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The VA Camp Alternative

In this Article, We will Discuss the Two Virtual Assistant Companies and their Advantages

The VA Camp and Fast Track FBA, have emerged to offer unique opportunities and support to individuals seeking to excel in their careers. As we explore the differences and similarities between these two options, we aim to provide valuable insights to help you make an informed decision about your journey into the world of virtual assistance. Whether you are a newcomer looking for the right path or an experienced professional seeking a change, understanding the distinctions between The VA Camp and Fast Track FBA is crucial in aligning your goals with the ideal platform.

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Topic Rundown

The Va Camp


In April 2021, The VA Camp was established by coach Jecka with the primary objective of assisting fledgling freelancers in constructing and enhancing their online enterprises. Its inaugural live coaching session took place in a compact room, accommodating only five participants from Batches 1 to 3 of the Amazon Course. As The VA Camp made its presence known on social media, we saw an influx of over 70 students enrolling for Batch 4 of the AMZ Course. While the AMZ course persisted, we also began offering additional VA Courses. The VA Camp stands as a supportive community dedicated to nurturing aspiring virtual assistants, aiding them in identifying the skill sets they can bring to the competitive landscape of tomorrow's careers.


  1. Affordable Courses: The mention of “affordable courses” suggests that the pricing is budget-friendly, making it accessible to a wide range of learners.

  2. High Ratings: The mention of 370+ ratings since October 2021 implies a positive reception from students, adding credibility to the courses.

  3. TikTok Engagement: The engagement on TikTok provides additional learning resources in a bite-sized, engaging format, enhancing the overall learning experience.

  4. Certificate of Completion: The inclusion of a certificate upon course completion adds credibility and can be a valuable addition to your freelance portfolio when seeking clients.


  1. Course Specifics: The course descriptions are brief, and lacking in-depth information on content, instructors, or teaching methods, making it challenging to assess the course's suitability.

  2. Pricing Information: The affordability of the courses is highlighted, but it does not provide specific pricing details, which may hinder financial planning.

  3. Instructor Credentials: it does not disclose the qualifications and experience of the instructors, potentially raising questions about the quality and expertise of the course content, crucial for those seeking to build their VA career.

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Fast Track FBA


In 2019, the founder, Thomas, stood as a thriving Amazon seller, achieving the remarkable milestone of two 7-figure years. Recognizing the room for enhancement in the services available to fellow Amazon sellers, he embarked on a journey to create a support system tailored to their needs. They are proven Amazon sellers with a track record spanning 5 years, consistently achieving 7-figure revenues both in the UK and the USA.

They comprehend the hustle and bustle of modern life, hence, our services are designed to be straightforward, time-efficient, and geared toward facilitating your business growth. Rest assured that partnering with us guarantees you're in capable hands, as our unwavering focus is on delivering a service that is nothing short of legendary.


  1. Support and Coaching: The inclusion of 12 weeks of 1-2-1 support and weekly group coaching can help the business owner and their virtual assistant improve their skills, efficiency, and performance.

  2. Comprehensive Handbook: The provision of an owner's handbook can serve as a valuable resource for both the business owner and the virtual assistant, ensuring smoother collaboration.

  3. Professional and Hardworking VA: The VA recruited through Fast Track is described as professional, intelligent, and hard-working, highlighting the quality of virtual assistants sourced by the platform.

  4. Consistent Service: Customers have used Fast Track multiple times to hire VAs and consistently found their service to be impeccable.


  1. Upfront Cost: While cost-effective in the long run, the one-time payment of $997 may pose a financial barrier for some business owners.

My Thoughts?

Both The VA Camp and Fast Track FBA bring their unique strengths to the table. The VA Camp's dedication to training and equipping virtual assistants with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in various roles is commendable. Their commitment to nurturing talent in the VA industry makes them a valuable resource for businesses seeking proficient virtual support.


On the other hand, Fast Track FBA's specialization in Amazon-related services, particularly in the complex world of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), can be a game-changer for businesses operating in e-commerce. Their expertise in FBA management, product sourcing, and the intricacies of Amazon's marketplace sets them apart.

Your choice between these two companies ultimately depends on your unique business requirements and objectives. Consider the nature of the tasks you need assistance with, the level of expertise required, and your budget constraints. Evaluate the advantages each company offers, and align them with your specific needs.

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