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Sellers we Trust on eBay

eBay is another popular marketplace where Amazon sellers can source and buy products. Since eBay was launched, it has been known to sell bargain items. But this time, huge retail stores and popular brands rely on eBay to host their clearance items.

For brands, it would be cheaper for them to do this. They’ll reach a wider market and the transactions with bulk-buying customers are faster. For Amazon sellers, they can take advantage of the good deals and vouchers that eBay offers. Plus, they’re sure that products from these popular brands and retail stores will attract Amazon customers.

If Amazon sellers who source in eBay encounter problems with the products of a brand outlet, the brand will usually assume full responsibility and will take care of it. So that’s less of a burden to the Amazon seller.

But beware, not all sellers on eBay are legit. And of course, fraud sellers are scary and dangerous because the reputation of your Amazon business may be affected. So on this blog post, I’ll walk you through two sites that you can bookmark for your next sourcing journey.

First is this Assistall eBay Outlet Stores which features several retail stores and popular brands that you can choose from. Just click the store of your choice and it will take you to the eBay outlet of that store. These stores offer brand new items and the deals are great. So be sure to check the site from time to time for big discounts on clearance sales.

Second is of course the main site of eBay Brand Outlet where you can source ALL the brands that offer clearance sales. Most of the stores have discounts up to 60%. What a steal, right? So don’t go wasting your time googling for every store you can source from and just bookmark eBay for easy access and huge discounts! 

Remember, when shopping in eBay, try to focus on the outlet stores on the two lists. We can’t guarantee products, if we source from unknown sellers or re-sellers, so better stick to those that will definitely sell, reap profits for you, and will not cause damage to the reputation you’re holding so dearly by selling you counterfeit products.