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FilAm VA Alternative

In this Article, We will Discuss the Differences and Similarities of Two Reliable Virtual Assistant Companies

FilAm VA and Fast Track FBA are two distinct platforms that cater to individuals looking to enter the world of freelancing, particularly in Virtual Assistant sourcing. Both entities offer training programs and support for aspiring Virtual Assistants, but they each have their unique approaches and features that set them apart. In this comparison, we will delve into the key differences and similarities between FilAm VA and Fast Track FBA, helping potential participants make an informed decision when choosing the most suitable path to embark on their freelancing journey.

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FilAm VA


In the midst of the global pandemic that wreaked havoc on businesses worldwide in 2021, FilAm VA emerged as a beacon of hope. Founded and owned by the visionary Roy Ballester, this enterprise was established with the noble intent of imparting its founder's vast reservoir of knowledge to individuals aspiring to venture into the realm of freelancing, particularly in the domain of Amazon FBA product sourcing.


Leveraging his considerable skills and expertise, Roy meticulously crafted a comprehensive course that covers every facet, from the fundamental principles to the advanced strategies that can elevate one's performance, enhance productivity, and augment one's skills and knowledge. FilAm VA's overarching mission is to cultivate and furnish top-tier virtual assistants who are not only highly competitive but also perfectly aligned with every client's requirements, thereby fostering substantial business growth.


  • Supportive mentors

  • An expertly developed website

  • Trained professionals

  • Free tools during OJT for applicants to be familiarized

  • Pdf handouts during training

  • Versatility: The outlined course is designed to cater to various types of learners, making it suitable for individuals with different learning styles and backgrounds.


  • You need to inquire first to know their price

  • Limited Duration: The 5-day and 10-day programs may be considered short by some, potentially limiting the depth of knowledge and experience participants can gain.

  • Intensive Schedule: The short duration of the programs may lead to an intense learning schedule, which could be challenging for those with other commitments.

  • Potential Overwhelm: Participants may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information and training packed into a short timeframe, potentially affecting their ability to absorb and apply what they've learned effectively.


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Fast Track FBA


Inaugurated in 2019, Thomas, a seasoned Amazon seller with two separate instances of reaching the illustrious 7-figure mark, harbored the desire to enhance the offerings available to his fellow Amazon sellers. Thus, he embarked on establishing his own enterprise, dedicated to supporting other sellers in their Amazon journey, mirroring his own path of impressive growth. Over the past half-decade, we have been active in the Amazon marketplace, successfully achieving 7-figure revenues in both the United Kingdom and the United States.


They comprehend the hustle and bustle of life, which is why they have meticulously crafted our services to be uncomplicated, time-efficient, and conducive to the expansion of your business. Rest assured that you are in capable hands when collaborating with them, as their unwavering commitment revolves around delivering a legendary level of service.


  • Comprehensive Package: The Amazon Virtual Assistant Accelerator Package includes various components such as a full-time virtual assistant, 12 weeks of one-on-one support, weekly group coaching, and an owner's handbook. This comprehensive approach provides a well-rounded support system for individuals looking to enter the world of Amazon virtual assistance.

  • One-Time Payment: The flat fee of $997 as a one-time payment eliminates the need for ongoing subscription costs, making it cost-effective for those who want to access these resources without monthly expenses.

  • Trained Professionals

  • Healthy and Friendly environment

  • Positive feedback


  • Upfront Cost: The $997 one-time payment might be considered a significant upfront investment, which can be a barrier for some individuals who prefer lower-cost alternatives or those with limited financial resources.

  • The provided information doesn't offer details about the quality or qualifications of the virtual assistant, making it challenging to assess the level of expertise and skills that will be available.



Both FilAm VA and Fast Track FBA offer valuable opportunities for individuals looking to enter the world of outsourcing. While FilAm VA provides specialized training and support, with a commitment to catering to various types of learners, Fast Track FBA offers a comprehensive package with a clear focus on one-time payment.


The choice between the two ultimately depends on your individual needs, budget, and preferences. Consider the duration, cost, and the specific resources and support each platform provides. Regardless of your decision, both FilAm VA and Fast Track FBA can be stepping stones on your journey to becoming a successful Amazon virtual assistant. It's important to thoroughly research and assess which option aligns best with your goals and aspirations in the world of freelancing.

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