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£3.55 Average Profit Per Deal
65.6% ROI Deal

4 days since all Deals Last Checked
3 hours since last Amazon data refresh


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World’s 1st “Pick Your Own Deals” Service

Deals Sourced 7 Days A Week
The best deals come out on weekends, so mark your calendar and head over to our site during this time.

High Profit Deals
For non-VAT registered sellers, majority of our deals will give you over £3 profit per transaction.

Tokens Support Your Cashflow
Hold up to 3 months supply of tokens for up to 3 months after your last payment, we support your cashflow.

Up-To-Date, Valid Deals
For every deal we source, we update its Amazon price every 24 hours and check its supplier’s website weekly.

Advance Insights
See real-time deal stats. Know how many sellers and possible competitors are on every listing.

True Market Information
We show you not only the current price, but also the 90-day average data to keep you well informed.

Private Label Brand Removal
We take the initiative to remove private label brands when we see one.

Excellent Customer Service & Support
All issues are resolved with a 24 hours and 99% of issues get a full refund, no questions asked.

World First Token System

Scale Your Amazon Business
With The 4 Step Lead Token System

Review the deals and choose the leads that you like

Unlock the supplier's URL and the Amazon ASIN in exchange for a token

Buy your products ship to a prep center

Sell on Amazon for a profit and make Money

World First Token System

What Our Customers Say

It's your customer service on the deals that got me. The level of aftercare is second to none. And you seem to be carrying that philosophy over to the va training, so it's money wisely spent.

Cole Smith

I would definitely recommend Fast Track FBA if you are just starting out. It will give you a good overview of deals to buy and the ability to freeze your membership until you use your tokens might be a good way for you to start whilst keeping Costs down.

Pedro Hunter

Fast Track FBA is huge benefit for me, in my opinion one of the best sourcing softwares available so far on the market right now. Very user friendly for beginners, with great deals on offer. Highly recommend!

Egidijus Tamašauskas

FastTrack FBA has been great in helping me expand my product range on Amazon. I am now buying from stores that I previously would not have sourced from before. What I really like most is the ability to buy only the products that fit your criteria. No other list provider provides this type of service and the customer support is top-notch also.

Steve Currie


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    Frequently Asked Questions


    The way our model works is that you get to see everything about our deals (roughly 600+ right now) but in order to protect the deals we need to hide the ASIN, Name of the product and Supplier. We show you everything else that you should need to understand and review a deal Profit and ROI for the buy box now and over the last 90 day Full in-depth Keepa Charts Who is on the listing and the selling price and shipment options The product size and weight and many more data points.

    You can then review all this information and decide if you like this deal. If you do, then you can unlock and buy the deal. If you unlock a deal and find out that there is a problem, you can simply “log an issue” with that deal and 99% of the time you will get an instant refund.

    You can see the refund options below when you log an issue we do a number of things if you tell us you don't like a brand or a supplier, we will hide all deals from that supplier or brand. if you say the deal is out of stock. Our team will manually go out and double-check this. We take a lot of automatic and manual actions from your issues that you have logged.

    What we try to do is to give you a wide range of deals to pick and choose from but also help target and refine that process of finding great deals quicker. Can I ask, did you book in a call with our team to help you onboard and get you started?


    We source 7 days a week. We have team working round the clock seven days a week unlike any other deal service but we do exclude Christmas and New Year’s day


    No, you pay per month and you can cancel anytime. If you do cancel you can keep your tokens for up to 3 months in your account and review all the live deals. We are the only service that allows you to continue buying deals after you’ve cancelled your subscription because you have already bought the tokens.


    Unlike other sourcing sheets, we source 7 days a week. You can use your tokens to buy deals and we limit the deals purchased to avoid big competition. 


    We understand that competition plays a big role to your company so we only limit the purchases of each deal, normally up to 10 people, but many times fewer people.


    No, not at all. You don’t need sourcing software because our team of VA’s, are carrying out all the checks on the deals, before they go live on the site, allowing you to simply pick and choose the deals you want.


    Yes definitely. You can search and filter by certain categories, reviewing all the deal information before you buy a deal


    You can send us an email to and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


    We use custom software and we also use manual sourcing methods. We do not use software that anyone else uses Ie. Tactical Arbitrage, Source Mogul and FBA wizard. We do not use this software because we understand our customers are using this software and we don’t want to be given the same deals that you’re already finding, so we do things very differently.


    Don’t worry, we will refund your tokens if you are gated, simply log an issue.


    Yes, we update the prices every few hours per product from the Amazon API and you can also enter your fees, VAT settings, etc. under your account settings to see your true profit before purchase


    You can enter your prep and shipping (UPS) fees into our system and we then recalculate your ROI and profit with your new custom fees.


    Yes, you can sell these products in Europe.


    99% of the time we give instantaneous refund, 1% we look to review the details. Our service is world-class in customer service.


    Yes definitely. You can search and filter by certain criteria, reviewing all the deal information before you buy a deal

    We are already registered for VAT and so our prices include VAT