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Why you need FBA Multi-Tool if you want to grow your business outside of just you?

First Things First The FBA Multi-Tool is a Chrome extension that allows users and Amazon business owners to make the right decisions when sourcing and analysing products to find what is worth selling on Amazon. Just type the price of the product you are reviewing and in one click, you will get the ROI, Profit Margin, Break-even Price, EFN Fee, and all other fees necessary for you understand and decide on the best deal.


The extension boasts of its very quick, and I mean super quick, calculation and results display because it has already pre-installed fees and data. No need to input a lot of numbers or figures, FBA Multi-Tool does everything for you. It saves you time in finding and analyzing which products are worth it. Hence, as a business owner, you can make good decisions faster. In the sourcing game of Amazon, time is money and so this is super important.

FBA Multi-Tool also gives you a lot more data than first mentioned. It lays down information such as eligibility to sell (super important), sales rank, weight, and hazmat checker (another super important part), among others, which are all important factors when deciding whether to buy a product or not. This is not even mentioning the sales estimator, best seller percentage checker, currency conversion, and voucher discount.


What’s interesting with the sale estimator is that it gives business owners the preview on how much sales they can gain a month. Another cool feature is the currency conversion because it doesn’t only allow you to know how much a product is in another currency but also allows you to foresee whether or not the product will sell in another country. Who knows, your product may even be more profitable in a neighbouring continent than where the product will originally be shipped from! These are great opportunities to sell across other Amazon marketplaces.


Not yet convinced? Read on as your Time is Money? 

The latest update to the extension is the voucher discount. If you have cashback or a voucher to apply, then FBA Multi-Tool will automatically deduct the percentage from the buy price. No need to get the calculate out and manually do this again! Remember time is money.


The FBA Multi-Tool allows you to export data of all the products you are eyeing to source or buy. Just copy the link of your product of choice, paste it on the tool, and you’ll be able to export and save all data on a Google Sheets file! What is more amazing than that? Exporting deals is a very efficient way of collecting data for you to analyze later. It’s literally a copy-paste scenario–nothing more, nothing less.


The tool also calculates VAT, VAT to be remitted, and all other taxes. This way, you don’t only ensure how much profit you’ll be getting, but more so to protect your business by understanding the P&L with tax to HMRC.


Apart from being an advanced FBA calculator, the app also offers a VA Timer for business owners to check how their virtual assistants are doing in the job. The app regularly sends screenshots for monitoring. Mutual respect and trust are of course expected between an employer-employee relationship, so this supports to that.


How much does it cost?

You might think that the FBA Multi-Tool is expensive, will all the features and constant updates. But stop right there. They are offering cheap packages so you can focus on scaling your business. For only £19.99 per month, you’ll get the app in 2 devices (2 computers with Google Chrome), full app access, fast email support, Facebook Group membership, and free updates. The best deal, however, is having all these mentioned features in 8 devices for only £29.99 per month! They are also offering annual packages for 2 and 4 devices.

OK, I am interested but Why FBA Multi-Tool over the competition if you want to grow your business?

Right now you are most likely reviewing a number of similar tools and they are roughly the same price so you are not sure. What you need to think about is not right now but the future, where do you want to take your Amazon business? Do you still want to be doing all the sourcing in 2 years time or do you want to hire a team and get them to do it? If you want to grow, then you need FBA multitool because whilst most tools have 2 or 3 licenses, once you hire a team of VA’s to help grow your business, your competitor tool will start to double if not triple in cost with extra licenses whilst you can still have up to 8 users for just £29.99 which is great value for money.

If you are also thinking about changing over in the future, you will need to learn a new tool along with your VA’s, so why not start now?

The second reason is that whilst we all want to trust our staff and virtual assistants, sometimes we get a bad one and FBA Multi-tool has thought about this already.


They have included a VA login and logout timer, to help get pay correct to the minute but also it takes screenshots at set intervals!! This is SUPER important and very valuable as you can now see what your VA’s are actually doing and spot those bad VA’s quickly and keep your business on track! If you were to buy this for your staff with Hubstaff it would be $5 per user but with FBA Multool it's Free. This one feature is worth the total cost in allowing you to effectively manage your team as you grow.


It is simply for the reason of value or money as we grow and the ability to effectively manage our VA team, that we use FBA Multitool having tried many other similar tools.

Interested? Get the FBA Multi-Tool today: https://www.fbamultitool.com/ (Aff)