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FREE Amazon FBA Training Course 2023

In this article, you will get an Amazon FBA training course for free

If you're enthusiastic about embarking on your Amazon selling journey, you're in the right spot. In this piece, we'll delve into the fundamental fundamentals you need to initiate your Amazon selling endeavor. We'll guide you through the process of establishing your account and mastering sourcing strategies, progressing you from a novice to an advanced level. Our expertise spans five years, enriched by insights from my two successful seven-figure Amazon businesses. Stay engaged as we delve into the details!

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Topic Rundown:

How to Sign Up to Amazon

This is the first step in making your own Amazon business and start earning money; create your Amazon seller account. Just be cautious as there are two distinct ways to sell on Amazon: with a professional account priced at $39,99 per month, or an individual account that is free but charges 99 cents for each item sold. But if you intend to sell 40 or more items, it's recommended to opt for the professional account, which also includes various additional features to be discussed later.

Common mistakes to avoid

  1. If you go with the individual account, remember that you can later upgrade to a professional selling account. Doing this hack can help you save a lot of money, especially when you are only just starting your account.

  2. If you do, sign up for the professional account and, for instance, don't sell any products for a couple of months, you can message Amazon seller support and ask for a refund for the month's worth of selling fees.

  3. Make sure you sign up and create your Amazon seller account first before your plan of selling on Amazon. There are delays and it might take time for you to get approved.

  4. Don't create multiple accounts since that is not always allowed.

  5. When signing up for your Amazon seller account, don't use your Gmail or Yahoo email. It's more professional if you use your business email.

  6. Prepare all your paperwork, mobile or telephone number, and a chargeable credit card.

What Criteria to Look for in a Product

Once your Amazon seller account is set up, the next step is to find products to sell on your Amazon business. To ensure potential profit, focus on products with high sales potential and low competition, using different Amazon FBA tools to calculate profit.

What Tools to Use

Various Amazon FBA tools are available, both free and paid, to assist you in your Amazon business and simplify your daily operations.


Here are some tools that we recommend:

Whois Lookup

Sourcing Tools for Amazon FBA

This website can aid you in evaluating the credibility of other websites. In situations where you come across unfamiliar websites, this tool proves invaluable for verifying their authenticity.


Amazon FBA Tools 2023: Get Started with Amazon Online Arbitrage

SellerAmp, also known as SAS, is an essential tool that provides a variety of insights about competition and profitability. Its extensive deal analysis functionalities assist in efficiently evaluating sourcing criteria.


Keepa Chrome Extension

Keepa is a Google Chrome extension that enhances your browsing experience by providing an insightful graph that displays the historical data of your chosen product on Amazon. The graph offers details including trends in the buy box prices, FBA prices, new prices, sales rank, sales volume per month, and the count of Amazon sellers.

Amazonopen - Right Click Search

Sourcing Tools for Amazon FBA

Amazonopen – Right Click Search stands as a convenient Chrome extension that facilitates seamless searching of highlighted text directly on the Amazon page. This tool is useful during your sourcing process, and aids in supplier identification and verifying if Amazon offers the same product.

DS Quick View

Amazon DS Quickview

DS Quick View is another Chrome extension that enhances your browsing experience by giving supplementary information about each search result. This tool provides the sales rank, ASIN, Amazon's involvement in the listing, and the count of sellers.

IP Checker


To ensure secure sourcing and never come with intellectual property concerns effectively with Fast Track FBA Intellectual Property Checker, accessible for free. This will help you enable thorough checks, assisting you in avoiding IP complaints.

Amazon FBA Revenue Calculator

Sourcing Tools for Amazon FBA

The Amazon FBA Revenue Calculator is offered by Amazon, a platform where you can input the ASIN of the product, along with the purchase and selling prices. This computer all fees and furnishes details like profit and profit margin.


Download my FREE Ultimate Amazon Ungating Guide

This Ultimate Amazon Ungating Guide is based on my own experience selling through Amazon Arbitrage. I discuss what ungating is and why it happens, and list down how I ungate profitable categories and brands to  help you in your business.

Amazon FBA Product Research

Manual Sourcing

This presents a direct method for discovering products to resell on Amazon, commonly referred to as sourcing. We have also prepared a tutorial that outlines sourcing products, which you can find below.

Clearance Sourcing

This sourcing method is the easiest way to find discounted products on a website. Do note that the clearance sections for every website are updated regularly. In order to avoid potential discounts, it's best to go through these specific subsections every day. Again, we created a tutorial that you can follow.

Here we've highlighted just two of the methods we employ in our Amazon businesses. If you're interested in exploring additional Amazon sourcing techniques, you can dive into our previous article dedicated to this topic.

How to Find Suppliers

If you're looking for a manufacturer in the USA, there are 3 methods to consider. First, you can conduct a Google search for your products and reach out to potential suppliers using their websites or emails. Second, you can also explore websites of conventions or expos in your niche and try to connect with the brand or companies. And third, utilize our Top 100 USA and Top 100 UK supplier list, which gives our top 100 suppliers for both USA and UK marketplace.

Amazon FBA Fees Explained

The mandatory fees include the cost of designing your product, such as the logo and packaging design, which may cost around $200 or more if you want to build a solid brand. You also need to pay for UPC barcodes, which are required by Amazon for listing your product. Shipping the products from your manufacturer to the Amazon warehouse will have additional costs, which vary based on factors like shipping method, product size, and weight. While you can find cheaper barcodes online, where 10 barcodes cost $250. Investing in high-quality product photos or computer renderings is crucial, as these images play a vital role in convincing customers to buy your product online.

What else?

You also need to consider the monthly fee for the Amazon pro seller account. It's possible to start with the basic seller account and upgrade later.


Keep in mind that you can start your Amazon FBA business for zero dollars by utilizing crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo or Kickstarter. Also, while some tools like product research software are optional, investing in a reliable course or program can speed up your success and help you avoid costly mistakes in the long run.

How to Guarantee Success

Learning from others' mistakes can save you a significant amount of money and speed up your progress. Always strive to gain knowledge from experienced sellers to make informed decisions and maximize your chances of success.

Create and follow a plan

Beginners may try to make the mistake of trying different approaches without a clear direction. To avoid circling, pick a specific approach, such as the business model you want, and stick to it.

Have a supportive community

Having a supportive community by your side benefits not only you but also your peers, who might be encountering challenges in their businesses. This environment enables collective growth and learning, allowing you to progress and gain knowledge together.

Find a mentor

Learning from someone who has already succeeded in the business you're pursuing holds significant importance. A mentor not only expedites your learning curve but also provides a wealth of free insights. You can directly ask specific questions and receive prompt answers. Furthermore, mentors can offer guidance on the most effective techniques to advance and prosper in Amazon.

Commit to your goal

As mentioned above, when you create a plan, stick to it. You remember that commitment is not enough, you must also walk the talk.


You have finished the free course we have created! Don't forget to follow the information you just learned and apply them to your Amazon business journey. Good luck!

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