Fast Track FBA Arbitrage Leads Service 2.0

Save time and get instant access to more profitable deals with less competition!

We Find All The Leads For You
Our team of highly skilled virtual assistants, do the sourcing for you

You Choose The Leads You Like
Review all the leads through our unique platform and find the leads that you want to buy

Exchange Tokens For Leads & Grow Your Business
Simply exchange your tokens for leads that you like and watch your Amazon business grow

See The Profit
Our expert team source to an average of £4.00 / $6 profit and 40% ROI

More VAs Sourcing For You 
Our team knows where to find profitable leads. We hire and train more virtual assistants that than anyone else, ensuring you get to see all the profitable leads


Leads Sourced 5 Days A Week

New leads come out daily. Check out Slack and stay informed about the best deals we have for you.


Get The Facts

Know your true profit and ROI by letting us include your Prep and Shipping fees into our calculations


See The True Profit After Tax
Adjust your tax settings, standard or flat rate VAT and find leads that make you money



Advanced Insights
Predict future performance by understanding historical trends with an in-depth review of each lead

Not Your Usual Sources 
We find you all the hottest leads that everyone else is missing, from the stores, that other people don't check. Our team of expert sourcers are scanning over 500 stores to find you all the best leads


See The Sales Happening
Ensure that you only get the leads that are going to sell, by seeing past performance through our interactive sales rank graphs

Be The First To Buy
Be in the first to know about fast selling leads through our mobile-friendly Slack channel, allowing you to see all the leads the moment they go live. No need to wait for them to be manually entered on to a Google Sheet


Intelligent Sourcing

Get the leads that are moving quickly with our intelligent sourcing system. Our team understands what leads you want, through our platform and will source more of those leads for you

We Source Differently 
By focusing on bundles, multi-packs, different stores and other leads that software like Tactical Arbitrage and FBA Wizard can’t detect, you get leads that are not saturated and that keep making you profits for longer.

No Lead Saturation We check each leads for how many sellers it can support and will reduce the number of people who will see that leads. Normally we never go above 5 people per UK lead and 10 people per USA lead but we can go as low as one person on a lead.

Unique lead allocation
Never be stuck on the same listings with the same sellers again, our unique lead allocation system ensure the leads you get are never going to the same as anyone else, which reduces your competition

See All The Leads
Don't spend time sourcing, instead, let our team of over 20 highly skilled virtual assistants do it for you


Dangerous Brand Removal
Don’t worry about selling restricted brands, our platform checks all leads through our open source IP & brand checking software, saving you time


No More Out Of Stock Leads
Keep your time with in-stock leads because our team is rechecking them daily, but if it did happen then you can exchange them within seconds

You choose the categories

Save time with advance filters, category, profit and ROI to get leads that work for your business


Hazmat Products
Save time by not worrying about hazard & hazmat leads because our platform removes them before you see them


Stop Mismatches
Don't waste time with mismatched leads because we use a ‘three-person' checking system

What Our Client Say

Our client sends us a lot of smiles with our services and we love it.

Ungated Leads For New Sellers
We show you the leads that are ungated for new sellers, supporting you to get going quicker in your Amazon business


No Contract, Cancel at any time
No contracts to sign and you can cancel at any time. Keep your tokens for up to three months after purchase and spend them as you like
Be Part Of The Community
Join our super active Facebook community to ask questions and learn from other experienced sellers

Secure login
Our secure servers means no one else is stealing your leads from a Google sheet


Top Customer Service
Receive great customer service 7 days a week as we source the best deals for you


Watch the £1,000,000 Journey
We are Amazon sellers on a mission to do 7 figures in one year, watch the journey and copy the process in your business









We show you all the leads, but hide the supplier URL and the ASIN

Review the leads and choose the leads that you like

You can see all the lead information on our platform before you buy

Unlock the supplier's URL and the Amazon ASIN in exchange for a token

Then use your tokens to unlock a lead to see the supplier and ASIN

Buy your products ship to a prep center

Access the leads and buy your stock from the supplier to grow your business

Sell on Amazon for a profit and make Money

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