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Reselling Amazon: How to Sell on Amazon

In this article, we will explore the world of reselling Amazon products and uncover the strategies for maximizing profits.

Selling on Amazon requires an understanding that the platform is intentionally designed to offer accessibility to a wide range of sellers, including established brands, while the inclusion of the FBA program enables companies without prior direct-to-consumer fulfillment capabilities to efficiently manage operational intricacies.


Moreover, considering Amazon's Buy Box algorithm, which favors lower-priced listings over higher-priced alternatives, competition among sellers often intensifies, potentially leading to a margin-squeezing race to the bottom.

Topic Rundown:

What is reselling on Amazon?

Reselling is the act of purchasing products from manufacturers or other retailers and then selling said products to your customers. It’s finding pricing inequalities throughout different markets and making a profit by ‘flipping’ the prices to make a profit. 


Reselling is a wonderful business venture filled with many advantages for you to dive into. I aim to show you what’s in store for you when you decide to jump into this market.


If you are eager to delve deeper into the realm of reselling on Amazon and learn more about how to become a successful reseller, we have a dedicated article that provides comprehensive insights and guidance on the subject.

What is sourcing?

Online Arbitrage Sourcing is a term you will surely hear in every conversation about reselling on Amazon, it is a very important part of this business model because knowing which products to sell will ultimately determine the scale of the success your business will receive. 


Product research is one of the most integral things you can do for your business, it is fair to say that you may still find good products without the proper research, but your success can be reached sooner, and the heights of your business can soar higher when you take the necessary steps to ensure your business’ success.

Benefits of Reselling on Amazon

Low startup costs

Reselling doesn’t require you to have a massive capital unlike other business models, you can start by reselling items that you already own and creating a profit from that. The game aims to buy low and sell high, flipping the prices for your profit!

Low barriers to entry

When compared to other business models, reselling doesn’t need you to have a vast amount of knowledge to start making money. All you have to know is what people want to buy and where to buy those products for cheap to resell.


It is easier to scale your business through reselling rather than other business models, it allows you to be flexible on the products that you want to sell from your store. Diversifying the products you sell is as easy as sourcing the products you wish to sell, making those purchases, and then listing them in your store. 

Finding the perfect product/s for you

Being successful in any business is finding the perfect products to help you make a profit from, now that’s easier said than done. There are multiple categories, types, and niches of products that you’ll have to be aware of. Lucky for you, you’ll learn the top 10 categories on Amazon.

  • Home & Kitchen

  • Beauty & Personal Car

  • Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

  • Toys & games

  • Health, Household & Baby Care

  • Baby

  • Electronics

  • Sports & outdoors

  • Pet Supplies

  • Office Supplies

Finding a category that your business will thrive in is imperative to being successful in the competitive landscape that is reselling. Products research and trial and error will be the best teachers for you in this subject. 

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Utilizing the tools Amazon provides its sellers: Amazon FBA

To thrive as an Amazon seller, it is crucial to equip yourself with the appropriate tools and resources that can pave the path to success within the dynamic marketplace. Given the ever-evolving nature of Amazon, staying abreast of the latest advancements and possessing comprehensive tools becomes paramount for achieving favorable outcomes. Thankfully, a multitude of practical resources exist to aid Amazon sellers, and below, we present a curated selection of ten indispensable tools for 2023.

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA or otherwise known as Fulfillment by Amazon is a fulfillment service provided by Amazon that allows you to send your products to an Amazon warehouse where they will be packaged and shipped for you directly to the customer, instead of you having to do all of that yourself. 


Multiple Amazon store owners see the ease and convenience this service has to bring, removing the costs associated with having your warehouse and staff do this for you, Amazon will instead charge you for them to do these services for you. 

Tips to becoming successful in 2023

Reselling on Amazon is not anything new, there are already multiple other stores that are doing the same thing, but how will you rise above? What will your business have that will give you the edge to outshine your competition? These are the tips for you:

Find low-competition items

Being able to be one of the few to sell an item will surely net you a profitable income, when there is no competition, the store that has the best offers will win out more often than not, allowing your business to thrive through your low-competition items.

Find high-competition items that you can sell for a lower price

The laws of supply and demand dictate that the higher the demand, the higher the costs. If other stores are selling the same product at the market price, finding a supplier which will sell you the same products for cheaper and flipping it to be the most competitive price on the market, will surely allow you a lot of new customers that will find your lower price more palatable.


Reselling is a profitable business model that your business can surely make a profit on. In 2023, when more people are using the internet to buy their products, business owners must shift their efforts toward where the customer is. 


Reselling is a business opportunity waiting for you to take it. Through Amazon, one of the leading e-commerce platforms, success is within grasp. All you have to do is reach out.

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