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Keepa Price Tracker for Amazon Sellers

In this article, we will dive into the beautiful tool that is the Keepa Price Tracker.

If you want to be an Amazon seller that is looking to track your competitor's prices or a drop shipper aiming to monitor your suppliers' inventory and pricing strategies, Keepa Price Tracker is the must-have tool for you. Dive into the world of Keepa and discover how it can benefit your Amazon business. Explore its features, from tracking competitors' prices to monitoring inventory levels, and take your business to new heights. Don't miss out on the advantages of using Keepa – your ultimate companion in the competitive world of Amazon selling.

Topic Rundown:

What is Keepa Price Tracker?

Keepa Price Tracker

Discover Keepa, a widely recognized and trusted tool for Amazon sellers. Enhance your selling experience with a range of features offered by this tool. Convenient drop alerts and price history charts are available for a vast selection of products. The Keepa price tracker ensures its database remains consistently refreshed and up-to-date, granting you to access accurate and relevant information.


It is important to note that, while Keepa excels in numerous aspects, it does not include shipping within the Keepa. To account for this, remember to consider shipping costs separately in your calculations.


Despite this minor limitation, this tool still delivers an outstanding performance. Keepa price tracker is absolutely FREE for you to use, with optional in-app purchases available for advanced features. The best part is that you can start using Keepa immediately without the hassle of registration.

Features of Keepa Price Tracker

Detailed Price History Charts

The vast collection of Keepa with more than 2.5 million Amazon products. Immerse yourself in comprehensive price history charts directly from your computer or tablet. You can stay updated on the product's price trends and fluctuations over time, ensuring you make appropriate decisions.

Filter and Display Option

Simplify your process with the Keepa price tracker's filters tailored to your unique criteria. Whether it is selecting a category, sales rank range, or excluding listing with Amazon presence, this tool will automatically present you with the products that match the criteria you filtered.

Compare International Amazon Prices

Broaden your horizons and effortlessly compare prices across different Amazon regions with the use of Keepa. You can also track and monitor international prices with ease, expanding your options and making informed purchasing decisions.

Set Price Change Alerts

You can experience the convenience of Keepa as you effortlessly established alerts for price changes right from the product's webpage. Be the first to stay informed when the price falls below your set threshold. With this feature, it is safe to say to you will never miss out on a great deal again.

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How to use Keepa Price Tracker

To effortlessly install Keepa, search for the extension in your respective browser. This seamless installation process integrates Keepa into your browsing experience. The Keepa price tracker is not limited to Chrome alone; it is also available as an extension for Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. This wide compatibility ensures users can enjoy this tool on their preferred browser, guaranteeing a smooth experience across multiple platforms. With options to access features through the website or browser extensions, Keepa provides flexibility for users to choose the most convenient way to utilize this powerful tool.

How to read the Keepa graph?

Let's briefly explain the contents of the graph and their corresponding colors shown:

Pink Diamonds

Keepa Price Tracker

Their name identified the Amazon seller in control of the buy box. The buy box, usually located near the Buy Now button on the listing, is indicated by the text “Dispatched from and sold by.” Keepa graph often uses a pink dot or diamond to represent the price displayed in the buy box.

Blue Line

Keepa Price Tracker

True to its name, the buy box reflects the lowest price available for the product, regardless of whether it is offered by a third-party seller or Amazon itself. It ensures that customers have easy access to the best available price when making their purchase decision.

Orange Shaded Area

Orange Shaded Area or Amazon

When observing the graph, colored shading indicates that the product is in stock and available for purchase on Amazon within the corresponding dates. Conversely, if you notice a white area between the colored shading, it signifies a period when Amazon has temporarily run out of stock for the product. This visual representation helps you track the availability of the product over time.

Green Line

How to read the Keepa Amazon Price Tracker data

The graph also provides valuable information about the product's sales velocity, giving insights into its popularity and demand. When you analyze the graph, you can gauge how quickly the item is selling and understand its level of market interest.

Can you use Keepa for sourcing products?

Certainly! Keepa price tracker is a powerful tool that enables you to source products effectively. As highlighted in this article's feature section, the filter, and display functionalities make it effortless for you to discover items that align with your specific criteria.


For a more comprehensive understanding of how Keepa facilitates product sourcing, I invite you to read our detailed article on this topic. It dives into the various aspects of using Keepa and provides valuable insights into optimizing sourcing techniques. You can also read another article that mainly discusses this amazing tool, which is the Keepa price tracker.

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