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How to Pay VA

In this article, we will discuss how to pay VA efficiently while considering two payment methods and best practices for seamless transactions

Contemplating the idea of bringing a Virtual Assistant (VA) on board, but concerned about the intricacies of payment methods? Allow us to shed light on our seamless approach to managing payments for our extensive team of over 40 dedicated staff members. When you decide to enlist a VA, ensuring smooth and secure transactions is undoubtedly a priority. Our well-established system offers you peace of mind, enabling you to focus on harnessing the benefits of VA support with no payment-related worries.

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Topic Rundown:

Two methods to pay VA

What is PayPal?


PayPal is a widely recognized online payment platform that enables a business to send and receive money electronically from across the world. Founded in 1998, it is one of the most trusted and popular digital payment systems on the planet. In the past, our payment method of choice was PayPal.


The PayPal brand is known for being an easy-to-use, simple, and convenient mode of payment. It’s the prime choice for many companies.

What is Wise (TransferWise)?


Wise, formerly known as TransferWise, Founded in 2011, Wise has continued to evolve into a widely recognized and trusted platform for businesses and individuals. It is a global payments platform that assists international money transfers and currency exchange.


Wise operates on a peer-to-peer model. Because of this, Wise avoids the need for traditional international bank transfers and drives faster, more cost-effective transactions.


Wise is remarkably straightforward, requiring just the email address of your staff member. With this minimal information, Wise takes charge of the subsequent steps, efficiently guiding your VAs to input their necessary bank details. The convenience doesn't stop there. Wise continues to oversee the transaction process seamlessly.

What's the difference between Paypal and Wise?

Choosing between Wise and PayPal really depends on your needs, such as transactions, preferred payment methods, and lower fees or broader integration.


There are some key differences between TransferWise and PayPal. Here are some tips to help you decide which system works best for your business.


PayPal is a widely recognized and used platform that provides a range of services, including online payments, money transfers, and e-commerce solutions. It allows users to link their bank accounts and credit cards, and even use PayPal balances for transactions. PayPal is known for its ease of use and broad acceptance across various online platforms and retailers. However, its currency conversion rates and fees for international transfers can sometimes be less favorable than other options.


Although PayPal is one of the top payment platforms in the world, there are still limitations to the technology. Especially in scaling and engaging in the global economy. The unpredictable and often exorbitant fees, coupled with the frustration of encountering suspended transactions and other associated challenges, prompted us to reevaluate our approach. The inconveniences and uncertainties tied to using PayPal gradually led us to seek an alternative solution that would streamline our payment processes and mitigate the hurdles we were facing.


PayPal is one of the safest payment platforms on the market. They have implemented different safety measures to help protect the personal and financial data of users. Although others request PayPal as a payment option, the major drawback comes with the high transfer fees they charge.

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Wise (TransferWise)

Wise specializes in international money transfers with a focus on transparency and cost-effectiveness. Instead of using a traditional bank's method of converting currencies at marked-up exchange rates, Wise uses a peer-to-peer model, resulting in more competitive exchange rates and lower fees. Wise also offers local bank account details in multiple countries, enabling users to receive payments in different currencies as if they had a local bank account. This can be especially helpful for freelancers, businesses, and individuals dealing with cross-border transactions.


Wise offers multi-currency accounts, allowing users to hold and manage money in different currencies. This is a useful feature for companies that deal with international transactions. Wise has a small learning curve and is easy to set up and use.


However, mass payments are limited to 1,000 payments only.

Which is better for business?

In summary, while PayPal offers a comprehensive range of online financial services, Wise excels in providing transparent, cost-effective international money transfers with competitive exchange rates. The choice between the two depends on factors like the type of transactions, currency needs, fees, and the user's preference for convenience and transparency.


With handling payments, our clear preference lies with Wise. This choice is rooted in the simplicity and user-friendliness that Wise brings to the table, coupled with its ability to offer a favorable conversion rate. Recognizing the significance of a smooth and efficient payment process, we've found that Wise aligns perfectly with our needs. While Wise entails charges for both account creation and transfers, what sets them apart is their commitment to transparency. Wise refrains from introducing concealed fees within transaction costs, a practice that we deeply appreciate.


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