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Get 3 Months of Free Profitable Leads
When You Hire a Virtual Assistant

Take the stress out of hiring a virtual assistant with our specialist VA-sourcing service, including 12 weeks of replacement warranty and free online arbitrage leads.

Struggling To Scale? We Can Help.

Profitable Deals Are Waiting

Sourcing profitable deals is painstakingly difficult, but we can help you find them.


Risk-Free Service

Get peace of mind with our 12-week unlimited VA replacement policy.

Proven Results

We’ve placed over 850 virtual assistants and helped over 450 Amazon sellers turn a profit.

What’s Included In The Promo Package?

1. A dedicated VA from the Philippines ($997)

Finding the right products to sell is notoriously difficult. Every Amazon seller knows the slog of sourcing stock only to find that there are no buyers. Don’t waste your time – hire our dedicated VAs to source lucrative leads for you, leaving you more time to focus on the rest of your business. Our VAs work exclusively for you for just $3 per hour.

VA Onboarding Materials & Tools ($297)

This package includes a comprehensive kit of contracts, documentation, and resources to onboard your new virtual assistant with minimal hassle. Ensure your VAs are well-equipped to source profitable deals from day one.

3. The "Ultimate VA Owner Operator Handbook for 2024" ($749)

This book contains everything you need to maximize the effectiveness of your virtual assistants in 2024. You’ll find tips on best practices, bonus schemes, VA management, payroll, and SOPs to help you have a profitable Q4 in 2024.

4. Dedicated support and aftercare ($997)

Get timely support from our dedicated team of experts. This includes weekly group calls twice a week and 12 weeks of one-on-one support as required. You'll be able to contact our team directly with any question or query you have, whether you need general support, technical assistance, or help integrating VAs into your business.

5. Membership of our Private Facebook community ($997)

With this package, you’ll also get access to our private Facebook group with over 400 VA owner-operator sellers. Active for 4 years and counting, you can use this group to network, seek support, and share your successes with others.

6. 12-Week Unlimited Replacement Policy ($997)

Our 12-week unlimited replacement policy ensures that if your VA doesn’t meet the expected standards, we'll provide an immediate replacement. Plus, we’ll reset the support timer to ensure you’re fully satisfied with your new VA.

7. Online Arbitrage Leads ($297)

Alongside virtual assistant resources and dedicated support, you’ll also receive three months of online arbitrage leads either the UK or USA. With these included in the package, you can save even more time finding profitable deals

Total Price: $5,313

Yours Today For Just $997


Kickstart Your Amazon Growth Today

What You Can Expect


For 12 weeks, you’ll get 1-2-1 support and weekly group coaching sessions to help you get the most out of your VA.


Over 1,000 virtual assistants apply to become a Fast Track FBA VA every week, and we select only the top 1% to work with you.


Our methods get results. We share all the tips, tricks, and hacks that have helped our businesses achieve six- and seven-figure profits.

Join Hundreds Of Business Like Yours That Have Scaled With Virtual Assistants

At Fast Track FBA, we know you want the best life possible. You want to build a business that can help you achieve the lifestyle you deserve, whether that’s spending more time with your family or doing the things you love.
To get the life of your dreams, you need to build a skilled team who can help you scale the business under your guidance and direction. The problem is that finding the right virtual assistants is incredibly challenging. Many people claim to be experienced Amazon VAs, but how do you distinguish the truly skilled workers from the rest?
We believe that no budding Amazon seller should have to deal with the hassle and doubt of finding VAs. We understand you have little time and patience for VAs who say they're experienced when they're not, only for you to hire them and find they’re less than competent.
That’s why we've created the VA Academy, where we find and test the top 1% of virtual assistants ready for you to use. We’ll also help you get the most out of them and build the business you want, which we've already done for over 450 satisfied clients.
Here’s how it works in just three simple steps:
  • A dedicated VA from the Philippines ($997)
  • Comprehensive onboarding materials and tools ($297)
  • The "Ultimate VA Owner Operator Handbook for 2024" ($749)
  • Dedicated support and aftercare ($997)
  • Membership of our private Facebook community ($997)
  • 12-Week Unlimited Replacement Policy ($997)
Click the button below to kickstart your business growth and maximize your sales efficiency. Take a step back from the frustrating back-office admin and work on scaling your business.

How It Works

Buy Now

Click the link below to take advantage of our limited VA package deal.

Speak With Our Team

Arrange a time and date for your onboarding call, and tell us what you’re looking for in your ideal VA.

VA Start Date Confirmation

We assign you the perfect VA and mark a date when they’ll begin working for you.

Scale Your Business

Scale your business whilst we provide full support and a VA replacement warranty for 12 weeks after your new virtual assistant begins working.

