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Al Carlton FastTrack FBA Journeys

FastTrack FBA Journeys is a series of interviews with both young and seasoned Amazon sellers on how and why they started selling on Amazon, their goals, and their best practices to date.

Today, we feature Al Carlton, a software engineer turned Amazon seller for 4 years now. Al started selling on Amazon whatever unused and second-hand items he could find in his house. For the first six months, he stored goods in his living room and did the packaging in his kitchen! After 4 long years, Carlton now makes £50,00 a month through outsourcing retail arbitrage, wholesaling, and investing in other Amazon businesses.

Here are some of the top tips he shared in the interview: 


? Get to know people. Find the right connections.

? When wholesale sourcing, the harder a supplier is to find, the better.

? Look for alternatives to Goolge when looking for sources. Check the Yellow Pages, drive around your neighborhood, etc.

? Automate tasks as much as possible.

? Consider sourcing other variations.

? Be friends with the delivery man.

And many others!

Want more of this? Listen to my interview with Luke Filer and watch out for the next episode of FastTrack FBA Journeys!

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