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The True Cost of Hiring a VA: Is It Cheap?

In this article, we will discuss how much is the true cost of hiring a VA

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant DIY? What's The True Cost of Hiring a Virtual Assistant? Must be pretty cheap, right? The true cost of hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) let's break it down.


When considering hiring a Virtual Assistant, it's essential to understand the various costs involved to make an informed decision that aligns with your budget and needs. Investing in a skilled and experienced Virtual Assistant might cause a higher hourly rate, but it often pays off through increased efficiency and higher-quality work.


Before deciding, evaluate your business's specific needs and financial situation. Consider the potential ROI in terms of time saved, increased productivity, and your ability to focus on high-value activities. While there's an investment, the benefits of hiring a skilled Virtual Assistant can contribute to your success and growth.


In hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA), the allure of affordability can indeed be a deciding factor. However, it's important to inspect the true cost of availing virtual help and understand the nuances involved.


I tried over a thousand Virtual Assistants myself. I've done 750 for our clients and some people think this is easy, but I want to share with you the true cost of it in this post now. Many think it's a breeze. But the real costs might surprise you. The true cost of hiring a Virtual Assistant let's break it down.

Factors that may affect the Cost of Hiring a VA

Job Description

Write a job description. Clearly define the tasks, responsibilities, and scope of the Virtual Assistant role. A detailed and accurate job description helps recruiters focus their efforts on finding candidates who closely match the requirements. This saves time and resources that might be wasted on unqualified candidates or multiple rounds of interviews. This is probably one of the most important parts, and getting it right is really going to be the key. Now I'd probably say no less than 3 hours working on this and if you're paying it 15 bucks per hour, that's going to be 45 bucks. It's essential to invest at least 3 hours crafting this, as it will get you the right Virtual Assistant candidates.


Many Virtual Assistants charge an hourly rate, which can vary based on their skills, experience, and the complexity of tasks. Some Virtual Assistants work on a retainer basis, where you pay a fixed amount per month for a certain number of hours or tasks. It sets the tone, so don't cut corners.

A clear job description helps recruiters create more targeted and effective job advertisements. This can lead to attracting candidates who are genuinely interested in the role, reducing the cost associated with advertising on various job boards or platforms.

The job description serves as a critical foundation for the entire hiring process. A well-crafted job description minimizes the costs associated with candidate sourcing, screening, interviewing, onboarding, and turnover. It also contributes to a smoother and more successful hiring experience, leading to better long-term outcomes for the organization.

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Advertising and Assessments

Now most people think that advertising online is a great place for advertising and you need a Virtual Assistant but to do it if you want to post there, pay $79. Online platforms can cost you extra. It's essential to factor in all the costs. Select platforms that align with your target audience. Advertising and assessments play crucial roles in the process of hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA). These steps help you attract the right candidates, evaluate their suitability, and make informed decisions. Through advertising, you can highlight the benefits of working as a Virtual Assistant for your business, such as flexible hours, remote work, growth potential, and diverse tasks. But they will cost you a lot.


Assessments allow you to verify Virtual Assistant candidates' claimed skills and qualifications through practical tasks or tests relevant to the role. It allows you to verify candidates' claimed skills and qualifications through practical tasks or tests relevant to the role.


Now my advice to you is before you even post you make sure that you have an assessment Google Forms works really well and if you're going to write and mark that assessment, my first job post had 250 applications. It's probably about 10 hours' worth of work, that's $150.


Now recruitment is probably one of the most important parts, no matter how good your training is. If you do not get the recruitment right, it will not work. No matter how stellar your training, if recruitment goes awry, success won't happen. If you make a bad hire, all the training in the world won't fix that.


References should be checked to validate candidates' reliability and professionalism. A trial period can be initiated to assess compatibility, allowing both parties to understand if the working relationship is conducive to future collaboration. Crafting a clear contract with defined terms, payment structure, and confidentiality agreements safeguards both parties' interests.


By thoroughly evaluating the candidate in the training period, you can make informed decisions when recruiting a Virtual Assistant who not only possesses the skills but also aligns with your business goals and remote work expectations. This process ensures that the selected VA effectively contributes to your business's growth while maintaining a seamless virtual work dynamic.


Remember that training is an ongoing process. Regular check-ins, feedback sessions, and opportunities for the Virtual Assistant to ask questions will contribute to their growth and effectiveness as a valuable member of your team. Quality training is non-negotiable. If candidates are hired based on inadequate interviews, they might require more extensive training and onboarding. This could lead to additional costs associated with training materials, trainers, and time spent by managers and colleagues to help the new hire get up to speed.


Now, within the fast track FBA Academy we give every single virtual assistant at least a week's worth of training if not a week and a near 60 hours, and if you're paying 15 bucks per hour, this is going to be another $900 of training cost. You need to get your virtual assistant up to speed and that is just to train the basics. Training VAs is a good investment.

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Total Estimated Cost

Total all-in cost $1,324. Now I will tell you this: most people will find that within the first 12 weeks, they will probably want to replace or maybe fire that Virtual Assistant. So you can at least expect that to double that to 2648.


While cost is important, consider the value a skilled Virtual Assistant brings to your business, including time saved, increased productivity, and quality work.

My thoughts?

Investing in a Virtual Assistant (VA) can offer substantial benefits to your business, but it's essential to weigh the costs against the potential advantages. While there's a cost associated with hiring a Virtual Assistant, consider the savings compared to hiring a full-time employee with benefits and overhead expenses. Starting with a trial period can help assess the value a Virtual Assistant brings before committing to a long-term arrangement.


It's important to balance cost and value. Sometimes opting for a higher-priced, experienced VA can lead to better outcomes and save you money in the long run. While hiring a VA can indeed be cost-effective, the notion of “cheap” should be evaluated in the value they bring to your business. A carefully selected VA can help you streamline tasks, enhance productivity, and contribute to your business's growth.

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