, allowing you to focus on expanding your business.

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Which one is better?

Ultimately, there is no definitive answer to which option is better, as it depends on your specific circumstances and goals as a seller. Beginners may find purchasing deal sheets more suitable due to lower costs and the opportunity to learn from available deals. Long-term sellers with sufficient capital may benefit from hiring virtual assistants to save time and scale their business.


Assess your financial situation, business goals, and available resources to make an informed decision.


Please note that the provided information is based on my personal experience as an Amazon seller and should be considered general advice.

Top Tips

1. Avoid jumping into expert-level operations right away.

It's important to start slowly and not invest all your money in buying or hiring numerous virtual assistants (VAs) right from the beginning. Rushing into an expert level can put your business at risk, as it often leads to failure and financial loss. Focus on making money and establishing a solid foundation before scaling up and gradually hiring VAs.

2. Create systems within your Amazon business.

Building systems is crucial for growth and scalability. Eric from Amazon Lit, a successful seller, emphasizes the importance of developing systems. These systems ensure a smooth workflow and allow your business to expand. Prioritize system creation early on and then bring in people to support and execute those systems effectively.

3. Control your costs.

This is especially crucial for new Amazon sellers. Remember, the ultimate goal is to make a profit. Keep your expenses as low as possible and actively seek ways to save and reinvest capital for greater profitability. hiring a VA may not be necessary initially. Instead, consider leveraging the deal sheet Amazon to maximize your profit opportunities and profits. Managing cash flow is essential for business success.


Remember, growing an Amazon business is challenging, and it's important to take care of the management and financial aspects. By following these tips and continually refining your strategies, you can set yourself up for success in the Amazon marketplace.

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