Total Price: $5,313

Yours Today For Just $997


Kickstart Your Amazon Growth Today

What To Expect With Our Leads Service

Buy all these for just $997 and get three months of profitable online arbitrage leads free!


Kickstart Your Amazon Growth Today

Total Price: $5,313

Yours Today For Just $997


Our Credentials

We use our direct experience as top Amazon sellers to provide unbeatable OA guidance and expert VA support.

Two 7-Figure Amazon Stores Built

850+ Virtual Assistants Trained

400+ Amazon OA Clients Served

Make Money While You Sleep With A Dedicated VA

We’ve built multiple six and seven-figure Amazon businesses and learned everything there is to know about this field. Our founder has come through every setback and hurdled every obstacle along the way, making mistakes and honing his skills.

We know the pitfalls of Amazon selling because we’ve been there. After our journey, we can now share our expert insights with you to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes. You can start turning significant profits from the off by using our specialist guidance to navigate obstacles and scale your business the right way.

With virtual assistants from our specialized academy, dedicated support from people who understand the business, and free online arbitrage leads to profitable deals, you’ll be well-equipped to scale your Amazon store to new heights.

The Answers to Your VA-Hiring Problems

One of the biggest issues we see with all Amazon sellers is that they try to do everything themselves. The works when learning to source products, but when it comes to finding and recruiting VAs, this can harm your business.
There are many VAs out there claiming to be experienced. Often, this is nothing more than unproductive experience at previous companies after they were let go for incompetent work. But how can you avoid these “experienced” VAs and find genuinely skilled ones?
The answer is to work with us. At Fast Track FBA, we test all our VAs – experienced and new – to ensure they show the right behavioral traits and attributes that lead to success. If you're unhappy for any reason, or if your VA quits, we’ll replace that VA at any point within the first 12 weeks and reset that 12-week timer back to zero. You can continue replacing VAs until you are happy and they meet your requirements, even if you go beyond the initial 12 weeks.

12-Week Unlimited Replacement Warranty on Every Virtual Assistant

If your Amazon VA isn’t quite meeting your demands, we’ll replace your virtual assistant for free as many times as you require.

Is This Package Right For Me?...

…I Am A New Seller

As long as you've got some experience in buying and selling profitable products, and you know the difference between a good and a bad product, then you'll be able to work with our virtual assistants. This is because you’ll need to be able to tell them what you're looking for and identify what's wrong with any deals they buy. This feedback will help them find profitable products for you.

… I Do Online Arbitrage

We've achieved over $10 million in sales and supported hundreds of online arbitrage sellers in the UK, USA, and Canada. We have no doubt that we can find the perfect VA to help you scale your online arbitrage business, no matter the model or marketplace you're targeting.

… I Am An Experienced Seller

If you're an experienced seller, you already know what works for your business. Simply tell us your requirements, and we'll ensure the VA we assign you meets those needs. You can also share with your new VA what's working in your business and have them repeat these successful strategies for 40 hours a week, helping you scale quickly and easily.

… I Do Wholesale

About 50% of our revenue currently comes from wholesale. We've supported hundreds of Amazon wholesalers by placing virtual assistants within their businesses. Our experienced team can teach list analysis to VAs, giving them the knowledge to support you in this labor-intensive process and helping you get the best deals to scale your business.

