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Nine University vs. Top Amazon Seller

In this article, we discuss the difference and similarities between Nine University vs. Top Amazon Seller

Thinking about what course to choose? Let us help you look for the factors of the best and most affordable course in the market. An FBA course is a tool that typically refers to a training program or educational resource that teaches individuals or businesses how to use Amazon's FBA service to sell products online. A service offered by Amazon to help businesses and individuals sell their products on the Amazon platform.


Today we are comparing the popular Nine University vs. Fast Track FBA Top Amazon Seller Program.

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Nine University

Nine University

Nine university Amazon FBA course formerly known as KT Nine or KT9. This training course was founded by Kale Abrahamson and Taylor Hiott. They started selling on Amazon in 2017. They think they can share their experience of success by making a course for aspiring online sellers.


Kale Abrahamson is an Amazon FBA seller who grew his Amazon business from 0 – $4 million dollars in only one year. He was a basketball player, but after an injury; he thought to do something else for money. Taylor Hiott joined Kale 9 months after he started his business and they started the Nine University to what it is today.


It has featured them in Business Insider, ESPN, and more because of their success. They continue to teach and coach students to be successful with the Amazon FBA business model. These guys are not scam artists.


💚You get to choose what courses or resources you want to invest in based on your needs.

💚They aren't just selling one entire course on Amazon FBA. They've recently turned their company into an educational platform. 

💚Step-by-step guidance through video or chat.

💚1-on-1 coaching is available

💚Added training like negotiation and credit repair/boost

💚The enthusiastic team at Nine University may suit some younger sellers.


😔No course information on their website

😔Too basic for an Amazon FBA course

😔Training videos seem unorganized and scattered


  • Nine University Amazon FBA course costs $1,997, though some students claim to have paid close to $10K.

  • Other tools, masterminds, and courses range from $19.99 to $1,500.

Refund Policy

10-day money-back guarantee with conditions.

Nine University Controversy

Fake Reviews

They are accused of paying famous bloggers a lot of money for them to promote and give positive reviews of Nine University. They've put out many fake reviews on platforms like BBB. If you go to the BBB website, it says that they have shut many of the complaints against them.

Recycling Materials

Some sources claim they repurposed Kevin David's Amazon FBA course material and put it into Nine University.

Flagging False YouTube Reviews About Their Course

Kale and Taylor are caught telling their students to flag certain YouTube videos that were reviewing their program. One of them is Scott Shafer, another YouTuber who did a review on their course he proved it because he received an email from a current Nine University student. He confirmed that the link to Scott Shafer's Nine University review was posted within their private community and they encouraged everyone to dislike the video and flag it as spam or harassment.

Nine University Amazon FBA Training is Too Basic

Expensive yet doesn't really teach anything out-of-this-world that will give you an edge with Amazon FBA. Some have doubts about the experience of the teachers.

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Fast Track FBA Top Amazon Seller


An FBA training course on Amazon founded by Thomas Parkinson, a successful two x 7-figure Amazon seller that helps sellers like him to gain success. He has his own Amazon business. Have been selling on Amazon for the past 5 years, achieving 7 figures in both the UK and the USA.


💚 Services are simple, timesaving, and allow you to grow your business.

💚 They have an active community.

💚 Low price and good customer feedback.

💚 Step-by-step easy-to-understand course.


😔 15 days is not enough for beginners to learn the course.


$47 a month.

Refund Policy

15-day money-back guarantee no questions asked.


Who is it for?

Top Amazon Seller is for beginners and experienced Amazon sellers while Nine University if for younger people who are just starting.

Refund Policy

Top Amazon Seller wins this category since they offer 15-day NO questions asked while Nine University is just 10 days with conditions. 


Top Amazon Seller is very affordable which cost $47 but Nine University is not for people who are on a tight budget. 


You will learn a lot from Top Amazon Seller unlike Nine University reviews mentioned that it is too basic for an expensive course. 


Top Amazon Seller receives a lot of positive feedback from their own students while Nine University has too much controversy and negative feedback from their students. 

My Opinion

Choose Amazon FBA training courses that are more focused on helping their students gain success on Amazon rather than on selling their courses. Avoid courses you don't get what you pay for.


Credibility is a must in a training course. Credibility is paramount for an FBA course. A credible FBA course builds trust among potential students and ensures that the information and guidance provided are accurate, reliable, and effective. Credibility contributes to a positive reputation for both the course and its creators. Credible instructors who have achieved success in the FBA field inspire confidence in their students. Students feel reassured they are learning from experts who have firsthand experience.


In a competitive online learning landscape, credibility sets apart a high-quality FBA course from the rest. Students who invest in a credible FBA course are more likely to see a positive return on their investment. The knowledge and skills gained can translate into improved FBA businesses and revenue.

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