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How do I test if my computer is slow for my Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant

How Do I Test If My Computer Is Slow For My Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant

If you have an Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant VA and they're having trouble finding deals, one important thing to consider, even before you look into their skills, is if they think my computer is slow. In the Fast Track FBA VA Academy, we've seen many talented VAs face challenges, and it took us a while to figure out why. What we've discovered is that no matter how motivated and well-trained someone is, without the right equipment, they can't do their job effectively. So, I want to share with you some of the things we checked to see if the equipment might be the issue.

The Two Areas We Focus On To Test If My Computer Is Slow

Now, we're going to focus on two main things to check if my computer is slow. First, we'll check the internet connection because there's a special way we do that. Then, we'll talk about the computer itself and offer some tips on that too. Let's get started.

Section One: Lets Test The Internet Speed

First up, we're going to check the internet connection. Instead of just any speed test, we'll do a specific type of speed test. We'll test if my computer is slow through the speed to a server in the country where we're selling. For instance, if your VA is in the Philippines and they're finding deals with suppliers in America, you'll want to test their internet speed to America, not just within the Philippines. Usually, a normal speed test checks the speed from their place to a local server, which isn't useful when your suppliers' websites are in the USA. This step is crucial because it helps us see if a slow connection to the US is part of the issue. Let's walk through how to do this properly.

You're going to visit a website called Speedtest.net. Once there, you'll find an option to change the server. This is where you specify which server you want to test your speed against. As the business owner, it's a good idea for you to also run this speed test. This way, you can compare your internet speed to the server in the country you're selling in, just like your VA does. This helps you understand the connection quality your VA is working with.

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Choose the server in your target country

Next, you'll choose a server that matches the country where you're selling. For instance, if you're selling in the USA, picking a server located in Texas is a smart choice since it's centrally located. Or, if you're selling in the UK, selecting a server in London might be your best bet. Make sure to pick a specific server and ask your VA to select the same server as well. This ensures that both of you are testing your internet speed against the same location, providing a consistent basis for comparison.

Get the results

Have both your VA and yourself run the speed test to the same server and then compare the results. If there's a significant difference in the speeds, it might be time for your VA to consider upgrading to a faster internet connection or even switching their broadband provider. A slow internet speed could be a major reason why they're taking so much time to source deals, as it hampers their ability to work efficiently. Upgrading their internet could lead to quicker sourcing and overall more efficient work.

Section Two: Your VAs' Computer

Let's get this straight: even if you have top-notch internet, if my computer is slow and can't handle the many Chrome extensions and windows we need open for sourcing, it's not going to work out. So, what's the solution? Since most computers VAs use are Windows-based, I'll focus on Windows to give you some guidance.

Computer Specs

computer is slow crossmark

Your computer results

What you'll want to do is right-click on the Windows Start button, then navigate to “System.” This action will display the system specifications of your VA's computer. It's a quick way to check the hardware details like the processor, RAM, and system type, which are crucial for determining if their computer is up to the task.


Here are a couple of top tips for you. Generally, we recommend looking for a computer with at least an i5 processor and more than 8GB of RAM. Something I've experienced personally: I had an i7 with 16GB of RAM, but it was an i7 U processor. The “U” processors are optimized for power efficiency and good battery life. They're usually more affordable, but they don't perform well with demanding tasks, like running multiple browsers and extensions. This was a big issue for me, and I ended up changing my computer. If you come across a computer with an i3 processor, it might not be sufficient for your needs. This could be a significant reason behind performance issues.


My Results are

computer is slow computer spec

Comparing computer specs

If you're unsure about the performance of computers with AMD processors, or even Macs, or if you're still using Intel, a great step is to have your VA run a benchmark assessment. This involves using a tool that evaluates the performance of the PC by running it through a series of tests, ultimately providing a score. This score can then be compared to your computer's score and those of other computers worldwide. It gives you a clear idea of how fast your VA's computer operates in comparison to others, helping you gauge whether it's sufficient for the tasks they need to perform.


computer is slow download cross mark

Crossmark my results

These are results for my computer 

TLDR: In Summary

If your VA faces issues with poor internet or even has an inadequate computer, there are practical solutions you can consider. At Fast Track FBA, we implement two key strategies:


1. Internet Allowance: We provide all our staff with a 1,000 PHP (Philippine Peso) internet allowance every month. This helps eliminate any excuses for poor internet since we subsidize it, ensuring they have access to fast speeds.

2. Computer Upgrade Support: For employees who have been with us for over three months, we offer the opportunity to take out a loan equivalent to one month's salary. This loan is then repaid from their salary over the next six months, at a rate of 1/6 of the loan amount each month. This is a strategy we recommend to help your VA improve their computer's specifications, focusing on upgrading the processor and RAM, which are critical for better performance.


These approaches help ensure that your VA has the necessary tools to perform their duties efficiently, ultimately benefiting your business's operations.

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