Now that your new Virtual Assistant (VA) will start working with you after the 7-day training with Fast Track FBA VA Academy, what should you do?

First impression lasts and it spells the difference between success and failure, so you have to do the Onboarding right.

You need to be organized and systematic to:

  • Create an impression that you take your business seriously;
  • Ensure that your new VA understands clearly your expectations as well as your Company Policies & Procedures;
  • Provide your new VA the information, support, and resources they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively; and
  • Avoid unnecessary problems that could have been avoided through simple, constant communication.

If you want to know the answers to these Frequently Asked Questions, click on each of the question:


What should I do on my VA’s first dayWhat information should I share with my VAWhat support should I provide my VA on the first day, first week, first month, first quarter
How do I know if my VA is working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week; How to record attendanceWhen and how to pay my VAHow do I know if my VA is not sharing my deals
How do I ensure that my VA is turning a profit or at least a break-evenHow do I ensure that my VA is giving me at least 5 good deals a dayHow do I ensure that I’m buying enough profitable deals
How do I monitor my VA’s performanceWhat KPIs/performance metrics should I trackWhat should I do if I’m not happy with my VA’s performance