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How to Add your Product to a Product Listing on Amazon this 2023

In this article, I will teach you how to add your product to an existing product listing on Amazon.

How do you list your product to an existing product listing on Amazon? Look no further. We’ll dive into all things about product listings. From step-by-step instructions on how to add your product to an existing listing to tips for creating your own Amazon listing. Mastering product listings is crucial to the success of your Amazon business.


So let’s get started and let’s take your Amazon sales to the next level.

Topic Rundown:

What is a product listing creation?

After creating a seller account in your chosen marketplace, the next step is to create product listings. This is the product page for each item you sell on Amazon's marketplace.


Product listings offer a variety of details about the goods you are selling, which include titles, images, and features.


Now, what I will say is that product listing requirements may be different depending on the marketplace, so be sure to refer to the guidelines in each marketplace's Help pages.

Amazon Product Listing

Why is a product listing important?

Simply because Amazon wants to make the experience for the customers as easy as possible. And the way Amazon does that is when you type a product number to search for a product, you’ll be able to find that product instantly. 


Now, there are multiple sellers in a product listing and what Amazon does is group all those sellers together because they are selling the same product. Allow the customer to choose which one they want to purchase from; Amazon does that through the Buy Box. They don’t want to have multiple product listings of the same product that will confuse the customer and will end in a confusing customer experience. Hence, the reason why they want to keep all the same products from the same sellers under one listing. 


Doing this will reduce duplicate listings and it makes customer experiences so much better. That’s why Amazon represents 50% of all search traffic people want to buy.

What to do before listing a product on Amazon?

As you might all know before creating a product listing, Amazon requires you to comply with their policies. That’s why in this chapter, I will be talking about some of the required information Amazon needs to see when you make your product listing.


Now, if you have an eligible product before the product can be sold via the Subscribe with Amazon program, you need to provide the Required Product Information which includes the following:

  • Product name
  • Product category
  • Purchase Price
  • SKU and UPC/EAN/JAN numbers and other identifying information, as Amazon may reasonably request
  • Information regarding availability
  • Digitized image that accurately depicts only your product and does not include any additional logos, text, or other markings
  • Any text, disclaimers, warnings, notices, labels, or other content required by applicable Law to be displayed in connection with the offer, merchandising advertising, or sale of your product
  • Link to your website

In addition to the required product information, Amazon also states that when you create a product listing, you agree with the following rules and restrictions as:

  • The use of false product identification information in product listings is prohibited
  • Information such as pornographic, obscene content, phone numbers, physical mail addresses, reviews, etc. in Product Listing page titles, descriptions, bullet points, or images are also prohibited
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How to add your product to a product listing on Amazon?

If you are like me, who is an Amazon arbitrage seller, who sells products that are already existing on Amazon, then this chapter is for you.

Step 1: Go into Amazon Seller Central Account and log in

Amazon Seller Central photo log in

Step 2: Go to “Catalogue” then choose “Add Product”

Step 2

Step 3: Put the product ASIN then search

Add Asin

Step 4: On the right side, you’ll see the “Select a condition” choose “New”

Step 4

A new button will appear “Sell this product” if you don’t see this button it probably means that you’re gated.

Step 5: Input the necessary information and always choose your Fulfilment Channel, then click “Save and Finish”

Step 5

Step 6: Choose the barcode type and it will go through your default setting, then click “Save & Continue”

Barcode Type

Step 7: Read the information. If your product is a hazardous material or dangerous good. If not, then click the “Add dangerous goods information” then choose “No” then “Submit”

Convert to Fulfilled by Amazon

Step 8: Confirm the convert to-Fulfilled by Amazon, then click “Save & Continue”

Step 8

What do you need to know about variation listings?

Now, you might have come across a listing with multiple variations, let’s say, for example, shoes and clothes. This kind of product listing has different sizes and colors. With that said, this falls under listing variation.


Listing variations are multiple related products available for sale under one listing. This means you can offer multiple sizes and/or colors of a shirt, different flavors of pet food, etc.

Amazon Variation

Top Tips

Double-check listing details

Whatever the customer sees on the website, IE quantity, size, and weight. They need to be the same as the product they are physically going to receive. WHY? Because if you get it wrong, then this will lead to customer complaints. And having too many customer complaints can affect your account metrics. So always double-check the listing details when adding a product to an existing listing and creating your listing.

Take note of the ASIN

What I will say is that make sure that you are matching the supplier URL where you are buying it from and that you’ve got the right product using the ASIN. This is to know that the product is a match. Not only that, if you plan on replenishing the item, then having a record of the ASIN will help you since you can go back to your record where you have taken note of your ASIN.

Time to add your product to an existing product listing!

What I will say now is that after understanding how to add your product to a product listing on Amazon, you might want to consider learning about the important things to learn about Amazon selling as a beginner on Amazon.


We have created a playlist on YouTube called Amazon Arbitrage for Beginners, to know more about the important things you should know before beginning your Amazon journey.


You can also check our previous article about how to manual source and Keepa source for you to gather more products to sell on your Amazon business.

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