How to Create an Invoice for Non-VAT Registered Sellers

What You Need To Know

Amazon sellers are not required to be VAT registered when under the VAT threshold and located in within the UK, but they are required by Amazon to provide invoices (receipts) to their customers. However, to provide a better customer experience Amazon is now expects sellers to upload invoices for all orders so that customers can simply download them.

Don’t worry though, if you’re a non-VAT registered seller, you can check out this website that provides free templates for various types of businesses. There are a lot of options you can choose from but just take note of the things that your invoice must-have. For starters, bookmark the Government's HMRC website as your guide. And use our checklist below to make sure that your invoice has the most important items that customers look for and what you as a seller can use when counter-checking your finances.

  • Every invoice must have a unique number. This is very important for you to know how many invoices you have already issued from the very beginning.
  • Don’t forget to put that name, contact, and address of your customer so that when you encounter a problem, you can easily track and message him/her.
  • Don’t forget to put the date of purchase. This helps you account for the orders and money you received on a specific day.
  • If possible, put every item purchased. Don’t just write generic descriptions like “toys” or clothes”. This helps you with your inventory.
  • Write the quantity because this ensures you get your inventory and accounts right.
  • Write the total amount and make it prominent so that it’s easier for your customer to see and for you to check.
  • Your business name, contact details, and address. If your customer encounters a problem with your product or service, it’s easier for them to reach out to you privately.
  • Put a note that you’re non-VAT registered so customers are fully aware of your pricing if this is applicable to your business.

As an Amazon seller, we want to help you in your journey so that customers will trust you and they will keep coming back for your service and efficient systems in place to protect them.  

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Free Invoice Generator

See UK Government guidance on invoices and receipt from the HMRC website