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The Last Amazon Course vs. Top Amazon Seller

In this article, we will review two affordable best Amazon FBA courses in the market today

The availability and affordability of the best Amazon FBA courses can vary. Some of the best Amazon FBA courses might be more expensive because of the value they promise to provide, while others might be more budget-friendly. Let us have an honest Amazon FBA review.

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Let's Get Started

Before purchasing any training course, read reviews from previous students. Compare the prices of different Amazon FBA courses. Keep in mind that extremely low-priced courses might not provide comprehensive or accurate information. Be cautious of courses that promise unrealistic results or ask for a significant upfront payment. Do your research and ensure the course is reputable. Remember that the FBA landscape can change, so we are here to review two of the affordable yet helpful Amazon FBA courses.

The Last Amazon Training Course


Brock Johnson started selling on the Internet at 12 years old. After being a successful seller, he understands more than ever that money doesn't drive happiness. As a result, Brock Johnson started the Last Amazon Training Course. He gained recognition for his success as an Amazon seller and has since transitioned into coaching and providing educational content to help others succeed in the world of online selling.


💚 Low price

💚 Many students rate them highly because of the value of money.

💚 High refund policy

💚 Doesn't have shady marketing


😔 Not enough depth and information in their course outline

😔 The Last Amazon Course focuses on sellers based in the United States.

😔 Focused on sellers based in the United States

😔 Hard to find students reporting positive results

😔 May still need to buy further training


  • $1/week plan or pay $24 for lifetime access.

  • Livestreams with Brock Johnson, you pay $39 as a onetime fee for the course.

Refund Policy

30-day money-back guarantee.

Best For?

New sellers based in the United States for those on a tight budget.

Fast Track FBA Top Amazon Seller Program


Founded in 2019, Thomas Parkinson has been a two x 7-figure seller of products on Amazon for several years and wants to help, support, and inspire other sellers on their Amazon journey. He generously shares his knowledge and experience with aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to thrive in the world of e-commerce. He is a successful Amazon seller.


💚 A lot of positive feedback from students.

💚 A very easy step-by-step program.

💚 Affordable price

💚 Has a healthy community that helps you to learn faster

💚 For beginners and intermediate.


😔 Low refund policy

😔 15 days is not enough for beginners to learn


$47 a month.

Refund Policy

15-day money-back guarantee.

Best For?

All aspiring Amazon sellers.

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Comparison Table

Course Outline/Depth


Refund Policy

Success Stories


Passionate Leader

Top Amazon Seller

The Last Amazon Training

My Thoughts?

I hope the information above will help you in choosing the best Amazon FBA course in the future.


Success stories can play a crucial role in guiding your decision when choosing the best Amazon FBA course. These stories provide firsthand accounts of individuals who have successfully applied the strategies and techniques taught in a particular course to achieve tangible results in their Amazon selling journey. By reading or listening to these success stories, you gain valuable insights into the practicality and effectiveness of the course content. Success stories serve as real-world examples that show the potential for growth and profitability that the course can offer. They offer a glimpse into the strategies employed, the challenges overcome, and the outcomes achieved, helping you assess whether the course aligns with your business goals and aspirations. Success stories can instill confidence in the course's credibility, instructor expertise, and the applicability of the knowledge gained.


Keep in mind that you should consider success stories alongside other factors, such as course content, instructor expertise, reviews, and your own goals. While success stories can motivate and show a course's effectiveness, they shouldn't be the sole basis for your decision. Research and review thoroughly and ensure that the course aligns with your learning objectives and business aspirations.

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