How to get Cashback Amazon for your Online Arbitrage Business

I will show you how cashback Amazon works for Online Arbitrage

Not sure how cashback Amazon works? Cashback is one of the fundamental ways to help you save money for your business. In this article, let’s talk about the steps on how to get cashback for your UK Amazon FBA business and other things that will help you take advantage of cashback.

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Saving your money is one way to leverage on how to get cashback from Amazon for your Online Arbitrage Business.

Leveraging cashback Amazon is one of the best ways to save money. In my case, I get to maximize cashback in my business through reinvesting the cashback into inventory and other expenses like hiring more Amazon virtual assistants, paying for software, etc…, and also use it for personal gain like paying for my Vietnam trip, a first-class return ticket from Mexico to London, and more.

That being said, I’m taking this chance to share with you how to get cashback which can help you in your business and maximize it for both business and personal benefits.

What is cashback on Amazon?

Cashback is a reward given to you for making a purchase and spending money at the store. Simply put, cashback is getting a percentage of your spending back as cashback when you buy something from a store. Using the information on how to get cashback for Amazon business will help you in the long run. 

Top cashback Amazon websites

I will first share with you the top cashback Amazon websites that we use, followed by the other cashback websites that you can use, but we don’t.

Top Cashback

Top Cashback is great, for they are not strict when it comes to business purposes. What do I mean by this? There are cashback websites that decline you from availing cashback once they detect that it’s for business purposes. Top Cashback allows you to avail of their services when making big purchases for your business. 

But aside from the advantages of Top Cashback, there are cons that you should also consider.

One of which is that it has a small percentage of cashback. Simply, you can get 1-5% cashback from the supplier, which is not big but can save you money.


There are many suppliers supported by Quidco. If you want to look into a cashback Amazon website that can give you higher chances of getting cashback from the store you are buying from, then this is the best option for you.

Despite the advantages shared, there are also cons that you to consider, and that is getting cashback declined. Based on our experience, occasionally we cannot avail of cashback like getting declined because we have voucher codes on top of cashback, and other reasons that Quidco doesn’t disclose why they decline.

Next, I will share with you some other cashback websites that you can choose from that we no longer use.

Complete Savings

On this cashback Amazon website, we’ve seen that it has a big cashback percentage.

Complete Savings can give you 10% cashback, which is big compared to the cashback websites that I mentioned earlier.

The downside here is that there are many limitations.

One of which is that you can only earn £250 per month from cashback, so if you exceed that, your account will be closed.

In addition, once they detect that your purpose of getting cashback is for business, they will decline. That being the case, we concluded that using complete savings is good for personal purchases, considering that they are strict with business purchases.

Delivery Deals

Very similar to Complete savings, which offers a big cashback percentage. With that said, you can save a lot of money by taking advantage of the cashback percentage they offer.

How to get cashback for your amazon business

Although, the disadvantage of Delivery Deals is that it has a yearly limit.

If you use Delivery Deals, you can only earn £1,000 from cashback per year, now just like Complete Savings. If you exceed more than £1,000, you can no longer earn cashback from Delivery Deals.

How to stack cash with credit cards

Using your card everywhere won't get you rich quickly, of course. When you use your credit cards strategically, you can generate some cash for payments.

Now, to take full advantage of your credit cards and make money out of them, choose a credit card with cashback rewards.

In my case, I use credit cards like American Express gold, American Express platinum, and Capital on Tap. Whichever cards I use, I get to earn 1% or even 5% in cash-back rewards for certain purchases.

How to double stack credit card cashback

Before introducing to you how you can double stack credit card cashback, just know that we’re not using the application yet, but we are planning to consider using it in the future. 

Now, you might be thinking about how you double-stack credit card cashback. Simply, we found this mobile application called Curve.

The Curve is an application that connects your credit and debit cards in one application to supercharge your finance and spending power.

Basically, by using this application, you can choose up to 6 certain retailers and get extra cashback on top of the cards you are using. You can double up your rewards when you pay with Curve.

How to maximize cashback payouts

One of the things to maximize cashback payouts is through converting cashback to Avios points. You can do this with Top Cashback.

Maximizing your cashback can get you to different places and let you experience the life that you want to live, just like I did with my first-class trip from Mexico to London.

You might be asking, how did I manage to do this? You can get 1 Avios for every £1 cashback you wish to be paid into Avios. If you exchange £10.00 you will receive 1,000 Avios. Requesting cashback as Avios, you can have the freedom to spend them on a range of exciting travel and leisure products around the world.

That first-class ticket has a face value of roughly £10,000 if you buy it normally. Or for me, it was 170,000 Avios plus £642. That means I used £1700.00 worth of cashback in points plus £642, which is far less than the £10,000.

If you want to learn how I got to secure a first-class flight from Mexico to London for only £642, I’ll drop a link above about a video I created called Flying first class flight for £642!

Steps to Increase Cashback Tracking Rates

STEP 1: Check if the supplier has cashback.

STEP 2: Add all items that you want to buy to the basket.

STEP 3: Close all windows on the supplier's website.

STEP 4: Go to the cashback Amazon website.

STEP 5: Click on the link of the supplier through the Cashback website.

STEP 6: Complete the purchase in one window.

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Top Tips

1. Use Quidco and Top Cashback.

If you are purchasing for business purposes, then use Quidco and Top Cashback is the cashback Amazon website for you because you have higher chances of not getting declined.

2. Don’t expect that you will receive all the cashback for the same amount of expected cashback upon payout.

What do I mean by this? There is a possibility that upon payout, the cashback you will receive is lower than the expected cashback because there are possibilities that they may lower the cashback percentage, like if items have voucher codes and or discounts. With that, they give you lesser cashback.

3. Maximize your cashback.

As said earlier, I also take advantage of cashback by using it for personal gain like booking flights using Avios points. With that, my business is not only getting the benefits of cashback but also myself.

4. Keep a record.

Considering that the expected cashback changes, it is also important to keep a record to track the difference in percentage and the probable reasons on why your cashback is getting declined. With that, you will have an idea of what to do next time based on your record. We use the USS for this. If you want to know more about USS, you can click the photo and it will redirect you to it.

5. Close other tabs except for the cashback website.

Simply, this is to track cookies and avoid you from getting confused as to which tab you are going to check out on. If you don’t close other tabs, you might not be able to get a cashback if you failed to checkout on the redirected link from the cashback website. So, closing other tabs except the cashback website is a must. 

Now it's your time to maximize cashback for your Amazon Business!

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