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How to buy stuff and resell on Amazon in 2023?

In this article, I will discuss how Amazon sellers can learn how to buy and resell on Amazon.

You’ll learn how to buy and resell on Amazon with valuable tips and tricks from Amazon sellers. I will also share my top online arbitrage websites that will help and support you in your Amazon journey. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced seller, this is still a must-read for anyone looking to boost their profit on Amazon.

What is online arbitrage?

In simple terms, it is the process of buying products from online retailers or online websites and selling them for more money in different marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, etc.).


Now with my years of experience, I will share with you my learnings to help you how to find items to buy and resell on Amazon.

Why is this important?

Finding out where to buy the best items to resell online is a wonderful step to starting to learn to source since you have an idea of the items to resell on Amazon. This saves you a lot of time from going through hundreds, if not thousands, of stores. 


The time you spent searching through each and every option could have been used to earn more money. Instead, if you learn from this article, you can focus on the ones which are going to work. 


Later on, in this article, I will share with you my top 100 online arbitrage websites, both in the UK and the US. Which can really help you in finding a store that can provide you with the best products.

Where to buy items to resell on Amazon?

In this part of the article, I’m going to run down the top suppliers you will want to know about which are based in the UK. If you’re interested in the top suppliers in the US, you can find a list of them in this video.

Top UK Suppliers



One of the perks that I love about Wilko is that if you spend at least £100, then you can avail of their free shipping. 


Now, I love that because it cuts down on costs, which makes things so much easier and it means you can save on shipping costs.


Wilko also provides cashback! Which will give you returns on your costs even further, in turn, saving you more money. If you have no idea what cashback is, it is one way of getting money off things that you buy.


Wilko limits the number of orders allowed. This entirely depends on them and how their website is set up.


If you spend less than £100, you’ll have to pay for the shipping cost, which is usually around £4.


Tip: If you do find yourself in this situation, it is best to bundle up your items so it hits that £100 mark.



If you’re leaning more toward bulk orders, this is the store for you.


The website heavily caters to business purposes like wholesale that you can buy in bulk. So, if you're going to go for the big numbers and you want to spend big; Currys’ business website is going to be for you.


While I do love Currys for the fact you can bulk order, if you do make the classic mistake of jumping into the customer side and not the Business side of the website, they will limit your orders generally to about 5 to 15 units per transaction.

Tip: When sourcing in Currys, make sure that you are ungated in that specific item. A lot of the items on Currys are mostly electronics and are gated.


If you’re looking to order in bulk, take a look at their business side. You can order in bigger quantities, which allows you to spend more money and we all love to spend more money.



What I really like about CultPens is that they accept bulk orders. 


I love spending big money and being able to bulk orders is very important. If you’re looking for those big orders, using big cash, then CultPens is one of your options.


Some items need to be pre-ordered.


This is going to be a challenge for you because if you want to buy a product and find out you have to pre-order it; you’ll have to wait for it to get into stock with them before it gets shipped out for you.

Tip: Message them to clarify if they can ship the number of units you plan to order upon checkout and are not for pre-order. 


This is going to speed up the process, getting the products into your warehouse quicker and out to Amazon to resell much quicker.

Ultimate Amazon Ungated guide 1.1-250-opt

The Ultimate Amazon Ungating Guide

This Ultimate Amazon Ungating Guide is based on my own experience selling through Amazon Arbitrage. I discuss what ungating is and why it happens, and list down how I ungate profitable categories and brands to  help you in your business.



Re-seller friendly. You can buy as many units as you want. Again, I like big orders. 


Other than that, some of the products here are good to sell, especially during some months. They mainly focused the nature of the products on outdoor activities. If you're looking to grow during Q3 or Q2 Q3, this is going to be the store for you.


Very responsive and returns are easy.


Based on personal experience, I have received the wrong item.

Now, this is going to be a problem for you if you don’t check the items before sending them to Amazon because you’re going to have mismatched items and this is definitely against Amazon’s terms and conditions. You should be selling the exact item that you’re shipping in and listing in, not an alternative.

Tip: Ask for voucher codes.


If you’re placing bigger orders, you’ll get discounts. Relationships like that with suppliers are going to build incentives with getting vouchers, while also helping grow your business and making more profit.



They have a sale once a month


There’s always an offer to be had, very great deals, and you’ll definitely make money off them.


Cheap items.


You can buy a decent amount of cheap items, so that is a good thing to consider.


Sometimes, they limit the number of units to purchase. 


For example, we've had it whereby they've limited it up to 10 items at checkout, which can be super frustrating. So, do make sure you go through the checkout because you might be able to put more in and then they limit you at the checkout. Something to consider.

Tip: You can put through multiple orders as long as the item is still in stock.


Subscribe to the store newsletter. 


On the day of the sale, make sure you’re on top of it before it sells out.

Top Online Arbitrage Websites

If you’re thinking that you want the list, you can find them here: 


📍 Get the Top 100 UK Online Arbitrage Websites

📍 Get the Top 100 USA Online Arbitrage Websites


Quite simply, these are the top 100 suppliers in recent years, with which I’ve found great success. They have huge deals all the time, coming, changing, and going. These suppliers will greatly help your journey.

Have you started your Amazon journey?

Now that you know where to find items to resell on Amazon, you might as well learn about how to sell on Amazon. I’ve created a wonderful playlist called Amazon Arbitrage for Beginners. Also, if you're new to online arbitrage, you can check our guide about how to get ungated on Amazon. 

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