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How to build an 8 figure Amazon wholesale business

How to Build an 8-Figure Amazon Wholesale Business: Tips from an Expert

In this blog post, we will dive into the insights and expert tips shared by Dan 1000 ASINs, who has built an 8-figure Amazon business from scratch. Learn everything from beginner information to high-level masterminding techniques and collaborative wholesaling strategies. Get ready for a game-changing read!

1. Start Small and Scale Up Gradually

Dan's journey began with him watching YouTube videos and testing the waters by buying small quantities of products. He gradually scaled up his business by reinvesting profits into inventory, doubling his sales each year. Focus on finding profitable products at the start and gradually increase your order quantities over time.

2. Find Low-Barrier Suppliers

When starting out, aim for suppliers that have a lower barrier to entry. Avoid contacting major brands initially, as they are unlikely to work with small-scale resellers. Look for smaller, mom and pop brands or local distributors that offer wholesale prices on a handful of products. This way, you can start small and work your way up to bigger deals over time.

3. Deep Pockets Are Essential for Growth

To compete for fast-moving products and negotiate better prices, you will need sufficient capital. Dan recommends having deep pockets and investing a significant amount of money in your inventory. This demonstrates to the brands that you are a serious player in the wholesale space. Angelic work on building your capital before aiming for larger accounts.

4. Develop Relationships with Brands

Be upfront about being an Amazon seller, but position yourself as an eCommerce retail company selling on multiple channels. Demonstrate that your business extends beyond Amazon and highlight your expertise in maximizing sales and profits. Show the brands the value you can bring to their products through listing optimization, advertising strategies, market research, and feedback on product development.

5. Focus on Exclusive Partnerships

While not essential, working towards exclusive partnerships with brands can be advantageous. Establish yourself as a top-tier Amazon seller and demonstrate your commitment by consistently delivering results. Offer expertise, monthly sales reports, and actively manage unauthorized sellers to build trust and cement your position as a trusted partner.

6. Utilize Automation Tools

As your business grows, leverage automation tools to streamline your operations. While manual processes can work initially, investing in software and development resources will help you work smarter, not harder. Consider software for tasks such as scanning catalogs or repricing, and find ways to connect different software tools to create an automated workflow. 


Building an 8-figure Amazon wholesale business requires dedication and strategic planning. By starting small, scaling up gradually, and developing strong relationships with brands, you can carve out a successful niche in the competitive Amazon marketplace. Remember to invest capital wisely, utilize automation tools, and continuously refine your strategies to achieve long-term success. With Dan's insights and expert tips, you have the foundation to build your own lucrative Amazon wholesale business. Good luck!

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