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Webinar with Luke Filer: Making Q4 2019 the Best Ever

The fourth quarter (Q4) can be a crazy time for Amazon sellers. Q4 begins in October and ends in December.  It presents a massive opportunity for INCREASED sales — sales bigger than your Q1 to Q3 COMBINED — because buyers are on Amazon to actually purchase, not just browse or canvas. So we talked to Luke Filer and discussed some TOP TIPS on how to make the most of your Q4, how to take advantage of this crazy time and turn all your effort to money, money, money.

  1. Do your research. Which items do people buy for the holidays? Could these items be gifted? If so, then they are likely to have a massive sales increase.
  2. Go for those items that people buy for presents like Toys and Games,  not day to day items such as toilet cleaner.
  3. Regularly check changes in sales rank. Monitor Keepa graph and the Buy Box.


  4. When sourcing, make sure to check out Cashback sites. and don't get caught up in the rush of the sales.
  5. Aim to be ungated for Toys & Games before Q4 as these items are popular gifts., see our free guide here – How to get ungated for nearly free.
  6. Ensure that your purchasing systems are in place, especially for replenishing items.
  7. Purchase a wide range of stock — super wide, but shallow. Don’t be afraid to buy a bigger range of items as sales will go up. Remember that sell still happen Q1. Contrary to popular belief, people are still buying, just not as much.
  8. Reduce the time to get your products into Amazon. Maintain good relations with your Prep Center and ship quicker. You must understand how prep centers change during the Q4 because it’s also a crazy time for them.
  9. Join or make a group that could support your growth as an Amazon seller. It helps to converse with actual people who have been there, done that.
  10. Be careful with December 22-24 because selling stops. By now, people have already brought their presents. So around December 10-12, don’t purchase heavily and get your last shipments sent in Because Q4 could be very taxing (and at the same time exciting), don’t forget to put your health first! Be careful about being burnout because you won’t be able to achieve what you’d like to if you’re not in your best shape. 


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