Total Price: $5,313

Yours Today for $997


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Frequently Asked Questions

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You should hire a VA when you have enough experience selling on Amazon to understand the business clearly and be able to dedicate at least one hour daily, especially in the first month, to aid in the VA's development. You should be ready to commit to a VA for the long term with available capital of approximately 5,000 pounds or dollars to invest in inventory from the deals sourced by the VA.
Our VAs are handpicked from over 1,000 weekly applicants and tested via a rigorous four-stage vetting process. We evaluate their alignment with our core values, motivation, technical skills, and overall suitability. Only about 2% of candidates make the cut. They then undergo intensive training to perfect their deal identification skills.
The ongoing cost for your virtual assistant is the VA's salary, typically around $450 per month. This is paid in two installments: half on the first working day of the month and the remaining half on the 16th working day of the month.
We advise paying your virtual assistant through Wise. We provide comprehensive training and support to help you set up and use this service. It’s straightforward and cost-effective, enabling you to optimize your payroll efficiently.
We don’t ask for ongoing fees, and we never take a percentage of your deals. Instead, you get access to our services for a one-time payment of just $997.
The results will align with your specified profit and deal criteria. If you focus on fast-selling items with smaller margins, you can expect a higher volume of deals. Conversely, targeting a few high-profit items typically results in fewer deals. We provide advice and consultation on setting your deal criteria to help you optimize your VA's performance and achieve the desired outcomes.
We recommend using communication platforms like Slack, Discord, or WhatsApp, with video or voice calls conducted via Zoom or Google Meets.
We have trained hundreds of VAs in both UK and US marketplaces and equipped them with our top 100 supplier list to ensure they start finding profitable products immediately.
Group calls are held twice per week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to provide you with premium support from industry experts. On Tuesdays, they’re held at 10:30 EDT (15:30 UK time), and on Wednesdays, they’re at 21:00 EDT (02:00 UK time).
Our virtual assistants are sourced through a diverse network rather than common job sites, which tend to yield lower-quality candidates. Over the past four years, we've cultivated a strong presence within communities and groups across the Philippines, providing us with between 1,000 to 3,000 applications weekly. We meticulously select individuals from this pool to fill the roles, ensuring we maintain a network renowned for its quality within the industry.
We suggest you should already know the basics of selling on Amazon and understand your business well. But we get that you're busy, so if you can spot a good deal and explain why it’s a winner, that’s enough. Your input helps the VA get even better at finding profitable products for you.
No. Our virtual assistants are based in the Philippines and are not subject to tax obligations in Europe or the US because they are not located within these jurisdictions. We class them as contractors, so they need to pay their own taxes.
Yes, we create the contracts for you and get the VA to sign them. When you buy this package, you’ll get access to the complete documentation for your VA, which includes contracts and insurance forms.
We recommend tracking your virtual assistant's working hours. We offer complete guidance on how to use our preferred time-tracking software, which costs $1 per month. We'll assist you with the setup process and advise you on what to monitor.
No, you’ll need to equip your virtual assistant with software tools like SellerAmp and Keepa to ensure they can perform their tasks efficiently. These tools typically allow additional users at no extra cost.
Let us know if you are dissatisfied with your virtual assistant or if they depart within the initial 12-week weeks. We’ll replace them at no extra cost and restart the 12-week replacement period for your convenience.
You can access our services for a one-time payment of $997. From there, you’ll need to pay your new VA directly at a rate of about $450 per month.
If the worst happens or you’d like a refund for whatever reason, you can receive 100% of your money back 2 weeks before the date of sign-up. After the program starts, you can receive a refund of 75% up to 1 month after the date of sign-up, 50% up to 2 months after, and 25% up to 3 months after.

High Praise For Our VAs

I am so glad I chose Fast Track FBA when hiring my first VA. The support in what I need to do in regard to a VA as well as the support given to my VA by Fast Track FBA has been so valuable. They have supported my VA with additional training and ideas for me to implement to get the optimal production from my VA.

Tami Atwell

An excellent tool to get profitable products that can be sold on Amazon FBA

Carmen Correa Armas

Absolutely! consistently amazing service! Excellent customer service all the time. Thank you!

Gina Ooi

Very friendly and professional service. They answered all of my questions and helped clarify the entire process - from the training of the VA to implementing them into my business. Would definitely recommend!

Jared Kmiecik

Brilliant deal service wish I found it sooner

Matthew Leung

You are all amazing! The best customer service! Patrick was wonderful in explaining how to use your service.

Gina Ooi

The whole process from the first contact to the turnover of the VA was over and beyond my expectations. The team was so professional and knowledgeable. My new VA is an amazing person who understands the success of our company is also the success of all the employees.

Darel Naadio

Love the service and think it is if not, the best out there. Leads are usually bang on and any issues are quickly resolved.

Jaime Dempsey

10/outta 10 for the time saved going around the shops

Alan Culby

Thorough and knowledgeable every step of the way! I had no idea how to work with a VA let alone hire one. Not only did I get a great VA, but I received tons of training on how to work with one. They provided an excellent blueprint for my business. I highly recommend!

Jenn Maher

The service is very easy to use and beginner friendly. The deals I found and continue to find are great and give good returns.

Abdul Salam

Great team very helpful and knowledgeable, I was skeptical at first but then quickly realized I was in a good hands and had made the right decision.

Ravi Seeni

I have been building my Amazon FBA business for almost a year now, and the most challenging aspect is sourcing products. My inventory and revenue has skyrocketed since using FastTrackFBA, as their VAs are great at sourcing profitable products

Andrew Reville

Access Skilled VAs And Profitable Leads With Our Package

Total Package Value $5,313

  • A Personal Virtual Assistant ($997)
  • Onboarding Materials, Documents & Tools ($297)
  • The "Ultimate VA Owner Operator Handbook For 2024" ($749)
  • Attentive Support & Aftercare ($997)
  • Membership To Our Private Facebook Community ($997)
  • 12-Week Unlimited VA Replacement Warranty ($997)
  • Online Arbitrage Leads ($297)

All For Just $997