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Selling on Amazon FBA During Q4 | 4th Quarter | 10x Guide FBM & FBA Hacks for Arbitrage

Selling on Amazon FBA During Q4: Maximizing Sales, Profit, & Strategy – Tips from Top Sellers, Leveraging Prime Days, Black Friday & Cyber Monday Insights and Inventory Management, for the Crucial 4th Quarter Holiday Season with  @SideHustleExperiment  (John Muscarello)


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  1. Introduction: John Muscarello, also known as the side hustle experiment, shares his insights on maximizing sales on Amazon during the fourth quarter (Q4). He has made $1.7 million in sales on Amazon and has been active for several years.
  2. Significance of Q4: Q4 represents the last quarter of the year, encompassing significant holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. During this period, consumers are inclined to spend more, providing huge opportunities for Amazon sellers to increase sales, sometimes up to 10x.
  3. Preparation for Q4:
    • Starts as early as January by analyzing previous year's data.
    • Focus on inventory management and capital allocation, emphasizing the importance of cash flow.
    • Considering sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday for potential deals.
    • Using FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) for handling inventory, though FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) can be a quick alternative for immediate listings.
  4. Challenges and Solutions:
    • Expect returns, especially in apparel.
    • Be prepared for tax obligations in January and February.
    • Address inventory logistics and understand the difference between FBA and FBM.
  5. Final Remarks: Muscarello emphasizes the importance of data analysis from previous years, understanding consumer behaviors, and being prepared for post-Q4 scenarios. He also mentions resources available for further insights and learning.