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Power Up Your FBA Business with a High-Quality FBA Lead List

In this article, we will talk about the well-kept secret known that is the FBA Lead List.

There is untapped potential yet to be found for your Amazon business. Where? In FBA Lead Lists.


We are to enlighten and teach you about a well-kept secret known to every successful Amazon seller. You should know by now that you can’t run a business just by winging it, you have to have a plan; you need to set up everything before they are executed, and you need a guide, a list.


Let this be your one-stop guide for your learning pleasure in everything you’ll need to know about this wonderful business opportunity that is waiting for you to explore it.

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Topic Rundown:

Why you need an FBA Lead List

Every business is different. Every business is unique and has different needs based on what type of business you currently run, retail, wholesale, online arbitrage, etc. But one thing all these have in common is that you will want to have suppliers, a lot of suppliers.


Creating an FBA Lead List is an integral part of your Amazon journey because having a list of potential suppliers is important if you want your business to progress in a steady and gradual upward trend.  


For people already a veteran in the game, you would know how important “Sourcing” is, but for those who are complete beginners who want to give themselves a head start ahead of the rest. Then let me explain it to you.

What is sourcing?

Sourcing is product research. It’s taking the time yourself or paying an individual to find products for you to sell and make a profit off. It is actively searching for discounts or deals that will prove beneficial for you and your business.


If you’re a complete beginner at all this, fear not for we already have a multitude of guides to help you through your sourcing process.

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What you should consider when making your own FBA Lead List

What type of business model are you running?

Something you will need to consider is what business model you’re running. If you wish to create your own products, you hope to ship and sell to customers, then it’s imperative to find the best suppliers to buy the raw materials you’ll need for that.


But if you’re into reselling pre-made products, then that’s a completely different market you’ll want your leads to come from. You’ll want big discounts and large quantities of quality products. First, assess your business to find out all the things you’re going to need moving forward.

What kind of seller are you?

You will want to take into consideration what type of seller are you, and your current business progress in the market. If you’re a complete beginner with only the bare minimum to start up and source, the products to sell, package, and ship to your customers then you’ll have a completely different set of sourcing needs compared to those who have been in the market for far longer.


Knowing how far along you are in the business and knowing your business needs and limits will surely help you in finding the perfect balance between what you should look for and what you should avoid.

Types of lead lists you’ll encounter

There are basically two types of lead lists that you’ll encounter and maybe choose to incorporate in your business moving forward: self-made lists, lists that you create specifically for your business, and lists that are catered by you for you. The other type of lead list is the pre-made list, which is created by organizations that have an abundance of knowledge about working with the market that helps them to guide you to the best discounts and offers for a price.

Self-made list

A self-made list is one that you’ll be making on your own, to fit your business’ needs. You may get a professional, say a Sourcing VA, to create one for your business, but either way, it will be tailored to fit your needs and your business needs alone.


There are a lot of steps and considerations needed in gaining the knowledge you’ll need to create a lead list for your business.

Pre-made list

There are already a lot of pre-made sourcing lists on the market today. With just one quick Google search, you can find anything and everything you’ll need on the internet. But beware, not every pre-made leads list is made equal. Some may not fit your needs specifically. Blindly trusting a pre-made list by a random author or organization can lead your business to ruin.


If you’re looking for quality lead lists without having to doubt their authenticity and benefit for you and your business, you can look at our article here about FBA Lead Lists, which can surely help any Amazon seller in need.

Final Thoughts

Lead lists are essential to any business that hopes to be able to reach its goals and ambitions. Allow yourself and your business. The tools it needs to make use of its resources are paramount in getting ahead of its competition. There are multiple ways to create your own lead lists or find quality lead lists from reputable sources. If you’re interested in learning more about where you can find said reputable sources, then look no further than here.


Whether you choose to buy or create one, it is important to take this step that your business needs to grow. Here at Amazon, we’re excited to make that step with you moving forward.

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