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Luke Filer FastTrack FBA Journeys

FastTrack FBA Journeys is a series of interviews with both young and seasoned Amazon sellers on how and why they started selling on Amazon, their goals, and their best practices to date.
First on this series is Luke Filer, a young Amazon Seller with 10 months of full-time experience. Filer's entrepreneurial instinct began when he opened a second-hand shop at 11 years old.  But it was only at the University of Leeds (he majored in Accounting and Finance) did he encounter Amazon arbitrage and got interested with sourcing and selling. Soon after, Luke dropped out from the university to focus on entrepreneurship.
Here are some of the top tips he shared in the interview:

? Do your research. YouTube is a good place to start.
? Do you best, but be prepared for the worst.
? Create balance in your life. Make your money work for you.
? Use Ebay for things you can’t sell on Amazon.
? Outsource some parts of your business to save time.
? Understand the Amazon cashflow cycle.
? Learn how to use Keepa.